Ground is Sinking at Bayou Corne, B.P. Disaster Affect etc. + NEWS

A report by Weeping Willow

  • The land is visibly sinking
  • On Wings of Care captures water pumping operation
  • B.P. fissure impact on Lake FUBAR
  • Much More


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Police: 3 dead, 2 in serious condition after Gibson plant explosion

GIBSON, La. —State Police said three workers were killed and two people were listed in serious condition following an explosion reported Thursday at a natural gas pipeline in Gibson, Louisiana.

The blast was reported about 11 a.m. at a pipeline at Williams Partners’ natural gas facility. The facility is owned by Williams Partners’ subsidiary Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Co.

Williams said that the facility was not operational at the time of the incident and gas was not flowing through the pipeline system when the explosion occurred.

The 13 Williams employees stationed at the facility have been accounted for and were not injured, Williams said. However, of the 19 contractors working at the site, three were killed, State Police said. Two people were injured and listed in serious condition. . . .
. . . . Williams also owned a plant in Gesimar, Louisiana, that experienced an explosion in June 2013. One person was killed in that blast.
As a result of the incident, the company was charged with a series of violations, ranging from willful to serious, and was initially ordered to pay a penalty of $99,000. The penalty was later reduced to $36,000, according to OSHA records. . . .
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Alexander Higgins – Shock: Fracking Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades

(Truthstream Media) Unearthed articles from the 1960s detail how nuclear waste was buried beneath the Earth’s surface by Halliburton & Co. for decades as a means of disposing the by-products of post-World War II atomic energy production.

Weekend News


2.5 quake at Caruthersville, MO

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Assumption dome companies must pay disputed taxes

sent in: Exxon CEO joins anti-fracking lawsuit after drilling threatens his property value

Louisiana VoiceSen. Robert Adley, a consistent advocate for transparency, craters to oil contributors in opposing wetlands litigation < NOTE: Fab bumpersticker offer on the right sidebar!!

Boil advisory for north eastern portion of Lafayette Parish < Parish MAP (they are NW from Assumption Parish)

  . . .  due to “low pressure”. Low Pressure? What about when they give away the farm and divert all that aquifer’s water to the oil and gas Bozos??

We have this idea about oil source being quite different than what is in the encyclopedia – Abiotic Oil. And the idea isn’t entire hooey as US New and World Report did a story on it: Abiotic Oil a Theory Worth Exploring – Oil may not be formed the way we think it is.

By the way, although some (unknown amount)  of rad waste is stored at the collapsed and roof-caved-in cavern, Oxy 3 at Bayou Corne it turns out a LOT of similar waste is just dumped by the roadside. It gets dumped along US roadways and byways because crooked haulers can’t be bothered with fines now that lots more radiation detection gizmos are installed at legitimate dump sites.


French news footage of Deepwater Horizon disaster:


Is An Engineered New Madrid Mega Quake In the Offing?

From Zen Gardener

by Nicholas West and Zen Gardner

The Powers-That-Be seem to be making a continuous effort to drive a stake right into America’s heart(land). Natural disasters are on the rise, and an increasing amount of evidence is leading to the conclusion that these natural disasters might not be completely natural.

LINK –  (it’s 20 football fields, not 200 . . . but interesting . . . not ME holding the lantern 🙂 )

Seismic Event at Lake FUBAR Overnight + Weekend News

NOTE: “Seismic Event” here is day before New Guinea quake.

LA12 & LA14 show big activity on the helicorders overnight.



6p.m. CST –

GOOD NEWS!  LA15 is BACK!!    BAD NEWS: It’s all jumping around down there!


The AdvocateCavity near sinkhole almost filled

Texas Brine denies seismic activity is continuing as usual at the collapsed salt dome (not a sinkhole). They claim it is diminishing.

“Texas Brine’s new depth measurements show that materials pushing upward inside the cavern rose 324 feet between Jan. 31 and Tuesday, according to revised figures provided by company officials.”

Texas Brine spokesman, Sonny Cranch didn’t get into the integrity of the nearby caverns or why Texas Brine ignored the 2007 SONAR scans showing the bottom 1000 ft. of the cavern was compromised. No one really expects truth from the salt dome collapsers.

Lake FUBAR beat reporter at the Advocate, David J. Mitchell is up for a big award –

Louisiana-Mississippi APME Newspaper Awards

— Continuing Coverage: 1. Jessica Bakeman and Jerry Mitchell, The Clarion-Ledger, “Barbour pardons;” 2. David Mitchell, The Advocate, “Sinkhole forms near site of bayou bubbles;”

Louisiana lawmakers seek better oversight of salt mines

Experts Called in to Tackle Bayou Sinkhole Devastation < has great art showing the Titanic would fit in Lake FUBAR 🙂

10 p.m. CST – large 6.6 quake in Oceania shows up on Bayou Corne helicorders.

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New Madrid Fault

Dutchsinse – Missouri / Franklin Co. — Earthquake and Tornado in the same day


The AdvocateDEQ plans to measure Bayou Lafourche’s rate of flow

[snip]  ” . . .  the Bayou Lafourche Freshwater District requested the dye studies to predict how the bayou will react if district pumps on the Mississippi River in Donaldsonville are turned off during major rainstorms.“In particular, it will show how long it would take for freshwater to make its way to the various public water supply intakes in the event the bayou goes septic, as has happened in past storm events,” . . .