Hurricane Risk Higher This Season

Worst Hurricane Season In A Decade Threatens Gulf Coast Production

“2017 could be an “above-normal” year for large hurricanes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a potential problem for Gulf Coast oil drillers and refiners.”

The Advocate
Report: Major figure in Katrina aftermath says no FEMA, NOAA leaders at start of hurricane season ‘should scare hell out of everybody’

“. . . Trump appointed former Alabama Emergency Management Agency Director Brock Long to lead FEMA in late April, but the Senate has not yet confirmed the selection, CNN reported. Trump has not appointed anyone to the NOAA position.”


Deluge Weekend! Big Mexico Quake! Cow Causes Oil Spill!

Lots of rain still coming for Saturday & Sunday

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WAFB River Stages  . . . Local area river stage levels

The AdvocateFlooding still a concern in parts of Ascension Parish- Damaged homes, backed-up drainage lines, threat of more rain have residents on edge  < has video

Severe threat ramps up this weekend

Ascension declares emergency due to flooding; debris removal starts Monday


Almost 8″ of rain(!) fell in Sorrento – 27 miles NE from Bayou Corne. MAP

City of Sorrento sees nearly eight inches of rain

Let’s see if they emptied out any of the butane at Lake FUBAR since the hurricane season is starting up. Here’s an “update” from May 27 –


Here comes more wet weather:


Dreaded cow threat to big oil: Cow blamed for causing spill in oil patch

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A cow is suspected of causing a spill of natural gas liquids near a tributary of the Little Missouri River, prompting North Dakota regulators to warn energy companies to ensure their facilities are bovine-proof. . . .

. . . “They just get rubbing along those valves and they open up,” Glatt said. “Sometimes they need to scratch their backs and they open those valves.” . . .


A BIG Quake in Mexico has set off helicorders in Bayou Corne.


A 6.2 quake on the Pacific side of MexicoLA10-03 sloshing at 7 a.m.!



heli_button   ..  button_LA12  is going nuts too.

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