Forgotten Bayou Trailer + Catching Up with Videos

Jan. 23 – WAFB – Woman documents the effects of giant sinkhole on the community < has video




This fly over footage is from last April — we want a NEW fly over!




Louisiana sinking 1 football field an hour – Henning Kemner


A summary of events

Residents with the monitors in their homes have moved away … but people just outside the declared danger zone have no compensation or relief.



Coming up: PBS show- Sinkholes—Buried Alive – The catastrophic collapse of the ground beneath our feet is a growing worldwide hazard. Airing January 28, 2015 at 9 pm [EST] on PBS

The Advertiser “The sinkhole at Bayou Corne  smile3 will be featured in a scientific look at what causes sinkholes and the destruction they can bring when “Sinkholes — Buried Alive” premieres on NOVA and Louisiana Public Broadcasting at 9 p.m. Jan. 28.”



From DOTD (unrelated to Bayou Corne incident)

LA 70, of course, not related to intense interest in integrity of the main road out of town.
NOT related. REPEAT: NOT related.

Assumption Parish Police Jury

LA 70 Southbound at Pierre Part Bridge in Assumption Parish will be closed across the entire length of bridge on Wednesday, March 19th at 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. while DOTD crews perform a routine inspection on the bridge.

This closure will allow vehicles 12-feet wide or smaller to pass through the construction zone. Road is open for regular traffic but oversize vehicles must detour using LA 70 North to LA 1 South to LA 398 South to LA 662 South to US 90 West.

DOTD appreciates your patience and reminds you to please drive with caution through the construction site and be on the lookout for work crews and their equipment.

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Highway 70 has ‘abnormality’

Assumption Parish Police Jury blog announcement –

1:05 p.m. Update from DOTD


Assumption Parish Sinkhole Status (9/5/2013)

  • On 9/4/2013, DOTD became aware of a small area in the pavement surface which has become deformed
  • This area is located on LA 70 approximately 1/2 mile east of the Bayou Corne Bridge
  • In the eastbound lane, it is a circular area about 2 feet in diameter and about 1 inch high
  • In the westbound lane, there are two small ridges across the lane about ½” high.  The ridges are about 10 feet apart
  • All previous survey control points along LA 70 are being re-surveyed and compared to the original and last vertical survey data. . . . (more)

The DOTD has done a lot of measuring and paying-attention since this started so we don’t think they missed anything on their watch. It’s just got something going on below … we guess. Thanks to David Humphreys for sending this one in – 😉

Recent Advocate article about detour plans – Sinkhole fears spur La. 70 realignment plans

Sept. 8 The AdvocateRoad near sinkhole deformed  < photo but NO map …
Updates will go here . . .

Highway 70 Detour Boondoggle + Tues. News, New Fly Over

The Advocate – Sinkhole fears spur La. 70 realignment plans

“The more than year-old, growing sinkhole just south of La. 70 in the Bayou Corne area has raised worries about subsidence that could cut off La. 70 in just the wrong place. Commuters and school buses would be forced to make the time-consuming round, some fear.”

Keep in mind the tropical storms . . .

Bayou Corne mentioned at the end of this article – This Week In Natural Gas Leaks and Explosions

The Parish Blog says they are still at Code 34:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

A minute and a half! –


New Madrid Fault Zone Quakes

2.5 quakes at Koshkonong, Missouri < MAP
twin 2.5 quakes at Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP – so close together they have mistaken, identical info. They may be frack-quakes. They are hiding 1 of the 2 quakes . . . here is a screengrab from the RSOE map on Radioactive Chat


Intermitent Seismic Spikes Continue Today + Other News

The helicorders look calm for a while then they spike in this new fashion – LA17_July29_2013

There have been some big disturbances too.

We wait for El Barfo to get it over with as something is in the works for over 48 hours now.

The AdvocateWater line breaks near Bayou Corne, Pierre Part

” . . . [Ding-Dong!] The parish waterworks plans to start repairs at 8 a.m. Wednesday, parish officials said, but it was not clear Tuesday afternoon when the work would be finished.

A water line along the south side of La. 70 South was found broken and bubbling water Tuesday near the entrance to the Texas Brine Co. facility, parish officials said. . . .”

Parish Blog:

4:20 p.m. LA-70 Waterline Break near the Texas Brine road (!!)

The Parish has an announcement – An AUGUST 13 MEETING –

LA 70 Bypass and Detour Routes, Public Meeting

4910 Highway 308
Stage 0 Feasibility Study
State Project No. H.010571.1

Hope nothing happens to Hwy 70 before then! Attendees may want to come to meeting armed with information from The Bayou Journal.  They may wish to question if the residents have had full disclosure from Texas Brine and other parties so far.

Many details – KADN – DOTD outlines plans to ensure public safety near Bayou Corne sinkhole

The AdvocateUS Senate panel to consider chemical safety bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. David Vitter is preparing for a marathon committee hearing Wednesday to begin congressional debate on his bipartisan plan to overhaul the nation’s chemical safety laws for the first time in decades. . . “

DNR put out a new Inspection Report.

Newish Situation Summary put out by DNR – dated July 26th. Skip ahead to p.30 for the new stuff. P.31 has humor bit.

WWLTV – Environmental groups support lawsuit against oil, gas companies < has VIDEO

NY TImes Op-Ed on B.P. : Shirking Responsibility in the Gulf

-thanks to Real Coastal warriors for story – 🙂  The column has a great comment
“Will someone (preferably someone with billions of dollars of cash on hand) please spray 200 million gallons of crude oil in the offices and homes and over the computers of these shameless defenders of BP and then spend unlimited dollars in tv ads and in court portraying that its no big deal”