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The AdvocateGas trapped near sinkhole

By David J. Mitchell

An as-yet undetermined amount of natural gas is trapped in the aquifer underneath the Bayou Corne community, state and parish officials have said.

The area has been rattled by earth tremors, has waterways with gas bubbling to the surface, and is in the vicinity of a 4-acre sinkhole south of La. 70 that has grown larger since its emergence Aug. 3. Bayou Corne’s 150 households have been evacuated since the sinkhole appeared just off the edge of the Napoleonville Dome, a 1-mile-by-3-mile underground salt deposit. . . .

. . .  The aquifer under Assumption Parish is not used as its major water source — Bayou Lafourche is — but some parish officials say they are concerned the odorless, colorless gas underground could accumulate unseen to explosive concentrations if left unchecked. . . .

Look at that! The sinkhole sharnk down to just 8 acres in size! 30-50% shrinkage! A miracle! Earth-to-Texas Brine, come in. Buy the home-owners out NOW! Over.

Crosstex has a newish update on the butane cavern (from Dec. 21st)





Texas Brine has a new update . . . and . . . Texas Brine says in this  Injunctive Relief Filing they are working like crazy to assess the situation so they can get the best solution worked out. And they stress they are primarily concerned with public safety. . .  and. . .

The DNR – Texas Brine Feud continues:

The Advocate – Texas Brine balks at order

By David J. Mitchell

Texas Brine Co. LLC has asked state District Court in Baton Rouge to permanently block the Louisiana Office of Conservation’s latest directives compelling new investigations into the underground effects of an evolving, 8.5-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish.

The Houston company challenged in court the underlying emergency and factual basis for the Dec. 7 directives and alleged an administrative hearing should have first been held by Louisiana Conservation Commissioner James Welsh.

Filed Dec. 28 in 19th Judicial District Court in East Baton Rouge Parish, the six-page suit asserts the state’s move ignores “more reasonable, scientifically sound and safer methods for accomplishing the goals” identified in Welsh’s order.

The suit disputes the need for the order’s various directives, including the drilling of two 6,000-foot-deep seismic exploratory wells near the sinkhole, which Texas Brine argues could increase the risk of danger to the public and environment. . . .

Stuart Smith Blog:  That takes nerve! Texas Brine challenges La’s tepid sinkhole response

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