Louisana Faults and Methane

From 2013 – Before It’s News

Explosive Methane Fault Migration: Gulf to La. Salt Domes?

Louisiana’s onshore faults and fractures link to Gulf of Mexico where methane gas has been leaking since April 2010 when BP wrecked the Macondo well, MC 252. Presently, Apache Corporation is trying to stop methane that is migrating from its well. . .

. . . . Aside from gas migrating from Apache’s well in the Gulf off Louisiana’s coast, at least two regional methane gas leakage events now occur near the Gulf, at Lake Peigneur and Bayou Corne, are linked: Each is manmade due to salt dome mining, rather than solely natural events. . . . (more)

Gulf event map       AND –  Fault Line Next to Lake Peigneur


Explosive Gas Downplayed

sent in:  Are the residents of Bayou Corne supposed to be relieved that only one hole was leaking enough gas to explode?
“Boudreaux said he tested the hole and found leaking gas at a concentration that was approaching an explosive level. Sonny Cranch, spokesman for Texas Brine, said 41 of the holes were drilled in the community and only one leaked.”

Before It’s News – Unusual geological event / Assumption Parish / Louisiana

Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

Friday Chex-Mix

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Info from The Hurds

Advocate owner change-up gets a nod of approval by enviro att’y., Stuart Smith Good news: Another watchdog for Louisiana and the Gulf

Well! Oil company [obviously NOT Texas Brine!] offers compensation for tank fire

DENHAM SPRINGS – The company responsible for an oil well which caught fire overnight in Livingston Parish offered to compensate people evacuated from the area, according to the parish Office of Emergency Preparedness.
Denbury’s corporate office released several numbers for people to call and arrange payment for expenses they incurred if they were evacuated because of the fire on Linder Road overnight. . . .

Part 12 of Community Briefing – Resident says “Why should we believe you?” to Texas Brine.

1.9 quake Damascus, Arkansas

2.0 quake Ridgely, Tennessee – Ridley quakes are forming a straight line to Marston, Mo.