Camp Minden Cleaned Up

Army TimesAll unstable artillery propellant at Camp Minden burned

“MINDEN, La. — The Louisiana National Guard says a burn chamber used to dispose of thousands of tons of explosive material will not be used again at Camp Minden.

Friday the guard said the company responsible for burning the materials, Explosive Service International, is conducting cleanup activities, which will take approximately 30 days. . . ” (more)

Here’s our old archives on the problem.


Minden – Explosives Company Faced Scrutiny Before Louisiana Evacuation


The explosives recycling company that caused the evacuation of a Louisiana town has come under scrutiny for explosions and its handling of dangerous materials before, and it was so far behind on its rent that the Louisiana National Guard refused to lease it more space.

Explo Systems Inc. was cited for safety violations by the federal government in 2007 for its use of old Army explosives in mining operations in West Virginia, where a blast with “outdated deteriorated military ordnance” injured one worker and exposed others to toxins. And the company had fallen hundreds of thousands of dollars behind on its rent at a Louisiana National Guard base even as it processed an Army contract to demilitarize hundreds of thousands of propelling charges used for artillery. . .

Authorities feared that ignition of any of the propellant could set off a massive chain reaction that would race through the corridors and blow up multiple buildings, threatening the town of Doyline. Its 800 residents were put under a voluntary evacuation order for several days ending late last week, with kids out of school and some people living at camp sites in a nearby state park. The company is now under a criminal investigation for its storage of the materials, which have are being secured.”