Friday News – Some residents still choose danger over evacuation

Strange Sounds – Monster Sinkhole Will Sooner or Later Swallow Parts of Carlsbad in New Mexico (VIDEO)

and Fracking Responsible for Mysterious Earthquake Swarm at Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas – May 2013

Energy Companies Are Set To Benefit From Natural Gas Exports

The Louisiana state senate is meeting today call them up about Lake FUBAR! (see LEAN button art on the sidebar for contact info)

KPEL – Opelousas Senator Elbert Guillory Switching Party Affiliation

The AdvocateBubbles in bayou a year ago signaled sinkhole’s birth

Ding Dong!    [resident, Dennis] Landry, who owns cabins and a boat launch where the sinkhole response is based, said 20 of 22 homes in his neighborhood south of La. 70 South remain occupied. Residents have adapted(!!!), he said, adding that each day means more gas has been removed from underground.”      


From Save Lake Peigneur

Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer is down four inches in the Caddo Parish area:

How Senators for Caddo Parish voted on SB200 to protect the Chicot aquifer from AGL Resources use of millions of gallons of water daily for their expansion:

Senator Sherri Smith Buffington  voted nay on SB200 About Lake Peigneur

Senator Barrow Peacock voted yea on SB200

Senator Gregory Tarver voted nay on SB200

Senate Vote on SB 200 FINAL PASSAGE (#483)

2011 drought still haunts residents


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Wed. News, Legal Round-Up

A new Situation Summary is out (5-21) They are back to CODE 1 at Lake FUBAR (p.33) What does p. 41 mean? “Continue clearing area for site #2”   Is DOTD rent-a-road-crew for Texas Brine at taxpayer expense??

Louisiana Senate committee approves sinkhole bills – House Bills 493 and 494

KADN – SB200 denied at the mercy of Lake Peigneur residents; AGL Resources in favor

LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN) — The residents of Lake Peigneur are fired up as ever after the bill, SB200, to stop the permitting process of AGL Resources in Lake Peignuer was denied by a mere two votes last night.  AGL Resources began their quest to create additional caverns in Lake Peigneur eight years ago, and with recent unexplained bubbling happening in the lake, citizens are concerned. . . .

Water crisis: Louisiana – Lake Peigneur bill defeated

Press Release by Save Lake Peigneur on the vote –


Senator Mills SB200 was reconsidered today. With a few hours notice we gathered 10 residents and Kathy Wascom, our lobbyist from LEAN to support our bill.

AGL had an estimated 20 lobbyists of extremely well-paid lobbyists.

Although we lost by a mere 2 votes, ordinary citizens battled against the extremely experienced lobbyists. In that sense we did not lose.

As always, Senator Mills was outstanding, in fact I was pleased to hear one of the lobbyists complain that his persistence and commitment was annoying.

We continue to applaud his integrity. We are also very grateful to the support we received from the 17 senators who supported SB200, including Senator Perry and Senator Cortez. Senator Guillory from St. Martinville remained absent although the parish government and law enforcement officials were staunch in their support of SB200.

The purpose of the bill was to stop the permitting process for at least 5 years to give time to truly study the numerous issues of concern; bubbling in the lake, contamination of the Chicot Aquifer, property devaluation and geological anomalies.

The state’s policies failed the residents of Bayou Corne. After nine months there is no resolution. SB200 would have assured clear unbiased solution. The 19 senators who voted against SB200 have gambled with the lives of 4000 Lake Peigneur residents as well as the drinking water for numerous parishes from the Chicot Aquifer.

Eight years have passed since AGL Resources began their quest to create
additional caverns in Lake Peigneur. The Bayou Corne disaster and today’s loss has made us more determined to protect our homes and environment.

Nara Crowley
Board of Directors
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

Judge greenlights class-action status for [4] sinkhole lawsuits

“U.S. District Judge Jay C. Zainey also will give Texas Brine Co. 30 more days to directly negotiate stalled out-of-court settlements with evacuated residents lacking legal representation.”

House near sinkhole burns after lightning strike  – lucky it didn’t set something off!

Lake Peigneur bill defeated in Senate

1.7 quake in Spring City, Tennessee < MAP  <<< Look how CLOSE it is to Watts Bar nuke plant

WAFB – Court approves sinkhole class-action suit

“Texas Brine had committed to issuing settlement offers within 45 days of property inspections. As of May 20, 66 inspected properties had reached the 45-day window. On May 24, 85 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection and 87 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection on May 31.”

Mississippi – Oyster leaseholders lose suit blaming oil spill berms for damage
Oyster growers on both sides of the Mississippi River who sued the state, dredge operators and BP claiming damages to their oyster leases in 2010 during the construction of berms designed to capture oil during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill had their lawsuit thrown out in two different federal courts on Monday. . . .


Save Lake Peigneur Letter

Letter to the Editor:

SB200   Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr.    Failed 17 yeas and 19 nays     

SALT DOMES:  Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to create or convert a solution mined cavern for storage purposes.

SB200 had been amended.  SB200 was to provide for the  prohibition of certain permits on state owned water bottoms; to provide terms,  conditions, and requirements; and to provide for related matters.

The amended SB200 would have been just for 5 years until more research is done on the safety of natural gas salt dome storage caverns.

AGL Resources, Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC, will not do an Environmental Impact Statement nor will they give the Seismic Study that was done to Save Lake Peigneur.

Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC employs 10 people and will hire one more after the expansion.

Senator Adley came before the senate microphone and stood before Senator Mills, and told Sen. Mills that he was playing games.  Adley again and again brought up the disaster at Lake Peigneur in 1980, as if that disaster was nothing.  Senator Adley told Senator Mills that he appreciated his problems. I wonder if Senator Adley appreciates what has happened to the people that live in Assumption parish.

Sen. Adley voted against SB200 on May 7 and 21.  He ran a company that managed natural gas.    In and Advocate article Sen. Adley stated that “I reached out to lobbyist friends I’ve known for years and said people need to be reasonable”.  Senator Adley must have reached out to a lot of his lobbyist friends, as there were 20 lobbyists there for AGL Resources. Someone said the senate floor looked like an oil and gas convention. About Lake Peigneur

Do lobbyists run our state? Why didn’t the DNR protect the people in Assumption parish?  Why don’t most of the senators protect or care about the people that live around natural gas storage caverns?

To the Senators who voted and did the right thing thank you so much for caring about people’s lives.  Save Lake Peigneur does not have lobbyists or money.  The people that live in that area are hardworking people and so many work in the oil and gas industry but they are trying to protect their lives.

SB200 – – A Press Release from Save Lake Peigneur

From Save Lake Peigneur –

Please contact Senators  immediately & ask them to support SB200 even if you do not live in this area.  The Chicot aquifer affects 15 parishes. Please help and forward.  This is urgent.

Do not let  Senator Adley,  who voted against SB200, as he stated in the Advocate to reach out “to lobbyist friends I’ve known for years”.  Tell these Senators not to let lobbyists sway their vote.

PRESS RELEASE: About Lake Peigneur

The Board of Directors of Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. has determined that a one-year moratorium and “cooling-off period”  (D.Bourne-AGL-The Advocate 06-50-2013) is not in the best interest of the residents surrounding Lake Peigneur or the citizens of numerous parishes who use the Chicot Aquifer as drinking water.

We support Senator Mills SB200 as written.

We have numerous major issues to address, the bubbling-foaming, the Chicot Aquifer, property devaluation and geological anomalies of the Jefferson Island Salt Dome. The Bayou Corne residents have had contaminated drinking water and have been displaced for 9 months and are still waiting for buy-out details.

While we were open to a compromise, in reading the fine print of AGL’s offer we were disappointed to see it was designed to tie the hands of the community. If AGL truly wanted to be a good neighbor as it contends to be, they would welcome a federal standard Environmental Impact Statement, a 3D seismic of the entire salt dome excluding oil explorations data, and a clear determination and resolution of the bubbling/foaming in Lake Peigneur.

Bayou Corne’s disaster is a result of failed regulations of the State of Louisiana. We will never feel safe until all our questions are answered.

Nara Crowley, President
Board of Directors
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

Displaced Residents Fed Up + Sunday News

Buyout delays have Bayou Corne residents outraged

BAYOU CORNE,LA (NBC33) — People living in Bayou Corne have had enough of waiting to be bought out. They say Texas Brine is wasting time and not giving any one an offer.

“Texas Brine playing a game of we’ll frustrate you. We will promise you things. We’ll disappoint you,” Nick Romero, Bayou Corne resident, described.

Texas Brine crews have appraised homes in the area, but so far no one has received a buyout offer. . . .

Thanks to Freedomrox for this tip – 😉

Lake Peigneur controversy seeks resolution

SB200 Lobby Squad:

A big vote Monday at the state senate to reconsider sb200. Let them know how you feel! Contact info is on the LEAN legislative preview page. It has a button link on the sidebar too.

Lots of seismic monitor activity.  LA14 going off full blast since midnight. Are they drilling, driving work trucks etc. at 3 and 4 a.m. there? Maybe a pump or machine doing the geo-phone installation. Cave-in and crumbling below usually looks more sporadic.

This weekly SONRIS report (well info from DNR) says (p. 4) a lot going on at Lake Verret and Gulf South is busy in Assumption Parish… and they are not putting in geo-phones.

New Madrid Fault Zone

  • 2.1 quake Damascus, Arkansas < MAP  < ~30 mi. from  rad_Y_tiny Arkansas One Nuclear Power Plant
  • 1.5 quake Dell, Arkansas < MAP
  • 1.9 quake Sale Creek, Tennessee < MAP  < next to 2 nuke plantsrad_Y_tiny  Watts Bar & Sequoyah

Chicot Aquifer in Great Danger Thanks to Short-Sighted Senators

They are:

Mr. President Alario Westwego, LA
Adley Benton, LA
Amedee Gonzales, LA Natural Resources Committee
Appel Metairie, LA
Broome Baton Rouge, LA
Buffington Keithville, LA
Claitor Baton Rouge, LA
Gallot  Ruston, LA
Johns Lake Charles, LA
Kostelka Monroe, LA
Long Winnfield, LA Natural Resources Committee
Martiny Metairie, LA
Murray New Orleans, LA
Nevers Bogalusa, LA
Peacock Bossier City, LA
Riser Columbia, LA
Smith, G. Norco, LA
Tarver Shreveport, LA
Thompson Delhi, LA
Walsworth West Monroe, LA

=  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  = 

Just in:
Thank you Senators who voted to protect the Chicot aquifer and the safety of the 4,000 people that live around Lake Peigneur.  To those Senators who voted against it, there is nothing to say.

Senator Mills showed a video of what happened to Lake Peigneur and the surrounding area in 1980.  Senator Ardley very coldly questioned Senator Mills about the video, and more or less said what does this video have to do with protecting Lake Peigneur and areas around it today.

SB 200 BY MILLS Failed  by 5 votes  (15:20)
Five (5) members of the Natural Resources Committee voted yea.
Two (2) members of the Natural Resources Committee voted nay.
The Natural Resources Committee members were all told of the problems with the Chicot aquifer if the expansion takes place.
These members were all told of the bubbling in Lake Peigneur and the cause is not known.
SB 200 was passed out of the Natural Resources Committee, but failed in the Senate.
Click on the web site below. Click on a name to visit a Senator’s homepage or the envelope () to send a Senator an e-mail.

Most of the Senators who voted nay do use the Chicot aquifer, and are not concerned about the safety of people that live in the area of Lake Peigneur.
Below is how the Senate voted.
2013 Regular Session
Date: 5/07/2013
Time: 6:16:50 PM
The roll was called with the following result:

Allain Natural Resources Committee
Cortez Natural Resources Committee
Morrell Natural Resources Committee
Morrish Natural Resources Committee
Ward Natural Resources Committee
Total — 15

Mr. President Alario Westwego, LA
Adley Benton, LA
Amedee Gonzales, LA Natural Resources Committee
Appel Metairie, LA
Broome Baton Rouge, LA
Buffington Keithville, LA
Claitor Baton Rouge, LA
Gallot  Ruston, LA
Johns Lake Charles, LA
Kostelka Monroe, LA
Long Winnfield, LA Natural Resources Committee
Martiny Metairie, LA
Murray New Orleans, LA
Nevers Bogalusa, LA
Peacock Bossier City, LA
Riser Columbia, LA
Smith, G. Norco, LA
Tarver Shreveport, LA
Thompson Delhi, LA
Walsworth West Monroe, LA
Total — 20

Smith, J.
Total – 4

About Lake Peigneur