New Madrid Fault Zone Activity + Tenn. Flood

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Nuke ProUnusual Earthquake Activity, 2 Incoming CMEs, And Ancient Missouri Volcano, It’s All Here!


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Yoichi Shimatsu talks about the large amount of plutonium contamination at New Mexico because of raging fire below.
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Fire At Carlsbad Nuclear Waste New Mexico


Compliant local news media and lying scientists exposed by Dana:


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From Mining Awareness – We need to stop talking about WIPP or Hanford or Sellafield, etc. and start talking contractors and subcontractors and “consortium” members who are at various sites and which ones have, or have not, messed up repeatedly and dangerously; which ones harass and fire safety workers, etc.”  [ article has details on the contractors ]

New Mexico was strong-armed by DOE –


SOURCES WE LIKE  who cover the WIPP disaster

Nuke Pro is covering and has science info (unlike the disinfo put out by industry-friendly anti-scientists).
The cavern isn’t holding old gloves. It is holding radioactive weapons waste, plutonium and the most dangerous materials on Earth.
WIPP Busted Dead to Rights, they WERE Storing High Level Waste WIPP

74 One Liner Lies of the Nuclear Cartel

Archives of stories on our blog about Carlsbad salt cavern nuke storage.

Many papers on subsurface environment technology from Sandia labs. It has a lot of documents.

Constant news updates since the Feb. 2014 “burning truck” disaster are on

 Continuing UPDATES can be found at the Fukushima Hounds’ Forum thread on it.

 NOTE: The accident report has been added to the Salt Dome page in the nuke waste section.

On Methane and Meteors

Nuker Pro talks about the big Chicago fire of 1871 . . .

“Others have looked to science, saying the coincidence of two such great fires happening in one evening is too much to believe. Some think Biela’s Comet, which was passing over the Northern Hemisphere at the time, could have dropped balls of methane, which ignited the flames. This theory has been disputed by many, who claim the meteorites which fall to earth are not warm enough to set fires.”

Reminder – That Australian who had a comment about about sharks and deep sea methane changing the life forms nearby was at this post.

We keep up with all methane geophysical news since Bayou Corne’s methane may come from under the sea in the Gulf.