Midnight Rumble & Thursday News

What happened at midnight last night???



LA17 showed it too, and that is near Hwy 70.

We have this from K.S. who lives there –

“That radical shake at midnight on the 27th, I hit the sack @ 11:50 that night. Right at midnight, I felt my camper “bounce”. No traffic passing. I actually got up & listened. Then I opened the door, looked out, & listened until a pickup passed. Then I locked up & crashed out. I’m in Pierre Part almost to Duffy’s Place, roughly 10 miles west of our place down La 70. I felt that surface bounce here. FYI.”

LATER – the helicorders may show this geo-phone hole work they are doing as reported on p.4 of the weekly SONRIS report.   heli_button

Texas Brine’s public  update page on the situation at Bayou Corne neglects the home buy-out update.

Forgotston –  LA most miserable state in U.S.

And some more explosions and this one in Memphis.

The Advocate –  U.S. Senate panel looks at Geismar plant explosion

“The Geismar facility had not undergone federal inspection in recent years.”

WordPress is removing video embed in above post …… trying here –

2 Fly Over Videos TODAY

They are on the parish YouTube channel


Bouncy House Beneath Lake FUBAR

Helicorders goin’ nuts since last night says reader, Jeff. He’s right!

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Texas Brine, that’s some CODE 3 ya got workin’! Everybody driving trucks and digging around!

You can relax. Sonny Cranch says everything is fine.


Some of the charts are wacky because Geo Seismic Array work is getting done (hole drilling).

Sat. News – LA12 jumpy (not trucks)

LA12 seismic monitor

=sigh of relief=   We are not the only ones following crazy earth movements in the US. WAFB – One by one, homes in Calif. subdivision sinking

[snip] . . . . “Someone said it must be hexed,” said Blanka Doren, a 72-year-old German immigrant who poured her life savings into the house she bought in 1999 so she could live on the rental income.

The home shares a wall with her neighbor, Jagtar Singh – who had two days of notice to move his wife, 4-year-old daughter and his parents before the hill behind the back of his home collapsed – taking the underside of his house and leaving the carpet dangling.

NBC News picked up the AP story with this amazing omission at the end:


. . . . where’s LOUISIANA in the list???

Amazing Lightning Stories Recently 
Hourly cloud-to-ground lightning flash rates in the two clusters exceeded 5,000 per hour!

NEW! Seismic Data from Univ. of Memphis

We just added a SEISMIC MONITORING section to the right sidebar.

We put in this good page from the University of Memphis. They are doing flyover monitoring of the sinkhole with a helicopter.

It  is from their Center for Earthquake Research and Information.