Dear DNR, Why Don’t You FIX Broken Monitors During a Cavern Collapse?

Most helicorders have been tampered with to show micro-settings to deceive the public.  Total fail as they they only dramatize the self-generated quakes in Lake FUBAR.  LEANsmilie And, DNR, Why don’t you show updates for the contents of the 2 big butane caverns next to the collapsing and quaking sinkhole? Crosstex has no info since Feb. 4. They have capacity for over 3 million BARRELS of butane there. What amount of that are they using? It was just over a quarter million barrels in cavern #1 and under 73 thousand barrels in #2 cavern back  then. Is it more or less now that s— hit the fan??? P. 242014 annual report : CrosstexCap oxy_helis_Map TBfeelgood

Dangerous Air Pollution at Bayou Corne < do not inhale!

From Freedomrox

I implore all to notice at the bottom of this report, the VERY HIGH AMOUNTS of VOC’s and H2S, then compare to LDEQ’s reports.

You are not out of harm’s way. You are breathing highly carcinogenic fumes, and the Govt. of Louisiana is not reporting any of this to you, the people forced to live nearby. Stop drinking Teleca’s Kool Aid. Things are not OKAY! Get Organized, PROTEST! and use the information provided to PROSECUTE TEXAS BRINE, LDNR, LDEQ, Conservation, and JINDAL, for Malfeasance,  Abuse of OfficeWhere is your local District Attorney, and why is he not pressing charges and arresting these people?

poison     poison   poison   ALSO – Freedomrox says –

Comments from the BRC’s regarding G-01 core sampling and analysis and geophone array were received on 5/20/13 and responses are being developed. On 5/21/2013 began to set and grout the 16’’ casing; will begin drill out of cement plug on 5/24/2013.

LOOK at the ATTACHMENTS, and it all becomes clear. All sites being tested, yet none ever released to the residents or the Public, as required by Directive or State Law.