NEWS + Portland Sinkhole

The Advocate Documentary focuses on oil spill, land loss

Giving Away Louisiana: Fracking tax incentives Little-noticed program by Mark Ballard

2013 story – Louisiana’s “Bermuda Triangle”

State bans driving, walking on Mississippi, Atchafalaya river levees during high water

NY Times avoids mention of New Madrid Fault Zone, but everyone can read between the lines: Earthquakes in Oklahoma Raise Fears of a Big One

The Advocate (Jan. 6) – Sinkhole update: Methane threat diminishing, Assumption officials partially lift evacuation order < has map showing area

Jan. 9FLOOD WARNING for Baton Rouge area

Gen. Russel Honore talks documentary ‘After the Spill’ – Documentary showcases life after BP Oil Spill < has video

Way to similar to Lake FUBAR: The End of California UPDATED (Porter Ranch gas leak gets worse)

Large sinkhole swallows the road in Gresham, Portland  < relates to story about roads ripping apart up there


Zero Hedge – Is A Massive Earthquake Inevitable In Oklahoma?

Yellowstone Updated


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MONDAY- Isaac Updates

Additional stories on Isaac nearing Louisiana today will go here.

  • The sinkhole is in Assumption parish.  Napoleonville is 29o, 56′, 25″ N 091o, 01′, 29″ W
  • See also on the sidebar: MAPS & WEATHER links.

[8:30 a.m. EST]

Governor’s Emergency Warning

  Stay tuned as “Jindal said he expects he will have to declare mandatory evacuations for the parishes

  after state officials meet again Monday morning.”

This article, Louisiana ready, has details of the state preparations for La. including DNR plans:

       — DNR has required Texas Brine to develop a plan to ensure safe operations in the area of the drilling operations and sinkhole in assumption parish.

      — Prior to landfall, the drilling derrick will be layed down, all equipment will be secured and work will stop and personnel evacuated if necessary.

      — DNR staff will remain on site to oversee these operations until the site is secured and evacuation begins.

Isaac shifts toward sinkhole, ‘extremely dangerous,’ Mobile Command demobilizes

[11:40 a.m. EST]

Louisiana preps for Isaac

“Isaac, bedeviling forecasters who continued to shift its path westward, was most likely to come ashore on Wednesday, the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.”

Advisory : Louisiana, New Orleans still in cross-hairs

Isaac could bring ‘significant’ storm surge to northern Gulf Coast

[noon EST]

Gov. Jindal press conference – VIDEO

[3:30 p.m. EST]

Isaac poised for Gulf landfall on Katrina anniversary

[8:30 p.m. EST]

Tropical Storm Gains Strength Moving Toward Coast

Louisiana activates 4000 National Guardsmen, securing sinkhole equipment

Map of oil refineries & platforms in hurricane path


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