2.2 Quake at New Madrid(!) – and 2.1 Quake in Tenn. Near 2 Nuke Plants!


New Madrid, MISSOURI — the town,
not the fault line …. well, that too!





As usual the OK frack-quakes are still going off constantly. We don’t bother reporting them here. It will  be big news if they stop! But they aren’t helping either.

RSOE Alert Map

Wed. News, Legal Round-Up

A new Situation Summary is out (5-21) They are back to CODE 1 at Lake FUBAR (p.33) What does p. 41 mean? “Continue clearing area for site #2”   Is DOTD rent-a-road-crew for Texas Brine at taxpayer expense??

Louisiana Senate committee approves sinkhole bills – House Bills 493 and 494

KADN – SB200 denied at the mercy of Lake Peigneur residents; AGL Resources in favor

LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN) — The residents of Lake Peigneur are fired up as ever after the bill, SB200, to stop the permitting process of AGL Resources in Lake Peignuer was denied by a mere two votes last night.  AGL Resources began their quest to create additional caverns in Lake Peigneur eight years ago, and with recent unexplained bubbling happening in the lake, citizens are concerned. . . .

Water crisis: Louisiana – Lake Peigneur bill defeated

Press Release by Save Lake Peigneur on the vote –


Senator Mills SB200 was reconsidered today. With a few hours notice we gathered 10 residents and Kathy Wascom, our lobbyist from LEAN to support our bill.

AGL had an estimated 20 lobbyists of extremely well-paid lobbyists.

Although we lost by a mere 2 votes, ordinary citizens battled against the extremely experienced lobbyists. In that sense we did not lose.

As always, Senator Mills was outstanding, in fact I was pleased to hear one of the lobbyists complain that his persistence and commitment was annoying.

We continue to applaud his integrity. We are also very grateful to the support we received from the 17 senators who supported SB200, including Senator Perry and Senator Cortez. Senator Guillory from St. Martinville remained absent although the parish government and law enforcement officials were staunch in their support of SB200.

The purpose of the bill was to stop the permitting process for at least 5 years to give time to truly study the numerous issues of concern; bubbling in the lake, contamination of the Chicot Aquifer, property devaluation and geological anomalies.

The state’s policies failed the residents of Bayou Corne. After nine months there is no resolution. SB200 would have assured clear unbiased solution. The 19 senators who voted against SB200 have gambled with the lives of 4000 Lake Peigneur residents as well as the drinking water for numerous parishes from the Chicot Aquifer.

Eight years have passed since AGL Resources began their quest to create
additional caverns in Lake Peigneur. The Bayou Corne disaster and today’s loss has made us more determined to protect our homes and environment.

Nara Crowley
Board of Directors
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

Judge greenlights class-action status for [4] sinkhole lawsuits

“U.S. District Judge Jay C. Zainey also will give Texas Brine Co. 30 more days to directly negotiate stalled out-of-court settlements with evacuated residents lacking legal representation.”

House near sinkhole burns after lightning strike  – lucky it didn’t set something off!

Lake Peigneur bill defeated in Senate

1.7 quake in Spring City, Tennessee < MAP  <<< Look how CLOSE it is to Watts Bar nuke plant

WAFB – Court approves sinkhole class-action suit

“Texas Brine had committed to issuing settlement offers within 45 days of property inspections. As of May 20, 66 inspected properties had reached the 45-day window. On May 24, 85 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection and 87 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection on May 31.”

Mississippi – Oyster leaseholders lose suit blaming oil spill berms for damage
Oyster growers on both sides of the Mississippi River who sued the state, dredge operators and BP claiming damages to their oyster leases in 2010 during the construction of berms designed to capture oil during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill had their lawsuit thrown out in two different federal courts on Monday. . . .