8:40 a.m. Update – And Topic of the Cavern Floor Sinking

umm .. what happened to ‘stable’ …??  AND …. why wasn’t this posted THIS MORNING??? 

Keith M. sent this in – “Have you ever heard of molecular deconstruction?  Well Revmichellehopkins explains in this video.  By the way, she narrated that last video I sent.  About 11 minutes into this 17-minute video she talks about sinkhole creation by TTA and molecular deconstruction of the mass in a sinkhole.  People were mystified by the drop in the floor of the great Louisiana sinkhole.  Could this be the cause?”

LINK –  http://youtu.be/JVYDALqXRZY

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Texas Brine has reported the floor of Oxy Cavern 3 has gone down to a level of 3,945′ which is 152′ deeper than last week’s measurement. It’s still unknown why this is occurring; however, we will update accordingly as information becomes available.

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