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Sat. & Sun. at the sinkhole

No Louisiana sinkhole solution

Emergency leaders in Assumption Parish said they saw improvements at the Bayou Corne sinkhole site Friday afternoon in terms of crude-soaked vegetation, but admit there is still no solution or cause of the disaster. . . .

Sinkhole size 5 football fields, ground breaking far from it

WAFB – Business sinking in Bayou Corne < has VIDEO — Remarkable B.S. effort (!!)

Parish BOLDLY LIES to public – says Giant sinkhole NOT growing (!!!)

We are sequestering the Minden explosion news onto their own pages …. BUT …. there’s new film of clean up efforts and it’s added to out post  “Sinkhole Expands – Idahopicker Video + PHOTOS”. AND we added to the Oddities at Minden page this video that has space weapon theory about the explosion that also looks plausible.


Texas Brine announces mission accomplished!

They say they got the oil out, all patched up, under control and … HOORAY! ,,, the sinkhole has NOT expanded at all!  Wow! Are they ever efficient! Oct. 20 update – see for yourself:


Sinkhole 52,000 gallons mystery crude oil collected, shocking growth exposed < ( long document list will get a link in the DOCUMENTS page)

“Through fingerprinting, four sources of the leaking hydrocarbons have been ruled out so far, according to DNR in an Oct. 11 state declaration: “Chevron Natural Gas Cavern, Acadian Natural Gas Cavern, Crosstex Butane Caverns, Residual Gas from 2003 Gulf South Blow-out.”
According to that declaration, formations of crude oil and methane (natural gas) are sole sources still publicly discussed for the crude oil and gas surfacing for miles around the sinkhole.”

Some science info on fingerprinting crude oil was added to the METHANE page, under hydrocarbons section.

New footage from inside giant sinkhole shows surface bubbling (VIDEO)

Tree trunks in giant sinkhole covered with over a foot of black oil

AUDIO: Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague Roundtable with Michael Edward