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Daily Kos – Hell Hole

Crosstex Update for Feb. 13, Chevron Update for Feb. 13, Dow Update for Feb. 13, Promix Update for Feb. 13, Occidental Update for Feb. 13, Arcadian Update for Feb. 13

There are no new photos of Lake FUBAR but the photo page has an interesting comment

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ljalt says:

Bayou Corne Meeting 8/24/12

For those who attended, the evening may have caused more questions than answers. Here is what we know:
1. Natural gas bubbles are not toxic.
2. No health risk exists.
3. The butane stored in a dome near by that poses no risk… is being emptied just in case.
4. State agencies are extremely efficient at producing statistics that bore the average person.
5. The depth of the sink hole is measured with a string and weight (really?).
6. The diesel smell that we think we smell is not what we really smell. Because they have cleaned almost the entire diesel but some remains because the area is considered unsafe. (what?)

Here is what we think we know:
1. What caused the slurry? Scientist all agree via email that this is most definitely an issue.
2. Why did it happen? State officials all agree with the statistics that something happened and the scientist all concur via email.
3. What is causing the natural gas bubbles in Grand Bayou and Bayou Corne ? The scientist all have theories and have spoken to each other via email.
4. What could possibly happen if 966,000 barrels of butane ignited? Statistics show that a few windows would break.
5. Has the water supply been breached? Not according to the test that have been run and posted in pig Latin.
6. Is the air we breathe a risk? Only if you live on Gumbo at Hwy 70, other wise absolutely, positively, undeniably we can’t be sure. However, the smells that you think you smell is really not a risk at all according to statistics and concurred via email by the scientist.
7. 15 State Troopers can fit in the trooper trailer at one time.
8. Texas Brine officials are very friendly with state officials. Who is protecting whom?
9. The one geologist at the last meeting that had different views about the situation at Bayou Corne was mysteriously not present.
10. Texas Brine officials never answered any questions.
11. The sink hole depth is measured with a string and weight. (REALLY?)
12. Lastly all the scientist have proposed theories and all have concurred via email that there is absolutely, unequivocally, positively an issue and will all concur via email.

(repeated here in case if gets deleted!)

Texas Brine Incident Action Plan – Feb. 13/14

Texas Brine Inspection Report – Feb. 14     . . . still bubbling there.

ENE-News – Radio: Uncontrolled gas flowing from well in Gulf of Mexico — WSJ: Experts trying to stop flow below seafloor

“Apache Corp. has detected an underground flow of natural gas at the site of a shallow-water exploratory well in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, the company and U.S. regulators said. […] Apache said it is now working with well-control experts to stop the flow of natural gas below the seafloor. At the BSEE’s direction, Apache is readying another rig to bring to the site in case a relief well needs to be drilled.  . . .  “

NOLA: Divers look for breach on the sea floor near troubled well in Gulf of Mexico

Editorial – Jindal’s poll number sinkhole continues to collapse

On Occidental, Dow and who is liable for the cavern collapse (in law suits).

New DNR Field Update from the parish blog.

RESIDENTS:   Texas Brine & Boone Exploration will host an information session and demonstration for residents of the equipment being used for the 3D seismic survey.

When:  Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where: Parking lot @ Sportsman’s Landing, 1491 Highway 70 South

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CLOSE METEOR – May show up on seismic monitors at the sinkhole

Walter Coin said – ASTEROID FLYBY: At 9:30 am on Friday, Feb. 15th, asteroid 2012 DA14 will fly past Earth only 17,200 miles above our planet’s surface.
Earth’s gravity might even cause seismic activity on the asteroid could it slow the earth orbit down by it passing by or speed it up.

New York  TimesMeteorite Fragments Are Said to Rain Down on Siberia; 400 Injuries Reported

Russia Bolide Fireball Meteor