Did BP Maximize Damage to the Gulf on Purpose?

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The rest of the series (many vids) is at shane mc channel.

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On 28 Stones channel there is this good, short video about Corexit

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Why So Many Are Worried About the Sinkhole and the New Madrid Fault

It may turn out that we are just a bunch of worry warts here with all the speculation about the Louisiana sinkhole.

It is exasperating for some at Assumption Parish that we keep on refuting their statements about the sinkhole not expanding, being safe, not dramatically affecting drinking water, not being radioactive etc. etc. when they are working hard to find solutions,  get Texas Brine to cooperate and manage the affected displaced residents.

A great deal on this blog is opinion. We are speculating in all directions as many want to put together occurrences far from Bayou Corne with the sinkhole anomalies. It is true much talk here is unverified, speculation etc. – but a great deal of information has been obscured by entities like BP, the EPA, the USGS and others who hold exclusive access to pieces of the sinkhole puzzle. So, of course we speculate and blow smoke! We can’t work with all the facts because so many of them are WITHHELD.

If anyone wants us to cut it all out then quit cropping fly over videos to mere seconds in length and let the public see live data and offer the residents a buy offer on their good homes which are now unlivable.

On the topic of the New Madrid fault this sums up a lot of how we all feel –

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