Fluid Movement Thursday + Friday Legislation Round-Up

Lots of movement at 6 a.m.


Some big quakes today making all sorts of dings on the helicordersUSGS quake  list. Live list is on the LEFT sidebar. See also comments for more on quakes today.

After 3 p.m. (CST) there was more fluid movement at LA17-02. It may be an active day at other locations too.

Something fell in or fell over in Lake FUBAR near the collapsed cavern at LA21 at 4 a.m.. And the parish blog says they went back to CODE 1.

Crosstex “update” from June 17th



SB209 signed‏.  It adds penalties to oil drillers who have accidents. The bill.

SB 585 / signed into law

SB 585 Solution-Mined Cavern Permits – Public Notice (State Sen.)  Mills, Fred
Signed by the Governor – Act: 766 About Lake Peigneur
Effective – 8/ 1/14

" salt water content for the duration of the activity for the creation of cavern storage should a permit be granted; a geologic analysis by a qualified third party geologist that examines the integrity of the salt dome; and the results of an analysis of testing that attempts to determine the source and composition of intermittent foaming or bubbling appearing in Lake Peigneur. (3) No permit to expand or convert an existing solution-mined cavern or to drill and operate a new solution-mined cavern in Iberia Parish shall be issued prior to January 31, 2016."

Cavern? What Cavern? + Wednesday News

We have no idea if there is any cavern left at Oxy 3.

Parish blog: La de dah ♫ ♪ ♬

On oil and gas tight control of local media – [sent in] –

Don Briggs is president of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association. Don Briggs is a lobbyist. Someone just informed me that Don Briggs is also on the editorial board of the Lafayette Daily Advertiser? No wonder it is so difficult to get information out about the expansion and addition of the natural gas salt dome caverns under Lake Peigneur and the problems with the Chicot aquifer.

In Feb, 2011 after I was interviewed on a TV station, someone went to the station & stopped them from doing anymore interviews about Lake Peigneur.

Will  reporters will be coming to the meeting in Lafayette at the Clifton Chenier Center on Thursday night? The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and run until 9 p.m.

Retired Lt. General Russel Honoré, leader of the Green ARMY, and John Barry, founder of Restore Louisiana Now, will lead a public discussion on threats to Acadiana and Louisiana’s drinking water, air and coast at the meeting.

Mike Schaff’s response to Don Brigg’s article.

Public Broadcasting Show on Bayou Corne, Big Quake Makes Fluid Move at Lake Fubar + Weekend News

See the LPB show from last night HERE.  < video link < alt. link from Stuart Smith

FLUID MOVEMENT UNDER LAKE FUBAR AT 8 P.M. – on the helicorders.  It lasted about 2 hours! It was probably set off by this mega-quake in Indonesia. M6.4 at 7:24 CST.

Florida – Sanibel Island waters – “Swimmers and surfers are being met with dead fish along some of our Southwest Florida beaches. It is happening on one of the busiest weekends for some fun in the water. Red tide is the culprit of what is behind the fish after fish along the beach. . . .”

Texas Brine put out a fact sheet on all the good they doing in Bayou Corne, dated 11-27.

The Dallas NewsNorth Texas earthquakes trigger dam inspections

The AdvocateMonolyte bankruptcy filing may affect residents’ lawsuit
Claimants say fire hurt health, property
“The company that owned and operated a chemical facility in Slaughter destroyed by a fire a year ago has filed for bankruptcy, which could complicate matters for the 32 East Feliciana Parish residents seeking damages for respiratory problems and diminished property values they attribute to the blaze.”

A reader  says, “Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC is a Limited Liability Company and claims to be an Intrastate company, not an Interstate company. Who is their insurer? Shouldn’t the LA Dept. of Natural Resources make sure that these companies can cover any damage that they cause before issuing permits?

The Department of Natural Resources, Office of Coastal Management, has already issued one permit to expand and add 2 natural gas storage caverns to Jefferson Island Storage & Hub under Lake Peigneur in Vermilion/Iberia parishes without an Environmental Impact Statement, Federal standard, no seismic studies, bubbling in the lake, Chicot aquifer problems and already one horrific disaster there.

All they want to do is profit off the state and the people of Louisiana and not be responsible for their actions and the people they hurt.” and we agree!

The helicorders are still going crazy. Instead of posting that every day we will put up a big headline when it stops.  Scroll down for more on them and maps of where they are etc.


Mon. News

Before It’s News – RADCON 5 Alert: Louisiana

A RADCON 5 Alert has been issued in Shreveport Louisiana as shared in the screenshots from the NETC below. Is this continual spike of radiation levels across the USA due to Fukushima? (more)

A Huge Sinkhole Keeps Expanding, Swallowing a Bayou

From the Parish blog – for residents –
REMINDER:  In observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday, Evacuation Assistance checks will be distributed on Wednesday, Nov 27 this week at the Command Trailer.  We will return to the normal Thursday schedule next week.

WWLTV – How safe are Louisiana’s underground pipelines? < has video

On retired Lt. General Russel Honoré – MAGINNIS: Coming Clash of the Green Armies

Three decades later, Iberia Parish residents fear disaster by Nara Crowley & Warren Perrin

NOTE: We added some news following the DNR salt dome hearings. Scroll down to see the items.



New FLY OVER + Wed. News

LINK – http://youtu.be/F4d5g3ozM0k

It shows the evaporation tanks are almost full –


Louisiana Sinkhole Still a Danger

“. . . The sinkhole sent shockwaves through the mining industry as the collapse of this type was considered impossible, but scientist had previously warned regulators and those involved in salt mining that the geology of salt caverns made such an event a possibility. Neither Texas Brine Co. nor Occidental Petroleum admit any wrong doing in the collapse, they have however taken some of the responsibility for damage. Some of the residents who haven’t been allowed to return to their homes have received $875 per week from Texas Brine Co. Other residents have opted to remain in the area despite warnings to leave.

A policy analyst for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources went on record with reporters this month saying that the while the direct cause was a manmade action it is “natural forces” that are now at work in making the sinkhole larger. . . “

NY Daily NewsBayou Corne sinkhole could require decades of monitoring once brought under control: officials
The insatiable Louisiana sinkhole captured national attention after the YouTube video ‘8/21/13 Slough in’ showed it swallowing a set of trees. Officials also fear that gas within area may spark massive inferno.

Op-Ed – Jindal has more snakes than he can kill with coastal lawsuits against oil companies; whatcha gonna do now, Bobby? Those parishes (Jefferson and Plaquemines) got their own lawyers

“. . . .The one matter that he [Jindal] did tackle head-on, however, was that ridiculous lawsuit by the greedy SLFPA-E against those poor defenseless oil companies for the destruction of that useless Louisiana coastline that’s good for nothing but as a wildlife refuge…and oh yes, hurricane surge protection.
Jindal believes that the litigation is a crime against nature and just to prove his point, he resorted to his favorite tactic—firing those who dare disagree. . . . “

3.5 magnitude earthquake reported in SE Ohio

Gen. Russel Honore’ Meeting Nov. 15 – UPDATED

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

Save the Date: Friday November 15, 2013, 1:00 until 3:00 PM for a special leadership meeting with Gen. Russel Honore’ in Baton Rouge


How we can and must work together to protect the environment mother nature has entrusted to us, for our own survival and the survival of our children and grandchildren. . . At next Friday’s meeting we’ll advance our strategy and planning to empower citizens, taxpayers, stakeholders, advocates, and community leaders to hold government and industry accountable to protect our air, water and environment.

With a Special Presentation by Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’, U.S. Army Retired
Baton Rouge, Location TBA
1:00 until 3:00 PM
Ione E. Burden Conference Center
4560 Essen Lane
Baton Rouge, La. 70809
MAP, directions

Please RSVP e-mail to: Jacques ‘at’ FixTheCoast.org

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