Mon. & Tues. Frolics at Lake FUBAR

Someone is foolin’ with the helicorder settings!


A couple of big dings Monday night, after a day of wildness (scroll down to earlier post) and then after midnight they pulled a stunt!  frowny2



So we don’t expect real-time info from Lake FUBAR Tuesday.

AFTER 5:30 a.m. LA12 shows big activity – even though the helicorders are set on teensy-setting !!

A big ding at 3 p.m. showed up differently on the other helicorders. It was very big at the top of LA10 but not there at all on the bottom.


Dear DNR,

Since you outsourced the helicorder biz to this company in Canada no one can make head nor tail of the the helicorder readings.

Some of the most important locations have their monitors re-set to an increment too hard to see. We think you know which ones we are talking about. It isn’t fooling anyone so why do you stoop to such inane tactics?

You need to set the helicorder info from U of Memphis to have current meaning. Not dead zones and obscured micro-stats.

You need to provide a current map of the new helicorder positions and not wait until the Blue Ribbons get around to a presentation to do it for you.

Wed. News

The AdvocateSinkhole commission tells crowd it needs more data

“This presentation later provoked criticism from some residents who said flatly they did not trust Texas Brine.”

WBRZ – Crack found in levee during routine check < video

SB200 passed the first hurdle today! Thanks, readers who contacted their reps about this important bill!

Senator Mills’ statement about the bill passing and the next phase.

Bill concerning expanding salt cavern at Lake Peigneur clears Senate committee < related – Sheriff: Lake Peigneur Could be Worse than Assumption Sinkhole

Lake Peigneur protection bill advances to Senate

Mills said the company has two caverns in the Jefferson Island salt dome and “each of the facilities is the size of one of the Twin Towers.”

Local paper, The Bayou Journal published  an editorial by Lonny Cavalier that says more than Texas Brine want you to know. Read it before the meeting.

The DNR put out a new Inspection Report that doesn’t mention water level drop. So maybe it all rose back : )

Texas Brine has an update (4-29) with a lot of activity listed. And a compliance letter to DNR to go with it.

The new helicorder outsourcees, Nanometrics (who don’t know how to manage an e-mail account) have a press release about Lake FUBAR – Bayou Corne Sinkhole Monitored with High Performance Seismometers

MORE here later  . . .