Forgotten Bayou Trailer + Catching Up with Videos

Jan. 23 – WAFB – Woman documents the effects of giant sinkhole on the community < has video




This fly over footage is from last April — we want a NEW fly over!




Louisiana sinking 1 football field an hour – Henning Kemner


A summary of events

Residents with the monitors in their homes have moved away … but people just outside the declared danger zone have no compensation or relief.



Coming up: PBS show- Sinkholes—Buried Alive – The catastrophic collapse of the ground beneath our feet is a growing worldwide hazard. Airing January 28, 2015 at 9 pm [EST] on PBS

The Advertiser “The sinkhole at Bayou Corne  smile3 will be featured in a scientific look at what causes sinkholes and the destruction they can bring when “Sinkholes — Buried Alive” premieres on NOVA and Louisiana Public Broadcasting at 9 p.m. Jan. 28.”



Weird, Old Videos We Found & 2 New Ideas about Danger in the Gulf.

These are just too weird to get posted in a news category. Plus they are both old. . .



 smile3  That should show we cover every angle here at The Bugle!

AND – Here is an article by radio host, Dave Hodges that was sent in – A Devastating False Flag Attack Event Is Coming Our Way

“From two conversations I recently have had, along with almost three dozen emails from the Gatlinburg, TN. area, I believe we are on the precipice of a major false flag event which will be used as a beta test in order to test DHS’ ability to conduct citizen roundups, detentions and extermination procedures in response to a coming false flag event.The event will also greatly impact the ability for many to remain living in the Gulf of Mexico region. . . .”

AND – A readers says they think the new Newsweek article has a veiled warning to residents to leave –

‘Is that last (Newsweek) comment a deliberate “foreshadowing” (as in “predictive programming” of the Gulf volcano erupting— rather than the “sinkhole” spewing a  “volcano” of noxious slime.) Here’s what they wrote:

 “Most everyone admits that it is impossible to predict what the sinkhole will do: It might grow at a leisurely pace, or it might be waiting to spew untold volumes of gas and oil in a volcano of noxious slime. That’s why, maybe, it is best to get as far away from it as possible.”

 . . . that sounds like a warning . . .  Remember the “predictive programming” from the video about My Pet Goat II and  the salt domes being eaten away that  you posted?’

Recall there was a lot of talk before about the Super Bowl ad featuring a CGI earth crack that had many buzzing about hidden meaning and there was a bunch of talk on military exercises called Mission Assumption that turned into a big nothing. But if a volcano blows up soon or police begin round-ups along the Gulf you can say you read it here first!

For NEWS …


Mother Of All Sinkholes Could Produce Blast Of 100 Hiroshimas, Chaos As Far As Houston, 1.5 Million Barrels Of Butane, Awakening New Madrid Theory, Waterford and River Bend Plants Are In Area

. . .  just to cheer everyone up!

NOTE – The blast potential was figured here with cavern at full capacity for butane. The cavern holds 1.5 million barrels but that is the capacity … not how much butane is in there.  Crosstex updates have the current butane amounts. So it is really less than 100 Hiroshimas.

Also this for people interested –  Bayou Corne And The New Madrid Fault Could Connect With Cayce Predictions < has also material from Jack Reed

New Madrid Rift Oddity Discovered

Strange Sounds – Geological Oddity: Scientists Discover Hotspot Track Cross-Cutting the New Madrid Rift System

Could this hotspot track cross-cutting the New Madrid Rift System explain the reactivation of the New Madrid rift system and seismicity of the eastern United States? Some geologists think they might have found the buried track of just such a hotspot from Missouri to Virginia.

New Madrid Rift  System?  It’s the New Madrid Fault Zone!

Looks like USGS is desperate to cover up the newly active faults in the New Madrid area set off by over-drilling in the (thin crust) Gulf of Mexico.
OR –  it could be to let frackers off the hook or both.

Just like every time Fukushima lets loose with a giant release of radiation they plant a news story about North Korean nukes.

New Madrid Zone Very Active This Past Week + Wed. News


We copied this map from ANF  today:



South of the Gulf quake: 4.4 in Columbia < MAP

(9-12) a 5.1  quake in El Salvador, but on the Pacific side.  MAP

NOTE: The RSS feed on the sidebar has headlines from ‘Coastal Protection‘. They do a good job covering the FEMA insurance issue and the fight about the levees in Louisiana. Check those headlines for those topics.

Bayou Buzz – Flood authority pokes at Jindal, Oil, Gas and Pipeline industries on lawsuit

[snip] ” . . . . In obtaining these permits the oil, gas and pipeline companies agreed to comply with state and federal regulations, including regulations obligating them “to prevent bank slumping and erosion, and saltwater intrusion,” “to maintain natural water flow regimes,” “to minimize adverse environmental impacts,” to clear, revegetate, detoxify, and otherwise restore affected sites “as near as practicable to their original condition upon termination of operations to the maximum extent practicable,” and to “backfill[ ] or otherwise restore[ ] to the pre-existing conditions upon cessation of use for navigation purposes to the maximum extent practicable.” These requirements are taken from sections 705i, 705j, 705n, 719d, 719j and 719m respectively of Title 43 of the Louisiana Administrative Code. . . .

. . . . The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (LOGA) is applying political pressure on state officials in the hope that they will withdraw approval of the SLFPA-E’s retention of its counsel. In so doing, industry officials are sidestepping discussion of their responsibilities under the permits issued to them and the regulations governing those permits.

There is no doubt that the work of these companies has weakened our natural hurricane and flood defenses. As Bob Bea, a former chief offshore engineer with Shell Oil Co. and the head of the National Science Foundation study team that investigated the Katrina disaster, noted in July, 2006 affidavit on behalf of the state of Louisiana, ‘There is clear evidence that past and current oil and gas activities have made and continue to make substantial contributions to degradations in the natural defenses against hurricane surges and waves in coastal Louisiana. In several important cases, it was the loss of these natural defenses that contributed to the unanticipated breaches of flood protection facilities that protected the greater New Orleans area during Hurricane Katrina and led to repeated flooding during Hurricane Rita.’


New Madrid Fault Continues Thumping in S. Illinois

1.8 quake at Bellmont, Illinois < MAP

. . . .we are watching everything  in New Madrid zone lately!


There’s a new Situation Summary out (7-9). They have been busy bees (p. 7-8). Page 41:

There were ~12 VLP events yesterday with ~3 VLP events detected since midnight. A number of large VLP events have been observed on LA12 this morning. Seismic level is at Code 2 (7/9)”

Page 44 says they are filming bubble sites. Can we see it? Filming them abates methane leaks …. how???