Lake FUBAR Grumbles Overnight + Weekend News

At midnight (Sat.) Lake FUBAR had a lot of seismic activity/fluid movement that lasted over an hour and was big for over 20 minutes. It was pretty quiet Friday before midnight.

It shows well on LA12.



NOTE: Checking G00gle Earth today the image for Bayou Corne claims an image date of March, 2014 but it is obviously a very old image showing the old berm configuration frowny2 without any new-new south berm even being started. It looks like the photo is over 6 mos. old or maybe even a year old. What the heck?

Keith M. kindly sent in new G00gle Earth images from his computer. They are here –

G_E91 – – – | – – – G_E94



The Watchers – Ubinas throwing volcanic rocks 2 km away from its crater, Peru

RT News – Flaming water wells? High methane levels in Texas water linked to fracking

A harrowing account of the 1980 disaster at Lake Peigneur is in Vermilion TodayAbbeville’s Bergeron will be honored as ‘Living Legend’

[snip] ” . . . During the morning Bergeron saw service barges going around the drilling platform, which was soon pulled under as the vortex became stronger. He also witnessed the salt barges–some loaded, some empty all tied to sturdy piling and to each other–straining to break away to the vortex. Bergeron also witnessed the narrow escape of the two fishermen in the little aluminum flat boat barely avoid the vortex and then nearly being crushed by colliding barges as they traveled through the barge basin. . . “


2.7 quake near Dayton, Tennessee  & 2.8 in the same place later (might be fracking)

Reader Keith M. says it looks to be on the eastern edge of the North American craton.


New Fly Over – from the Parish Blog & Friday News


Helicorders very active overnight


WAFB – Emergency Rule will increase water disinfectant levels for the state

DNR has a new Inspection Report (11-7)

WWLTV- [OK] Drilling company fined, put on probation over falsified test results

NEW ORLEANS – An Oklahoma contractor that owns oil rigs and drills in the Gulf of Mexico pleaded guilty Friday to covering up problems with one of its critical blowout preventers by falsifying the results of pressure tests on the device in 2009 and 2010. . . .


North Texas has another minor earthquake, at least 4th this week in same general area

(11-7) NBC-DFW – More Earthquakes Detected in North Texas


2.8 quake in Marston, Missouri < MAP

Meanwhile, Back at Lake Peigneur . . .

Reasons why Jefferson Island Storage & Hub should not be issued anymore permits to expand or add 2 caverns to their natural gas salt dome storage caverns under Lake Peigneur

1. No Environmental Impact Statement, Federal standards done About Lake Peigneur

2. Bubbling in Lake Peigneur, cause unknown

3. No seismic studies done

4. Chicot aquifer, fresh water supply for 15 parishes

Water-level decline in the Chicot aquifer system during the period 1995-2005, based on data from the USGS/DOTD water-level network.

Eugene Owen, of BR, Director & Chairman of Utility Holdings Inc., holding company for BR Water Co., Parish Water Co., Inc., Ascension Water Co. and LAWCO, New Iberia, stated that over 8 years ago because of contamination problems, wells had to be moved, costing millions. Increased withdrawal from the Chicot Aquifer by AGL’s (JISH) proposed well-pumping would significantly accelerate the rate of potential contaminates, arsenic.

Steve Langlinais, engineer, Vermilion Parish, states a hydrologist claims that this could lower the withdrawal level in the Chicot aquifer as much as 17 to 75 feet. The Chicot aquifer has not recovered from the 1994 water withdrawal from the first two natural gas salt dome caverns and one concern would be more salt water intrusion.
Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC 2009 OPERATING AGREEMENT with Louisiana

3.4. Water Rights; Chicot Aquifer Withdrawal Restriction. Further without limiting the foregoing, and subject to obtaining any approvals required under Applicable Law, Jefferson Island shall have the right to drill for and extract water as may be necessary, incidental, or desirable for the Permitted Purposes, including, without limitation

5. Already one horrific disaster there in 1980 < video

One community, Bayou Corne, has been destroyed from negligence and apathy. Louisiana’s Departments of Natural Resources (DNR) and Environmental Quality (DEQ), ignored explicit warnings of potential problems at that site. It is time for the State of Louisiana to do their job and protect the citizens of Louisiana and their property.

Louisiana Legislation and the salt dome collapse at Bayou Corne

Daily Comet – Sinkhole bills will be diverse
By Jeremy Alford
BATON ROUGE —Besides a legislative package local lawmakers are developing to address sinkhole issues in Assumption Parish, a separate effort is coming together for an area that suffered a cavern-related disaster 33 years ago.

WAFB’s – Brockovich report
The [State Senate] committee’s have decided to reconvene Monday March, 18 to review the progress. That’s a few weeks before the session starts in April to consider legislation relevant to the sinkhole.

Will Napoleonville Salt Dome Disaster Become Lake Peigneur II?

As the giant sinkhole at Bayou Corne spreads to 15 acres with  oily water flooding in all directions and crews responding like the    proverbial  chicken-with-its-head-cut-off we wonder how long before the cavern gets entirely breached and the toilet bowl effect starts.

LINK – About Lake Peigneur