8:40 a.m. Update – And Topic of the Cavern Floor Sinking

umm .. what happened to ‘stable’ …??  AND …. why wasn’t this posted THIS MORNING??? 

Keith M. sent this in – “Have you ever heard of molecular deconstruction?  Well Revmichellehopkins explains in this video.  By the way, she narrated that last video I sent.  About 11 minutes into this 17-minute video she talks about sinkhole creation by TTA and molecular deconstruction of the mass in a sinkhole.  People were mystified by the drop in the floor of the great Louisiana sinkhole.  Could this be the cause?”


Assumption Parish Police Jury

Texas Brine has reported the floor of Oxy Cavern 3 has gone down to a level of 3,945′ which is 152′ deeper than last week’s measurement. It’s still unknown why this is occurring; however, we will update accordingly as information becomes available.

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