Important Vote on SB200 Wed. May 1st

Senate Bill (SB) 200 is the one to prohibit building salt domes unless strict rules are met.
We got this plea from friends at Save Lake Peigneur –


I have just this moment been notified that Senator Mills SB200 will be heard in the Senate Natural Resources Committee 9AM this Wednesday, May 1

We need your support to get this bill out of this committee. I realize this is the first of 4 steps but we have not made it out of Natural Resources several times. We get this bill passed this is a huge step toward protecting our drinking water and environment.

PLEASE join us & call me if you need transportation to the Capitol& pass on the information.

Many thanks,

Nara & the Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. Board of Directors.

If it is not possible for you to go to the Capitol to show support for this bill, please take a moment to write your legislator to let him know that you support the passage of SB200. There is a handy link on the LEAN 2013 Environmental Legislation Preview page (link below) to help you find your legislator. Hey, write all of them! You may write and tell them even if you’re not a Louisiana resident. Many other states use salt domes for petrochemical and hazardous waste storage. Many legislators look to other states’ laws when drafting their own legislation. In helping to support Louisiana citizens, you could be setting a precedent for environmental protection in your own backyard! About Lake Peigneur

Your note may be as simple as sending an email stating that you support the passage of bill SB200 and your signature/typed name, or you may elaborate as much as you like.

Link to Sen. Mills’ bill SB200 and other salt dome/sinkhole related legislation at LEAN’s 2013 Environmental Legislation Preview page.

SB200: Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to construct or operate salt dome caverns until certain conditions are met.

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CONTACT info for Louisiana reps.