Dear Texas Brine, Where are the Status Reports on Your Collapsed Salt Dome in Napoleonville?

Why is all the live monitoring at Lake FUBAR being withheld from the public?

You haven’t put out a “response” since January.

There is live GPS data on all kinds of coordinates and land levels all over Assumption Parish. This data is supposed to public. The helicorders are supposed to be working and half of them are dead or giving out mish-mash. No one has even tended to them (in months!) to even temporarily fix them. The CORS911 system (with LSU help) is supposed to keep giving live GPS data. Acknowledging the big public hazard from Lake FUBAR they said “the CORS911 sentinels will continue to provide the real-time hazard-monitoring solutions needed to support this response for as long as necessary.”

Everything in the caverns is falling to pieces and self-generating quakes are large and frequent so, yeah, CORS911 data is still necessary.

Where’s the info from Sandia Labs, UC Berkeley, JPL, USGS and all the big-shots who we know are watching Lake FUBAR.

Where’s the satellite imagery? Where’s the fly-over photos? Where are still photos?

Keith M. sent this document in
CORS911: Real-Time Subsidence Monitoring of the Napoleonville Salt Dome Sinkhole Using GPS (July 2013)

It is now on the Documents page.
Here’s a Q & A on the 2013 CORS report –

But it is from 2013. Then they ran out of money (LSU).

They are supposed to be keeping the CORS911 thing going….

“In May 2013 a commission of scientists, response agents, and stakeholders concluded that subsidence monitoring programs were essential for ensuring public safety [LADNR, 2013b]. The CORS911 system, in coordination with the other monitoring platforms, is a key resource for these objectives. After broader attention to the sinkhole wanes, the CORS911 sentinels will continue to provide the real-time hazard-monitoring solutions needed to support this response for as long as necessary.



In the comments to the Creep Zone post (scroll down) I put up related docs found. Here they are:

This office has more regional papers too …

BUSTED! In Aug. (2015) Nanometrics (helicorder providers) brag about their monitors (!!)
Real-time Monitoring with High Performance Seismic Array, Bayou Corne Sinkhole Louisiana, USA

April, 2014 – Mining Induced Seismicity -Monitoring of a Large Scale Salt Cavern Collapse

TILT! Got this 2014 paper on tilting –
UC Berkeley 2014
Nayak, A., and D. S. Dreger, Moment tensor inversion of seismic events associated with the sinkhole at Napoleonville Salt Dome, Louisiana


Gas-charged fluids creating seismicity associated with a Louisiana sinkhole (2014)

“Natural earthquakes and nuclear explosions produce seismic waves that register on seismic monitoring networks around the globe, allowing the scientific community to pinpoint the location of the events. In order to distinguish seismic waves produced by a variety of activities – from traffic to mining to explosions – scientists study the seismic waves generated by as many types of events as possible. ”

Deborah Dupré –
Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana Sinkhole Gas Creating Quakes Like Explosions, Volcanic Eruptions

Texas Brine Observes CODE 3




Freedomrox says:

TB’s gates have been locked since December 19th, and only Frontier, and LDNR readings were taken in the mornings, and they waited till the regular contractors went on vacation, brought in another crew on New Year’s Day, just a few days after their little announcement of the ‘Emergency Plan’, so the permits would be in place for their little coup. Very dirty dealings… Makes you wonder about that fellow at Frontier Response, Mike Taylor, who also participated in the BP coverup. Of course, you know that Mark Cartwright and Bruce Martin knew. No Safety meeting, no nothing, and did they even have insurance to cover the workers? Someone can easily get killed in this environment. Someone needs to deal with these loose cannons…
[posted here in comments]

Texas Brine Shamed Into Producing 1-Year-Later “Factsheet” + Fri. News

They backdated it to Aug. 1st.
Better late than never.

ONE-YEAR UPDATE . . . red pencils ready?

The AdvocateSecond La. facility gets OK to export LNG

WASHINGTON A second facility in Louisiana received approval Wednesday from the U.S. Department of Energy to export liquefied natural gas to countries not covered by free trade agreements.

Lake Charles Exports LLC is the third such company nationally to be granted approval. Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass LNG Terminal in Cameron Parish was the first Louisiana plant to get that approval. . . .

Song: Bye Bye Bayou Corne

DNR has a new Inspection Report (8-8) They may be overly optimistic about the the berm roads’ condition at the end. They constantly are dumping clay and gravel/shells on the roads just to keep up.

Houston ChronicleLouisiana residents fleeing giant sinkhole sue Houston-based company

WAFB has the history of Lake FUBAR in 111 photos!

The Bayou Corne sinkhole is one year old  – by Cherri Foytlin, Bridge the Gulf < it has home owner, Mike Schaff’s letter!

As world-wide media interest in Bayou Corne’s disaster grows we see the story made it to popular newsy blog, Boing Boing!.

BP CEO Says He’s Done Paying For The Deepwater Horizon Disaster


Area of Berm Subsides + PHOTOS + VIDEO



plus PHOTOS!

From the Parish blog . . .

The AdvocateLevee, trees sink after week of tremors at sinkhole  < they are sticking to their “everything’s stable” story!

WAFB News Report with (close-up) VIDEO(!)

400 ft. of protective berm sinks around giant Louisiana sinkhole

Assumption Parish Police Jury

On the south side of the sink hole there was an area that has subsided to include the berm. There is approximately 400 to 500 feet of the berm that is now under water. The depth to the top of the berm is 3’9″ at it’s deepest point. Also, the trees on the Southwest side are showing signs of sinking, some up to 10′ in depth.

We hope to have aerial video by the end of the day.

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Wed. News

CBS News – Official: Several injured in Texas plant explosion

“KWTX reports that the explosion at West Fertilizer was reported at around 7:50 p.m. in a frantic call from the scene.

Reportedly several buildings were destroyed, according to KWTX. There are also reports of people trapped in a nursing home and at an apartment building. . . “

Japan has a large, 6.2  earthquake that may be followed by bigger quakes  warns the Japan Meteorological Agency. That may or may not show up on the Bayou Corne helicorders. It was 20 km deep. Map of itUpdate a quake swarm there.



The Advocate –  Berm expected to contain sinkhole brine, oil   kittylitter< has photos

“BAYOU CORNE — Bulldozers and men have been at work building the next phase of a 1.5-mile-long berm and upgraded levee system aimed at containing the briney and oily contents of the Assumption Parish sinkhole.

Black geotextile fabric and white geosynthetic liner — about 7,800 linear feet of each — are being laid on top of a sand base that was finished in February, Texas Brine Co. officials said in a written response to questions. The white liner contains a special clay and is used to contain landfills and ponds.  

Bulldozers are then spreading and compacting clay on top of the liner and the fabric, an estimated 7,300 cubic yards in all, company officials said. . . . “

” . . . .   While virtually fresh at the surface, the sinkhole’s deepest waters have a projected salinity that would be about 25 percent salt by volume. The ocean has a salinity of 3.5 percent. Salinity in some parts of the Great Salt Lake in Utah reaches 28 percent, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Utah Water Science Center.

Ralph Portier, a professor in the LSU Department of Environmental Sciences, said the salt water poses a risk to fish, invertebrates and the freshwater vegetation, pointing the effect years of salt water intrusion has had on the state’s coastal wetlands, as an example.   . . . “

Don’t worry, Conservation Dept. says, everything will be OK  in mere hundreds to thousands of years(!).

WAFB has some photos we haven’t seen before of Lake FUBAR in this story.

Strange SoundsDramatic Pictures And Videos Showing The Louisiana Sinkhole Evolution From August 2012 To April 2013

A lot of big seismic activity overnight. . .and it ain’t trucks . . .

. . . unless they got a night shift and everyone is hopping. heli_button

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