Ground is Sinking at Bayou Corne, B.P. Disaster Affect etc. + NEWS

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  • The land is visibly sinking
  • On Wings of Care captures water pumping operation
  • B.P. fissure impact on Lake FUBAR
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Police: 3 dead, 2 in serious condition after Gibson plant explosion

GIBSON, La. —State Police said three workers were killed and two people were listed in serious condition following an explosion reported Thursday at a natural gas pipeline in Gibson, Louisiana.

The blast was reported about 11 a.m. at a pipeline at Williams Partners’ natural gas facility. The facility is owned by Williams Partners’ subsidiary Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Co.

Williams said that the facility was not operational at the time of the incident and gas was not flowing through the pipeline system when the explosion occurred.

The 13 Williams employees stationed at the facility have been accounted for and were not injured, Williams said. However, of the 19 contractors working at the site, three were killed, State Police said. Two people were injured and listed in serious condition. . . .
. . . . Williams also owned a plant in Gesimar, Louisiana, that experienced an explosion in June 2013. One person was killed in that blast.
As a result of the incident, the company was charged with a series of violations, ranging from willful to serious, and was initially ordered to pay a penalty of $99,000. The penalty was later reduced to $36,000, according to OSHA records. . . .
(more + video)

Alexander Higgins – Shock: Fracking Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades

(Truthstream Media) Unearthed articles from the 1960s detail how nuclear waste was buried beneath the Earth’s surface by Halliburton & Co. for decades as a means of disposing the by-products of post-World War II atomic energy production.

New Fly Over Video – Wednesday News

Scroll down for news about the latest blow-out in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Wings of Care has a new, #10,  Bayou Corne fly over up –


OWOC article – with PHOTOS

Louisiana flood board sues oil companies over erosion

 Science to be key factor in lawsuit against oil and gas companies for coastal loss

Jindal travels to Colorado

Strange Sounds – US Nuclear Reactors vs Fault Lines < has 2 Louisiana NPPs on the map

(older story with added info & free sermon )  Before It’s NewsMethane Bubbling In New Orleans 70 Miles From Sinkhole!

Breaking: Oil Rig Blow Out Near Grand Isle, BURNING and OUT of CONTROL

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New Orleans Times-PicayuneNatural gas rig blows out in Gulf; 44 workers safely evacuated, Coast Guard says < has MAP

“A rig believed to be producing natural gas blew out in the Gulf of Mexico around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. All 44 workers on board were safely evacuated form the Hercules No. 265 rig about 40 miles southwest of Grand Isle. . .  “

WDSU – Gulf platform experiences blowout southwest of Grand Isle

Hercules Rig 265 INFO     .      LOCATION: N 28′ 23.400, W 90′ 52.800     

RSOE report, with map   .     Another graphic from KADN showing location

Hidden news – KCEN TV NewsOfficials: ‘Major Cloud of Gas’ Surrounds Platform After Blowout  < thanks to this you tube post .  . . .   this broke at the exact same time as tv news posted a lot of scandalous but not so important news about a NYC mayor candidate in trouble over sexting.

    NEW MAP with recent July events + this one   IT IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE SHIP SHOAL SPILL


Bureau  inspectors  reported a dissipating  light sheen on the Gulf surface, 50 feet by one-half mile in area.




Natural gas rig explodes, burns in Gulf of Mexico

(CNN) A natural gas platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico late Tuesday, the U.S. Coast Guard reported.

The rig, leased by Houston-based Walter Oil & Gas Corp., was burning about 60 miles southwest of Grand Isle, Louisiana, early Wednesday, according to Petty Officer Carlos Vega. A Coast Guard vessel witnessed the blast.

Forty-four workers were evacuated from the rig earlier Tuesday after a blowout occurred, officials said.

Natural gas was leaking, but no oil was being released, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement said. . . .

– Oh, yeah? What about that half mile long sheen reported yesterday???


The New Orleans Times-Picayune has details about the work on the rig.

On Wings of Care did a Fly Over! < donate to them if you can! ABC NEWS used their footage in this report:



Officials trying to control rig failure in Gulf of Mexico

Gulf rig partially collapses in fire off Louisiana: U.S. government

“. . . beams supporting the derrick and rig floor on the Hercules Offshore jackup rig had crumpled over the rig structure.”

NBC has a video

Fuel Fix – Companies prepare to battle blaze on Gulf rig after well leak

A blowout preventer may have ignited the fire that caused a Gulf of Mexico rig to partially collapse Wednesday, after a natural gas well blew out, federal authorities reported.”

The AdvocateRig fire in Gulf may burn for 2 months

WAFB – Experts: Gas in Gulf blowout is less damaging

MSNBC – Rachel Maddow Show on it and tar sands etc. enviro disasters.

Found on Real Coast Warriors Oil: Crude in Gulf Of Mexico near Fourchon, LA 2013-07-23

Fire fighters, Wild Well Control are there.

WWLTV – Drilling rig on fire, begins to collapse; relief well to be drilled

Blowout timeline . How a Jack-Up Rig Blowout Occurs


Fuel Fix – Gulf rig fire successfully contained, Coast Guard reports

Rig Zone – Hercules 265 Jackup Beams Collapse Over Rig Structure
Gas well blows out, catches fire in Gulf


Gas Well Blowout Raises Concerns About Drilling Safety

ENE-News – Expert: Blown-out well in Gulf remains “plenty dangerous” — Will material plugging flow of gas hold? < with link to NEW On Wings of Care fly over video

LINK –  . . . . no  oil slick, eh?

And – in this video – what are all these bubbles? Are they coming up around the edges of the fill-in?


On June 26 they made an “Application for a Bypass” – the form has additional location and well  information.

The blowout preventer FAILED: Rig crew activated BOP before abandoning blown out well < has VIDEO

ENE-News – Crude oil seen in water by blowout in Gulf of Mexico

JULY 27:


(7-28) Crews ready rig to drill relief well at blowout site
Permit granted for drilling project to plug offshore natural-gas well where blowout and fire occurred

(7-29) Scientists collect water near site of blown well

Feds begin probe of Gulf gas well blowout   PHOTOS

Hercules 265 Rig Personnel Return To Rig To Assess Damage

(7-30)  Relief Well Drilling to Commence at Site of Hercules Rig Fire

ENE-News – Blowout in Gulf still leaking? Scientists checking for pollution are not allowed within 5 miles of site — Sheen continues to be observed — Fire boats remain nearby — Gas could “impact offshore ecosystems”

(7-31) Blowout May Tip Focus To Shallow-Water Drilling

NEW ORLEANS (AP) Last week’s blowout on a natural gas rig off the Louisiana coast could shift regulators’ focus to shallow-water drilling and make an overhaul of safety equipment regulations more likely.”

(8-26) Relief well work, cleanup continue at blowout site

(9-10) Blown Out Gulf of Mexico Natural Gas Rig, Plugged but not Sealed

Related oddity? From Feb.APACHE is seeking to kill a highly pressured gas well at Main Pass Block 295 in the Gulf of Mexico as jack-up rig Rowan Cecil Provine mobilises for possible relief drilling at the request of US regulators.

It relates to this story – Explosive Methane Fault Migration: Gulf to La. Salt Domes?

Location of the Apache well – Latitude (approximate): 29° 16.12′ N, Longitude (approximate): 88° 38.07′ W

Lots of SCIENCE INFORMATION on the Hercules 265 blow out at Drilling

Gulf incidents   | thanksreaders

short link –

Oil Rig in Gulf has “loss of well control” – UPDATED

New Orleans Times-PicayuneCoast Guard responds to Gulf of Mexico well accident

The Coast Guard and federal regulators were responding Tuesday to a “loss of well control event” at a natural gas and crude oil platform about 74 miles southwest of Port Fourchon.

According to site assessments, natural gas is flowing from a well in Ship Shoal Block 225, and a rainbow sheen is visible on the water’s surface, which both agencies estimated to be more than four miles wide by three-quarters of a mile long.

The Coast Guard and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement received a report earlier Tuesday from Talos Energy LLC, a Houston-based oil and gas company, that one of its oil and natural gas production platforms had lost well control. Work to temporarily plug the well was ongoing Tuesday evening, according to a Coast Guard official. . . .

It doesn’t seem related to this big quake story we posted because the map shows the quake further out in the Gulf. Wait. Maybe it IS  related.

Natural gas well leak creates 4 mile sheen in Gulf of Mexico; Coast Guard responding

Thanks to Heather for the news tip – 😉

Johnny-on-the-spot FAA gives NO FLY ZONE order for area on July 9. < Thanks to Godlikeproductions’ forum comment for tip.

UPDATE, July 10

The Coast Guard statement says that slick is 4 miles x 3 miles   3/4 mi. in size. (sorry for error about size!)

We are still comparing the recent earthquake with this oil/gas rig disaster. Our post about the Gulf of Mexico quake on July 7.  We will get the rig disaster coördinates soon. The NBC story graphic at the top is a map showing weather. The red arrow doesn’t point to the rig site.

Earthquake Facts

July 8 at 2:59 a.m. UTC = July 7 at 9:59 p.m. CST, Louisiana time.
LAT: 24.9375 N   –   LONG: 85.4437 W

We took the earthquake map from ANF and put a copy of the map (darker) of the leaking rig location from RSOE over it to see where they are:


Location –

From RSOE Lat. N 28. 11.400  –    LONG. W 90. 12.000


RSOE has a MAP


Is this the location? – MAP – from Windfinder ‘Ship Shoal Oil Platform’ page.

Rigzone says it is close to shore.

A big map page from Free Association. A close up section map from them (we labeled):


– –  art taken from this map

More news stories-

Natural gas condensate leaking in Gulf of Mexico as operators lose control over the well < has a good MAP 🙂

Musical chairs at Bureau of Environmental Safety and Enforcement just when this accident happens – hmmm . . . .

Watson to Resign as BSEE Director, Join ABS

my, my, my . . . . “Bureau of Environmental Safety and Enforcement (BSEE) James A. Watson will resign from BSEE and join maritime classification society ABS Sept. 2 as president and chief operating officer of its Americas division.

Watson will replace Robert Gilman, who will move to the ABS Group of Companies as senior vice president of technical inspection services within the ABS affiliated company, Houston-based ABS reported Tuesday.

In his new role at ABS, Watson will oversee activity in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean. He will be based at the Division’s headquarters in Houston.”

CNN – Coast Guard responds to natural gas leak in Gulf of Mexico

Talos Energy – Statement with Respect to Ship Shoal 225 B-2 Well Incident

Photo – Brocken Inaglory

Ship Shoal 225 B-2 well blowout leaks natural gas and condensate in Gulf of Mexico

Oil Spill Responders on Alert as Gulf of Mexico Platform Suffers Loss of Well Control

“Complete loss of well control occurs when all of the safety barriers, for one reason or another, have failed to hold back the pressurized flow of hydrocarbons from an underground formation.  Safety barriers include sufficiently weighted mud, a blowout preventer, a downhole cement plug, or a production tree.”

Reuters – Depleted offshore Gulf gas well suffers blowout, small[sic]  leak

sub-headline: Operator expects to plug well within 24 hours  but… “A U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said it did not have an immediate comment on Talos’ plans to plug the leak.”

UPI – about the same story as Reuters.

And in this area full of oil rigs, blobs of leaked oil and sheen the USAF evidently does live ammo dogfighting!  Unmanned drone crashes in Gulf

July 11

Oil stiill Flowing: Crews work to stop natural gas leak in Gulf of Mexico

Workers pump mud into leaking natural gas well in Gulf

“Workers are pumping mud into a well in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Louisiana, to try to stop a natural gas leak that is also leaving a sheen on top of the water, federal officials said Wednesday.
The wellhead is about 70 feet above the ocean’s surface . . . “

Insurance JournalWell Leaks Natural Gas in Gulf Off Louisiana Coast

Specialists work to kill leaking Gulf well

“For much of the day, they were waiting for proof that gas at the platform the well serves  had dropped to safe levels so that workers could board the facility. In the meantime, federal regulators and well control specialists waited at a neighboring platform.
“All the equipment necessary to do it is on site,” said David Blackmon, a spokesman for Energy Resource Technology, a newly acquired subsidiary of Houston-based Talos Energy.”

On Wings of Care flies over the disaster!

Natural Gas Leak near Ewing Bank, Ship Shoal 225 <PHOTOS

July 12

WAFB – Company seals leak at gas well off Louisiana coast –  “The well did not suffer a blowout, and there was no explosion.” says company. uh-huh

July 16  [No news for a few days except industry-written puff pieces]

GofM Well Control: Leak Plugged

Gulf Gas Leak, Big Oozy Sheens Revisited

BSEE confirms well sealed with temporary plug in gulf – umm humm – and this  appears in print at the same time: Study identifies source of oil sheens near Deepwater Horizon oil spill site

“Mystery” Slicks at BP / Deepwater Horizon Site: Mystery Solved?

“. . . the lack of recent observations of slicks in the area, either by aerial overflight or on satellite images, gives us some confidence that there is no continual leak coming from the well(s) or the seafloor”

SEE ALSO Map Showing the 7-7 Quake, the Landslide and Ship Shoal oil leak

Great PHOTOS > Company Seals Gas Well Leak off Louisiana Coast

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Gulf incidents

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