Big Natural Gas Plant Explosion in Wyoming & Thurs. News

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Tiny Wyoming Town Evacuated After Explosion at Natural Gas Plant

Fire continues at Wyoming natgas facility, disrupts supply

Friday update – Washington stateMassive gas explosion destroys buildings in North Bend

Dutchsinse says that big landslide out that way that was on the news was caused by fracking.  More items added to the Yellowstone news page.

New W.I.P.P. town meeting (video) – CAUTION: have barf bag handy!

Big power outage in Baton Rouge

A big 6.6 quake at Vancouver in Canada before midnight showed up on Lake FUBAR helicorders.

Scary: Louisiana Creating Database Of Residents Who May Be A ‘Risk To The State’

Climate Viewer – Supreme Court to set limits on suing Corporate Polluters

[snip] . . . Environmental activist Erin Brockovich and dozens of military veterans rallied outside the Supreme Court today as the justices heard arguments that an electronics company was responsible for contamination at its old plant in Asheville, North Carolina.

The case,  CTS Corporation v. Waldburger, will decide if federal environmental law preempts North Carolina’s statute of repose, which imposes a 10-year limit to file a claim.  A ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of CTS Corporation could create a climate in which corporate polluters would be “rewarded” for concealment and material misrepresentation of their environmental problems. . .


Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone < UPDATED

***  Other magma related stories here too  ***

ItemActivity after 1 p.m. at Yellowstone today.

History: “The volcanic eruptions, as well as the continuing geothermal activity, are a result of a great cove of magma located below the caldera’s surface. The magma in this cove contains gases that are kept dissolved only by the immense pressure that the magma is under. If the pressure is released to a sufficient degree by some geological shift, then some of the gases bubble out and cause the magma to expand. This can cause a runaway reaction. If the expansion results in further relief of pressure, for example, by blowing crust material off the top of the chamber, the result is a very big gas explosion.”

Yelowstone is an 8 on the  VEI Index:  “super-colossal” (if it blows).

Documentary: Yellowstone National Park & the Caldera Super Volcano


Before It’s News – Yellowstone Magma Chamber Animals Leaving Yellowstone? What Do They Know We Don’t Know?

Mar. 30 – 4.8 earthquake rocks US Yellowstone National Park

OLD: Feb. 2 – Staggering Underground Activity At Yellowstone Lake (Volcano)

KTVU – Buffalo running from Yellowstone a feared sign of pending eruption

UPI – Yellowstone volcano: Could fleeing animals predicate eruption?

Some science people say don’t worry – Earthquake Shakes Yellowstone But No Volcano Threat Looms, Scientists Say  But evidently everybody is worrying – Animals Allegedly Fleeing Yellowstone Results In Yellowstone Volcano Search Trend. . . and those were not small quakes there this week.Yellowstone National Park rattled by largest earthquake in 34 years

Yellowstone fighting online supervolcano rumors

” . . .  Although the YouTube video says the animals are leaving, park spokesman Dan Hottle told the Jackson Hole Daily ( that they are actually running toward the park’s interior and the volcano. “

Yellowstone animal exodus: Did they detect ‘something deadly’?




Park official: Why do some animals leave the park? Winter.

Yellowstone Nat’l Park website – Volcano Questions & Answers

Montana – KPAX – Yellowstone fleeing’ bison video has Missoulians talking

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption: Scientists Proven Wrong About Supervolcano as Elk Flee Park?

Yellowstone ‘fleeing bison’ video goes viral, fuels super-volcano fears

Yellowstone Super Volcano! Releasing Thousand More Times Of Helium Steam Than Anticipated

Yellowstone, Something Very Bad Is Coming – John Moore  < has video




BPEarthwatch (April 10)


Dutchsinse – 4/12/2014 — 4.9M (5.0M) Earthquake strikes the Western Yellowstone magma chamber

FISH DIE-OFF at Yellowstone:



Cool time-lapse video . . . this may or may not be normal plane activity . . .



Yellowstone Nat’l Park WEB CAMS



Mar. 30 – KMVT – Earthquakes Reported At Yellowstone And Central Idaho
April 2 – KTVB – Could a big earthquake hit Idaho? < has video
April 10 – Earthquake near Challis biggest in Idaho since 2005 < has video

April 12 – 


April 13 – 4.9-magnitude earthquake rattles central Idaho

April 13 – Volcanic “Red Alert” Issued For Idaho By EMERCOM Scientists

[snip] . . . “The “Red Alert” status for Borah Peak Mountain (the largest in Idaho), this report states, means that an eruption is forecast to be imminent with significant emission of ash into the atmosphere likely.. . .
. . . . Critical to note about Borah Peak Mountain and central Idaho, this report says, is that it is a part of what is called the Intermountain Seismic Belt (ISB) [photo map 1st right] which extends from Southern California and connects many of the Western United States regions, most particularly the Yellowstone Caldera, and is overdue for a catastrophic volcanic eruption event. . . .”

April 14 – 4.4 quake in Idaho

Idaho Earthquake Today 2014 Strikes Challis Again


  • M2.7 – 19km NNW of Challis, Idaho
  • M2.5 – 22km NNW of Challis, Idaho
  • M2.5 – 10km NW of Challis, Idaho
  • M2.5 – 25km NNW of Challis, Idaho

April 15 – Hundreds of earthquakes strike central Idaho, rattling nerves

(Reuters) – Hundreds of low-level and medium-sized earthquakes have struck central Idaho since last month, puzzling geologists who wonder whether the ruptures portend a much larger temblor to come or are merely the rumblings of a seismic fault previously thought to be dormant. . . .

Lack Of Scientific Equipment In Idaho Makes Understanding Challis Earthquakes More Difficult

KIDK – Challis reacts to earthquake swarm

. . . . “The earthquakes are happening at 5 km, which is 3.1 miles. That’s 15,000 feet of rock that need to move a tenth of a foot a year,” said [BLM geologist]  Hendrick.
Challis sits close to the Lost River Fault, the site of Idaho’s biggest earthquake, a 6.9 in 1983. . .

Earthquake felt in valley Monday – Several temblors shake ground near Challis


April 16 – Seismographs heading for central Idaho

We fell for this HOAX:     RED ALERT – a FAKE

A warning issued today by the Ministry of the Russian Federal for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) has advised the World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO) that a “Red Alert” status level for the Borah Peak Mountain in Idaho (North America/United States) may be warranted in the coming weeks due to increased volcanic-seismic activity detected by both ground and satellite observations.

The hoax author is well known internet pest, Sorcha Faal.

RSOE fell for it too.

RT – Central Idaho rocked by hundreds of earthquakes


Prepping for the ‘big one’: How bad could a Utah earthquake be?

” . . . At the University of Utah, seismologist Katherine Whidden said she doesn’t believe devastation in the Salt Lake Valley would approach the level it did in Haiti, but she also acknowledged it would be plenty bad.

“The problem we have here is that all the population is right on top of the fault,” Whidden said.

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake would likely create a 5- to 10-foot rift along the responsible fault line.

At the University of Utah, seismologist Katherine Whidden said she doesn’t believe devastation in the Salt Lake Valley would approach the level it did in Haiti, but she also acknowledged it would be plenty bad.

“The problem we have here is that all the population is right on top of the fault,” Whidden said.

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake would likely create a 5- to 10-foot rift along the responsible fault line.

BP Earthwatch video: Alaska Quake/YellowStone Trigger – LINK –

April 17 – NWCN – String of Idaho quakes prompts Utah team to setup new equipment < has video

Idaho earthquakes under scrutiny – State’s central part has had 25 small temblors in 3 weeks

M2.5 quake –  Challis, Idaho

April 18 – Idaho Earthquakes: Are They Nothing or Indicators of Something Big?

April 19 – Looming, creeping landslide splits home in [Jackson] Wyoming . . .  MAP showing Jackson, Yellowstone & Challis

April – 20 – M3.2 – 8km NE of Tooele, Utah


Magnitude 3.2 earthquake jolts western Utah, USGS says

Dutchsinse – Yellowstone / Jackson WY Landslide — URANIUM Mine , Copper Mine + Fracking earthquakes

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center shows high levels of radiation from Idaho Falls


April 22 – 2.9 quake at Challis, Idaho

Editorial board: Yellowstone bison show peril of viral video < they say don’t worry

April 23 – Tiny Wyoming Town Evacuated After Explosion at Natural Gas Plant

Is the mother of all quakes coming soon?

“The last major earthquake took place in 1877. Since then the plates have moved about 10 metres closer together,” says Tilmann. “The tension that’s built up can only be freed by a major quake.”
The most recent earthquake in early April did release some pressure, but wasn’t enough to relieve the entire segment.

Yellowstone County – Disaster services to test sirens

Wyoming – A Small Creek Connects The Atlantic And Pacific Oceans

April 24 – Fire continues at Wyoming natgas facility, disrupts supply

Alpril 29 – 10 Yellowstone Sensors Turned Off!!! Shutdown!!! Why???


April 30 – Yellowstone Update: Seismic Monitors show Massive anomalies and then Shut Down (Video)

May 1 – Mount St. Helens, Yellowstone Magma ‘Re-Pressurizing’

Magma levels rising in Mount St. Helens volcano 24 years after it erupted – There are no signs of an impending volcanic eruption

Mount St. Helens is recharging: What rising magma means


Document – DHS/FEMA Capstone Exercise 2014: Scenario Ground Truth

May 3 – 3.8 quake in Clayton, Idaho < MAP

Just east of the Clayton quake a 2.5 quake happened at Happys Inn, Montana < MAP

Dutchsinse points out a series of sudden volcano eruptions around Japan – a comment there asks if that affects Mount St. Helens etc.






Idaho National Laboratory at Idaho Falls