Emergency at Bayou Corne. Explosion.


Freedomrox reportsMany residents have reported a small explosion about an hour and a half ago and a picture has been posted that looks to be either the flaring of a pipeline coming from Crosstex, or where the pipeline has been breached. A police car was seen by a resident but John B. had not been notified, until reported by another resident. [This] picture taken by cellphone. More news as it comes in.

Picture from late afternoon :   “It looks too low to be a flare, but it is possible they are flaring a pipeline”

fire922This picture was taken out just east of Crosstex’s gates across from Gator’s Corner

WBRZ says the wind is easterly for those worried about fumes.  Double check local weather.

The last update about the amount of butane down below from Crosstex is Sept. 15th :


Monday afternoon update from Freedomrox (in comments).

NBC 33 – Bayou Corne residents demand answers regarding flaring at Crosstex  

BAYOU CORNE,LA (NBC33) — People living in Bayou Corne were startled by a the sight of a massive flame coming of a flare in the Crosstex Processing Services facility off Hwy. 70 next door to the Texas Brine Company, Sunday evening. They tell NBC33 they never got a warning about the flaring. . . .

“. . . McMillan said the company contacted the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office prior to the start of flaring, but the company never notified Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness John Boudreaux until Monday morning. Boudreaux agreed the flaring was consistent with industry standards.”  ummm hmmm.

For the record there was no notification on the Assumption Parish blog, the little used Texas Brine “update page” or the similarly out-of-date Crosstex “update” page.  Also the photo does not resemble other photos of routine flaring.


(9-28) Crosstex was supposed to tell everybody they were doing that flare if their story is to be believed. More on that. We think they don’t bother obeying orders from Conservation. We also think (opinion) they weren’t on the site when this thing happened and they just lie to everybody about the facility being manned “24/7”.

UPDATES WILL GO HERE as soon as we get them.