Dear Texas Brine, Where are the Status Reports on Your Collapsed Salt Dome in Napoleonville?

Why is all the live monitoring at Lake FUBAR being withheld from the public?

You haven’t put out a “response” since January.

There is live GPS data on all kinds of coordinates and land levels all over Assumption Parish. This data is supposed to public. The helicorders are supposed to be working and half of them are dead or giving out mish-mash. No one has even tended to them (in months!) to even temporarily fix them. The CORS911 system (with LSU help) is supposed to keep giving live GPS data. Acknowledging the big public hazard from Lake FUBAR they said “the CORS911 sentinels will continue to provide the real-time hazard-monitoring solutions needed to support this response for as long as necessary.”

Everything in the caverns is falling to pieces and self-generating quakes are large and frequent so, yeah, CORS911 data is still necessary.

Where’s the info from Sandia Labs, UC Berkeley, JPL, USGS and all the big-shots who we know are watching Lake FUBAR.

Where’s the satellite imagery? Where’s the fly-over photos? Where are still photos?

Keith M. sent this document in
CORS911: Real-Time Subsidence Monitoring of the Napoleonville Salt Dome Sinkhole Using GPS (July 2013)

It is now on the Documents page.
Here’s a Q & A on the 2013 CORS report –

But it is from 2013. Then they ran out of money (LSU).

They are supposed to be keeping the CORS911 thing going….

“In May 2013 a commission of scientists, response agents, and stakeholders concluded that subsidence monitoring programs were essential for ensuring public safety [LADNR, 2013b]. The CORS911 system, in coordination with the other monitoring platforms, is a key resource for these objectives. After broader attention to the sinkhole wanes, the CORS911 sentinels will continue to provide the real-time hazard-monitoring solutions needed to support this response for as long as necessary.



In the comments to the Creep Zone post (scroll down) I put up related docs found. Here they are:

This office has more regional papers too …

BUSTED! In Aug. (2015) Nanometrics (helicorder providers) brag about their monitors (!!)
Real-time Monitoring with High Performance Seismic Array, Bayou Corne Sinkhole Louisiana, USA

April, 2014 – Mining Induced Seismicity -Monitoring of a Large Scale Salt Cavern Collapse

TILT! Got this 2014 paper on tilting –
UC Berkeley 2014
Nayak, A., and D. S. Dreger, Moment tensor inversion of seismic events associated with the sinkhole at Napoleonville Salt Dome, Louisiana


Gas-charged fluids creating seismicity associated with a Louisiana sinkhole (2014)

“Natural earthquakes and nuclear explosions produce seismic waves that register on seismic monitoring networks around the globe, allowing the scientific community to pinpoint the location of the events. In order to distinguish seismic waves produced by a variety of activities – from traffic to mining to explosions – scientists study the seismic waves generated by as many types of events as possible. ”

Deborah Dupré –
Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana Sinkhole Gas Creating Quakes Like Explosions, Volcanic Eruptions

Salt Cavern Flaws Outlined in Report from 2000

By R.L. Thoms and R.M. Gehle

Part 5  (page 5)
Some problems have inevitably occurred with the use of salt caverns over the past decades. These range in character from undesirable cavern behavior to disastrous explosions on the ground surface.

Also on p.5 –  “  . . . . The “string of pearls” concept was proposed for disposal of hazardous waste in the Vinton salt dome in south Louisiana in the 1980’s. However, disposal of all hazardous waste in salt domes was shortly banned.

– –  We all know this practice was never banned and we doubt there’s a distinction made between storing low-level or high-level radioactive waste at Bayou Corne.

This paper was presented at the The Eighth Salt Symposium in The Netherlands – which shows what a bunch of naive fools were in attendance. These are supposed to be world experts in the industry!

This link is on the Salt Dome page.  Thanks to servant to the father for the tip – 😉

Henning Kemner Video

There’s been a complete news black-out since the berm fail  (May 10). There’s just been compliant fake-news features with nothing but Texas Brine’s line over and over again. No interviews with residents, no opinions from environmentalists or critics of the big oil and gas gang that thinks it can run the state house and senate.

So here’s filler


See the links in the video (‘about’) for more from H.K..

His 4 Part Series – “Sinkhole – Directly linked to Gulf Oil Spill


7.1 Indonesia Quake Sets off the Helicorders at Lake FUBAR

Contributor, Walter Coin points out the new gigantic earthquake in Indonesia is showing up on a lot of the Bayou Corne recorders.

Magnitude 7.1 – PAPUA, INDONESIA
2013 April 06 04:42:36 UTC
How deep (46.7 miles)
LA10 HHZ YC 03 : Bayou Corne, LA bottom borehole
LA-11 LA-12 LA-14 LA-15 not working LA-16
X202 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, AR
X501 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, AR
Helicorder Main Page

More on this
UALR BHZ NM — : Little Rock, AR (SLU)–.2013040600.gif
SLM BHZ NM 00 : St Louis, MO (SLU)
I can believe just how many recorder are showing big movement

But Freedomrox says the helicorders at Bayou Corne were already acting up BEFORE the 7.1 quake:

The only 7.0 or above was in Papua, Indonesia at Friday, April 05, 2013 at 11:42:36 PM (CDT), and micro quakes were hitting the sinkhole long before then. Couldn’t have helped tho’.–.2013040512.gif

And Walter Coins says –

Magnitude 7.0 – PAPUA, INDONESIA on land at 4:42 UTC time.
2013 April 06 04:42:36 UTC

It took some time to go all around the earth.
It began about 12:00 am CDT time in the US, look on the right hand side of one of those recorders it’s got UTC Time.
That about 5:00 UTC time.

Note – there is a time converter link on the sidebar under ‘Ref’.

New Orleans Area: Hydrogran Sulfide release (NOAA report), Updated

NOAA Incident News – Hydrogran Sulfide release

On 03APR, USCG Sector New Orleans contacted NOAA SSC in regards to citizen reports of “funny chemical smells” throughout the greater New Orleans metro area. USCG and LDEQ personnel began interviewing citizens early this AM and searched for a source of chemical release. Active air monitoring led personnel to investigate of a facility in Chalmette (6 miles ESE of French Quarter, New Orleans, LA). The facility reported a leaking flare drum with hydrogen sulfide and benzene being released. USCG is request air plume modeling to determine if the two cases are linked. . .  (more)

Thanks to MsReesa for this tip – 😉

ENE-News – Release of 100 pounds of hydrogen sulfide caused mystery odor in New Orleans? Report: Actual amount is “far more”

NOTE to readers: We will add UPDATES to the Arkansas earthquake news and N.O. smells story to those posts and not as ‘new’ posts to make following the story easier.