Is The Cavern Cracking Up? Texas has Quake Swarm


Whatever is remaining of the cavern atBayou Corne seems to be falling to pieces starting Sunday night around 8 p.m.. LA12 view then.






 fluid at 5 p.m.LA12 shows it



Strange Sounds – Unexplained Loud Booms Are Escalating Across The USA in January 2015 And Nobody Knows Why!

Tues. afternoon – Dallas area shaken by small 3.5 earthquake
Texas seismologists investigate quakes near old Cowboys stadium
3.6 quake near Dallas

Wed. – Series of North Texas quakes continues into Wednesday morning

Earthquakes Tuesday-Wednesday

  • 3.1 magnitude, 12:59 a.m. Wednesday, 2 miles north-northeast of Irving.
  • 2.7 magnitude, 10:12 p.m., 2 miles northeast of Irving.
  • 2.4 magnitude, 10:05 p.m., 2 miles north-northeast of Irving.
  • 1.7 magnitude, 9:52 p.m., 4 miles northeast of Irving.
  • 2.7 magnitude, 8:12 p.m., 2 miles northeast of Irving.
  • 2.9 magnitude, 8:11 p.m,. 3 miles east-northeast of Irving.
  • 3.6 magnitude, 6:52 p.m., 4 miles east-northeast of Irving.
  • 3.5 magnitude, 3:10 p.m., 3 miles east-northeast of Irving.
  • 2.3 magnitude, 7:37 a.m., 2 miles northeast of Irving.

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white paper: Human-Induced Earthquakes from Deep-Well Injection: A Brief Overview

Thurs. News – Lots of Seismic Fuzz Overnight

Constant seismic activity at Lake FUBAR. See helicorders. . . (except LA11 which seems broken)


9:30 p.m. CST – LA14 has a cough.

We missed this Op-Ed (Jan. 9) – The AdvocateJames Gill: Graves shows why lawsuit is needed

“Garret Graves, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s point man on coastal restoration, makes a compelling case. He should by now have convinced all doubters that the state ought to sue the oil and gas companies that have spent about a century ravaging our wetlands. That wasn’t Graves’ intention and it won’t happen. But put together all his public pronouncements, and that’s where logic leads. Graves and Jindal actually want the companies to go scot-free, leaving you and me to pick up a tab that is bound to run into the billions. That’s why they are in the process of scuttling a suit filed by the New Orleans-area levee board seeking damages for the havoc caused by the canals and pipelines that criss-cross Louisiana’s rapidly disappearing marshes. . . “

About Texas – With a Rise in Manmade Quakes, a Search for More Data

[snip] ” . . . The likely culprit behind the quakes isn’t fracking, but rather a byproduct of it — hundreds of billions of gallons of wastewater from oil and gas drilling. The disposal of that wastewater deep underground has been known to cause faults to slip, triggering earthquakes in parts of Texas. There were under a hundred recorded earthquakes (measuring 2.0 or higher) in Texas during the three decades before the current drilling boom began in earnest in 2007, according to records from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Since then, there’s been two hundred quakes recorded by the agency, along with hundreds more smaller ones. . . “

Maryland – weird event. (We don’t know where to put this)  Boom, then rumble leaves Ocean City[MD]  puzzled

Illinois –  weird event. (We don’t know where to put this)  No carbon monoxide found in Springfield school, School evacuated ater students fall ill

2 Big Quakes in Guatemala Sat. A.M. + Scary Stuff

There was a big 5.6 quake in Guatemala at 7:10 A.M. –  CST (says USGS). It was on the Pacific side. But RSOE says there are 2 quakes in the same area of Guatemala. The second quake they say was also 5.6 exactly and hour  and 4 seconds later at a different depth. Because they started work on the berms just after this began to show up on the helicorders it is hard to see the effect in Bayou Cornen 😦
RSOE report:

  • quake 1 < 75 miles deep, 7:10:55 a.m. CST- location:     14° 50.400N,   91° 44.400W  <MAP
  • quake 2 < 50 miles deep, 8:10:51 a.m. CST – location:     14° 38.946N,   92° 00.426W  <MAP

7 VOLCANOES are near the quakes (55 miles away or less)!

UPDATE, SUNDAY the Pacaya volcano started up forcing evacuations in Guatemala City. Lava flowing.

ALSO – USGS – Is the Recent Increase in Felt Earthquakes in the Central U.S. Natural or Manmade? (duh-oh!)



Henning Kemner says the use of Corexit in the Gulf is to melt frozen methane for profits ($$$). . .


Tattoo Blog – False Flag Attack In The Gulf Region Again ? See The Mind Blowing Evidence

Der Spiegel article on human activity causing quakes

Man-made earthquakes, the concealed causes of disasters

By Axel Bojanowski   (translated)

The deadly earthquakes in Spain 2011 were artificially triggered researchers say. It is not the only case: New data show that for many earthquakes are responsible people – even in Germany, there are cases.

. . . .  In addition to the calculations, the researchers rely on radar images that document how the ground deformed during the earthquake: The maps show that the broken areas were just where the ground had been cleared by the water intake most – now lacked a sense of Stopper for jerky movements of the Earth.

However, scientists are fighting, who want to prove man-made earthquakes, with one major problem: “There is not a final proof of it,” admitted Klose. Can never be completely ruled out, but of course that was not an earthquake. . . .

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original, German :

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