2.2 Quake at New Madrid(!) – and 2.1 Quake in Tenn. Near 2 Nuke Plants!


New Madrid, MISSOURI — the town,
not the fault line …. well, that too!





As usual the OK frack-quakes are still going off constantly. We don’t bother reporting them here. It will  be big news if they stop! But they aren’t helping either.

RSOE Alert Map



“Sorry to interrupt this thread, but the ground is smoking, gas is pluming, and the New Madrid area is booming! The fire department is leaning toward seismic explanation!!

Trenton Fire Department
February 29 at 3:11pm · Trenton, MO, United States ·
There have been reports of loud, unexplained booming noises at night in the Trenton area, and a lot of people have questions.

To put it bluntly, we do not know what is causing them – and neither does anybody else.

This also does not appear to be a local phenomena- these sounds have been reported in different areas of the US for a while now.

There are a lot of theories; people often compare the sound to that of fireworks, there is a weather phenomena called a “cold boom” which can produce this type of noise, and the behavior of groundwater (or fracking fluid) in general can cause such noises, the shifting of tectonic plates can cause similar phenomena, and then of course there are many possible man-made causes, such as the “sonic boom” of aircraft traveling at speeds in excess of Mach 1.

These noises have not been localized enough for us in this area to pin point them, and the lack of seismographic monitoring equipment this far north in Missouri is a factor in buttoning down a geological origin. The distribution of reports in the US seems to roughly coincide with areas of known seismic activity, so a geological explanation seems likely.”

Cause of recurring booms remains a mystery

Here Comes the SunOnce Again The New Madrid Acting Up Again In Trenton Missouri As Loud Booms Reported By Over 100 People




Earthquake Exhibit at the New Madrid Historical Museum

LINK –  http://youtu.be/vc9EoTUvUrw

Mon. News + The Parish Blog has some news


They have a few items today.

The Watchers – Bayou Corne: Meet the Town That’s Literally Being Swallowed by the Louisiana Sinkhole

3 New Madrid Fault Zone quakes near each other –


Crosstex has “updated” their butane cavern info to be just six days old. They are putting evermore butane in their endangered cavern.

Flood Watch Continued + Mon. News

The flood watch for Assumption Parish is extended through Tuesday afternoon. Updates will go here if we get them. LIVE Radar is in Sunday News — scroll down . . .
Are the berms holding up?

[Baton Rouge] Area temperatures stay above seasonal averages

The AdvocateTriche denies role in family hauling business with Texas Brine

New DNR Inspection report reveals new cracks at the work site:

“Minimal activity around sink hole. Cracks are visible.”

Unexplained underground explosion in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3 quakes near MO-Ky-Ark-Tenn border:

  1. Feb. 9 –  1.8 quake near  Gosnell, Arkansas   |   MAP
  2. Feb. 9 –  1.4 quake near Marston, Missouri     MAP
  3. Feb. 11 – 2.2 quake near Ridgely, Tennessee   |   MAP

Explosion Report –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/o2Ep29jAqII

above You Tube channel will get added to the sidebar . . . . PLUS they have a great explosions map (added to the explosions page too).

Chevron has an update about their pipeline.

It looks like we missed this –

Jan. 14 add on to the DNR Directive given to Texas Brine . . . all about the 3-D seismic map project.


Thanks to readers for news tips today  . . . .