Thurs. News + Big Alaska Quake + Victory for Save Lake Peigneur


Crazy amounts of seismic activity and fluid movement continue at Lake FUBAR. Officials still mum.

Here is LA12 this morning:





The USGS is hiding the big Argentina quake yesterday. Now there is a big 6.2 quake up in Alaska. It is today, but the time in UTC seems all wrong. It is not yet 5 p.m. CST.

Sinkholes Open, Swallow Fortunes in Costly Game of Subterranean Roulette

NOLA Defender Russel Honoré Goes One on One With Al Gore < has video, Bayou Corne mentioned at 7 min. mark


Wed. – Save Lake Peigneur wins its lawsuit  smile2  smile2  smile2

NEW IBERIA – Judge Keith Comeaux of the 16th Judicial District Court based in New Iberia reversed the decision of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) to issue a Coastal Use Permit to Jefferson Island Storage & Hub for its proposal to construct and operate two natural gas storage caverns in the Jefferson Island Salt Dome under Lake Peigneur.
The court agreed with the plaintiffs that the LDNR should not have issued the permit without first finding out that the project would not unreasonably endanger public safety and that the location had foundation conditions sufficiently stable to support the use.

About Lake Peigneur

Further, the court ruled that the LDNR decision violated its Constitutional duty as public trustee of the environment under Article IX, section 1 of the Louisiana Constitution because it did not do an environmental impact analysis of the potential impacts of the project. . . .

LA18 Puts Lampshade on its Head Thursday + Lake Peigneur Bubbles Anew(!)

Fun to look at … but the sharp spikes may just be an air gun test or something.

LA18 in the morning

LA18 in the afternoon



From Save Lake Peigneur

Lake Peigneur Bubbling Aug 21 2014

Bubbling continues at Lake Peigneur. The DNR & AGL Resources were notified of some unfortunate changes in the bubbling phenomena. We have had a few bubbling events over the summer however, yesterday’s event indicated significant changes. About Lake Peigneur
Most of the previous bubbling events ran in linear east/west movement.

Yesterday the bubbling ran north/south and irregular lines. After discussion with the AGL contact the company will also monitor activities in our process to determine the cause of the bubbling.


High Water Friday: Flash Flood Watch + Thurs. [GOOD] News



The Police Jury President has declared an Emergency Declaration for ‘No Wake’ Zones due to the high waters for the following areas:

Bayou Corne (more)

WBRZ – Assumption Parish declares “No Wake” zones


Flash Flood Warning til Friday night for Assumption Parish

WAFBFlash flood watch ends for some areas, but remains in effect for others < includes Assumption Parish


GOOD NEWS! From Baton Rouge –

SB585  Passed the House  – yeas 93, nays 0. Finally passed, ordered to the Senate
SB585   by Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr. About Lake Peigneur
MINERALS:  Requires public notice for certain solution-mined cavern permits in Vermilion and Iberia parishes.

Save Lake Peigneur (who fought hard for this outcome) says,  The terrible tragedy at Bayou Corne enlightened many legislators. We thank the citizens of Bayou Corne for organizing Senator Rick Ward’s bill SB209 which does not help their situation but helps any future disasters involving salt dome cavern storage. SB 209 passed unanimously today..

The Green Army has a special message to contact your reps TODAY about “NO” to SB469. Contact info.

Jefferson Island – ‘Time-out’ called on gas storage permit


Heavy rain impacts Lake FUBARParish blog:  As a result of the recent, heavy rainfall, the abandoned section of the original south berm was overtopped today.  The new south berm was not breached or overtopped at any point.  (more)

3 large Caribbean quakes in 24 hours – after a week of worldwide seismic upheaval including the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

From RSOE – Two 5.8s and 5.3 aftershock.



The Watchers – Hundreds of thousands of dead fish washed ashore near Kemah, Galvestone Bay, Texas

To The Ramparts (Again)! Contact Your Rep. < UPDATED



Send your reps e-mail with
“VOTE NO on SB469” in the subject line…
to the Louisiana House of Representatives and “Kill the Retroactive Clause” – a reminder…

The vote on SB469 is currently scheduled for next week. Time is of the essence for us to stand for and act.

[ SCROLL DOWN to find  the e-maill address and tel. numbers of the reps. ] 😉

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

An appeal from Save Lake Peigneur about Nat’l Resources Meeting in Baton Rouge WEDNESDAY:

Tomorrow at 9:30AM we will be heard at the House Natural Resource Committee.

YOUR voice is needed contacting the following Representatives that will hear us in committee.

We have been working with the company for appropriate wording that will protect our drinking water and the 4000 citizens that live around Lake Peigneur. We hope this time there will be no battlefield but an agreement that we both can accept.

At this moment Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. is satisfied with the compromise in the bill.

Please contact the following Representatives TODAY asking to vote YEA for SB 585 as amended.

Date – May 14, 2014 – 9:30 AM
Place – the Capitol – House Natural Resources Committee Room

Thank you,

Nara Crowley
Board of Directors,
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

House Natural Resource Committee:

Rep.Gordon Dove…

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Victory for Save Lake Peigneur & LEAN!

Good News!

The Advocate reports On a 4-2 vote, the state Senate Committee on Natural Resources advanced legislation invoking a moratorium on new energy-related activities near the lake that famously drained in 1980.

Thanks to ALL who wrote, called, e-mailed and went to the committee hearings…. especially to LEAN and Save Lake Peigneur‘s Herculean efforts to stop the ruin of Lake Peigneur and the aquifer. A rum punch is in order!

Severe Weather Warning/Flood Warning + Monday News

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING – Assumption Parish & others

FLOOD WARNING – Assumption Parish & others

Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA
Click for weather forecast

Save Lake Peigneur has a new appeal –  Please help with Senator Fred Mills SB584 and 585 to save Lake Peigneur that goes before Senate Natural Resources this week.
You can get contact info on the important people dealing with this on last week’s post. Your calls matter!

 Monday evening – after 6 p.m. (quittin’ time) some high-fuzz appears on some  helicorders but not all of them. No idea what it could be.

Heli_ANIIt goes on into TUESDAY . . .  unabated . . . 


Stop an Awful Bill on Tuesday

Sent in: Please be aware that Rep. Robideaux’s HB862 takes away power from local governments.

Tomorrow, April 8,  HB 862 will be going before committee. This bill takes away the rights of local government and allows decision making concerning coastal management by the state.

“How many parishes are aware of this bill which takes their decision making away? Why was this bill created? What has failed previously that this bill is required.

I appeal to you to contact your representatives today to stop this bill from moving forward if you want to protect your local government’s and our rights as citizens.”

Contact these four state senators who are “undecided”, and urge them to vote AGAINST SB 553 because it puts Louisiana citizens in harm’s way.  No law should be retroactive.

Sen A.J. Crowe (985) 643-3600                E-mail crowea ‘at

Sen Dan Morrish (337) 824-3979                E-mail morrishd ‘at’

Sen Jonathan P. Perry (337) 643-6425        E-mail perryj ‘at’

Sen Conrad Appel (504) 838-5550                E-mail appelc ‘at’

You can call after hours if you wish and leave a message


Please support Bills by Senator Fred H. Mills to protect us from another Lake Peigneur type disaster by contacting your legislators.


  • SB584 SALT DOMES:  Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to create or convert a solution mined cavern in Vermilion and Iberia parishes.
  • SB585 MINERALS:  Requires public notice for certain solution-mined cavern permits in Vermilion and Iberia parishes.