More Strange Earth Activities in Florida

The man-swallowing sinkhole in Florida over the weekend was roughly near Tampa on the west side of the state. Now there is odd news from quite a bit away in Florida on the west side but lower on the coast near The Everglades.

Now Strange Sounds reports Second Sinkhole Forms In Seffner, Florida – Two Miles From One That Swallowed Jeff Bush (VIDEO)  and – Unexplained loud booming noises around Naples in Collier County, Florida – March 3 2013

These events may be unrelated but something is weird about all these booms the Strange Sounds blog reports on.

  • A is  Marco Is. that has booms
  • B is Seffner, new sinkhole location 2 miles from the man-killing one

A very, very interesting MAP of liquified gas fields in Florida. They are in the west side of Lake Okeechobee . . .   far inland.  Florida Map with Glades County.

A USGS explanation of Florida sinkholes (short video).