Big Fluid Movement Before Midnight


fluid Lake FUBAR sloshing overnight!

It started late Thursday before midnight and went til after 1 a.m. . But it didn’t slosh at all the locations (!). confused

I sloshed a lot at LA12, 14, 18 and 19. It sloshed a lot at LA10-03, at the bottom but not the mid borehole at 10-02. 10-01 is still broken. LA17-02, the upper borehole sloshed a lot but the bottom one at 17-01 didn’t.

Here’s how it looked:




The AdvocateFirm blames Occidental Petroleum for creating 31-acre sinkhole

[snip] . . . . State scientists and a special panel of worldwide experts have said for more than two years that Texas Brine mined a salt dome cavern too close to the dome’s outer, supporting wall of salt. A breach opened up in that salt wall and allowed surrounding rock to flood into the massive underground cavity carved from the salt deposit, creating the sinkhole in the cypress swamp near Bayou Corne.

Texas Brine now says an oil well drilled in 1986 near that cavern and operated at the time under Occidental Petroleum’s ultimate say was mismanaged and triggered the cavern wall break that sparked the sinkhole.

“Oxy Petroleum’s alleged technical expertise did not deliver superior results,” the suits say, borrowing from some of Occidental Petroleum’s business rhetoric.

“Instead, it delivered the Bayou Corne sinkhole.”

OXY 1 Sonar Survey, 2012



Thanks, Walter for the survey link, 😉

Weekend News


Risk of earthquake increased for one-third of U.S.
A new federal earthquake map dials up the shaking hazard just a bit for about one-third of the United States and lowers it for one-tenth.

Temporary, Ark. has the oddest seismic activity today

4.7 quake (on the Pacific side) at La Libertad, El Salvador < Map


Something happened at Lake FUBAR before 2 p.m. – shown in LA10-03 helicorder. There was a big quake north of Japan (M6.6) today. SEE ALSO COMMENTS.

In case it affects helicorders –


Friday News

All sorts of sloshing around Lake FUBAR from 3-4 a.m. – see helicorders (any). It looks like it is from the South American earthquakes. Or the giant quake in New Guinea.

Darrell Goad says these big jumps might be South American quakes too-


NOTE: You can use the Go Green Army page to see the latest on bills being brought in the state legislature etc..

Stand-By for Lake FUBAR Action on Monday + New Fly Over + Tues. News

Something is going on under there . . .

LA10-03 . . .



They went back to work …. Code 1 …


LA10-01 has a big strum at 2:30 a.m.  and LA12 has kept up the rumbles all night. The others are more calm. This activity is near the  Oxy 3 cave-in and the lower end of the west berm.


They did a fly over video March 20 but only posted it today:


MARCH 18 COMMUNITY MEETING videos series is on the parish You Tube channel. . .  The charts and graphs shown at the meeting may eventually get posted (not up yet).

Seismos at Lake FUBAR Monday and Home Owners’ Plight

Many (not all) helicorders going wild today before the work start-up begins. It is probably not trucks and machines but there could be a malfunction. If not . . .  WATCH OUT!



Parish blog: “Texas Brine advised that the tagging of Cavern 3 (performed last Friday) was at 3,995′ (359′ from the cavern roof) which is 351′ drop from the tagging performed two weeks ago.”


We heard life is getting worse and worse for Bayou Corne residents who refused to take an unfair home-buy deal from Texas Brine. Beside all the noxious fumes in their neighborhood they have all manor of quality of life deterioration going on. . . .

LIKE . . .


AND . . .


This video demonstrates some of the pain Bayou Corne homeowners face these days. Video is about another area, Mossville,  damaged by oil and gas goons. . . .


Rad Chick on Bayou Corne – She mentions radioactive pipescale from oil drilling that is stored in lots of these old caverns around Bayou Corne.


Those old “plugged and abandoned” wells are not checked to see if they are really plugged properly.  Besides H2S and methane all kinds of unknown gases and possibly radioactive seep are fouling the air around Lake FUBAR. Workers are not wearing proper gear to protect them from any of it. No gas masks etc.

Item by Tattoo on Minden-Lake FUBAR Connection

The big explosion at Camp Minden in NW Louisiana was on Oct. 16, 2012. Details are on the explosions link on the sidebar. Last week Tattoott1009 posted this:


Texas Brine Offers ‘Plan B’

The Advocate – Worst-case sinkhole scenario would reroute Bayou Corne

Texas Brine Co. has developed a backup plan to replace the cracked southern section of a protective levee surrounding the sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish and may look to reroute Bayou Corne if conditions deteriorate further, records show.

The company’s new draft plan, filed this month with regulators who are still reviewing it, proposes “triggers” that would prompt the levee replacement. It also outlines an alternative of rerouting Bayou Corne if a replacement levee proves too unstable to maintain due to sinking of the remaining land between the sinkhole and the bayou. . . .

. . .  a new southern levee farther from the sinkhole, would be built if the existing levee drops 4 feet in 30 days even after planned repairs or if testing shows the underlying earth is too unstable for repairs, Texas Brine’s plan says.Once the company determined it had to move the southern levee, it would then develop plans to reroute the bayou. . . .