Is Cascadia Subduction Zone About to Set Off New Madrid Fault – IMMINENTLY??




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Huge fluid movement at Lake FUBAR for over 2 hours starting at 2:30 A.M. – LA12 shows it. It might be this New Guinea 7.2 quakeOR – more likely, this 4.0 quake near Dallas, Texas. MAP

Inst. of Southern Studies Looting Louisiana: How the Jindal administration is helping Big Oil rip off a cash-strapped state

Video – Weeping Willow calls up DNR –

Texas: From Fracking Boom to Water Revolution


May 3 –


NEW MADRID FAULT blog item from 2013

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We found this item on South American lithium and brine and wondered if Texas Brine had an interest in the lithium craze (auto batteries) going on now. We didn’t see Louisiana on the list. Or here. Not that they can’t keep a secret.



Is An Engineered New Madrid Mega Quake In the Offing?

From Zen Gardener

by Nicholas West and Zen Gardner

The Powers-That-Be seem to be making a continuous effort to drive a stake right into America’s heart(land). Natural disasters are on the rise, and an increasing amount of evidence is leading to the conclusion that these natural disasters might not be completely natural.

LINK –  (it’s 20 football fields, not 200 . . . but interesting . . . not ME holding the lantern 🙂 )

New Madrid Rift Oddity Discovered

Strange Sounds – Geological Oddity: Scientists Discover Hotspot Track Cross-Cutting the New Madrid Rift System

Could this hotspot track cross-cutting the New Madrid Rift System explain the reactivation of the New Madrid rift system and seismicity of the eastern United States? Some geologists think they might have found the buried track of just such a hotspot from Missouri to Virginia.

New Madrid Rift  System?  It’s the New Madrid Fault Zone!

Looks like USGS is desperate to cover up the newly active faults in the New Madrid area set off by over-drilling in the (thin crust) Gulf of Mexico.
OR –  it could be to let frackers off the hook or both.

Just like every time Fukushima lets loose with a giant release of radiation they plant a news story about North Korean nukes.

Worry Over New Madrid Fault, Lake FUBAR & BP Disaster Site

Strange Sounds – When Will the New Madrid Fault, the Wabash Valley fault, the East Tennessee Seismic Zone Explode?


Mystery Booms and Strange Sounds Compilation: Canada, USA – May 6 to 16