New Drilling Next to Lake FUBAR? + NEWS

Dublinsmick has this BP related item – 2012 documentary shows Omar Mateen [Orlando guy] working security during BP oil spill-Deep Water Horizon Blow Out

Mittens sent in this Oil & Gas THREAT MAP link. It is now on the MAP page near the bottom.

(April 28 )  Meeting held to get public’s opinion of proposal for drilling salt dome near giant sinkhole

“Shintech Louisiana wants to start drilling another salt dome near the site of the sinkhole in Assumption Parish.”

If you think there have been a lot of sinkholes worldwide past few weeks you are right.

6-14 – – – – Heli_ANI

Here’s how calm things are at Lake FUBAR –
LA-18 (one of the few working helicorders left)

Yellowstone Updated

NEWS! APPJ Posts Mar. 3 Sinkhole Survey. Is Mini-Me Sinkhole Forming???

Finally some NEWS!

APPJ blog – 11:05 a.m. Sinkhole Depth Survey, February 2016

The survey [PDF]

The revised date on the survey is Mar. 3 and the profile is from Feb.

floodThe flooding continues – see posts below for info links

FLOOD WARNINGS for East Baton Rouge area (not Assumption Parish, though).

DHH probing why Peoples Water never reported high disinfectant levels; Donaldsonville residents still can’t drink the water

Reader, Walter thinks a second sinkhole is forming. It sure looks like it!
(see comments)





Huge BOOM at Lake FUBAR After 1 A.M.

As Walter said, “What fell down?”.

LA18 shows it.


Quake Watch’s LA18 chart shows it (at 7:07 A.M. UTC). Same event.

So does LA 10-01


NOTE: On the Yellowstone blog, YS watcher, Mary Greeley says the USGS is turning the helicorders there on teeny tiny setting. – F.C.

UPDATE: On River Bend NPP in the post about nuke plants and the flooding.

Scroll down to the NEWS post for info on the big plan to open-burn old explosives in Louisiana.

They Turned the Helicorders OFF After 2 Big Events at Lake FUBAR This Morning <UPDATED with Chile Quake

What the heck??  Heli_ANI

LA-11 shows the 2 big seismic events at 9 a.m. and after 11 a.m this morning. The each lasted over half an hour.





Two 3.7 quakes in Sun City, Kansas – [1], [2].


At 5:54 p.m. CST there was a big quake off the coast of Chile – 7.9M. 8.3 Report & MAP.

Then the helicorders came back on (sometime after 7:40 p.m. EST) showing bells ringing after this mega-quake in Chile.

CBS – Massive Earthquake Rocks Chile; Tsunami Alert Issued For Hawaii



Thursday – Big Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR at 1 A.M.

It is on all the helicorders. Here is what it looks like on LA10-03


(notice 1:05 A.M. mark)

Yellowston Updated

The Parish blog says No Wake Zone still on. Cancel that big speedboat race in Bayou Corne! Big, bad weather may be coming up from the Gulf of Mexico!

NOAA Hurricane Center report

Lake FUBAR Spreads West + Friday News

Major cave-in on berm-road phrased ever so nicely by parish  officials – Advisory from the Office of Conservation oopsie!

Texas Brine is preparing to re-route the western wall of the sinkhole containment berm further west, and extend the northern and southern berm walls accordingly, due to ongoing surface subsidence in a portion of the existing western berm wall. While the sinkhole’s western boundary remains more than 100 feet away from the existing western berm wall, ongoing filling of the failed Texas Brine Oxy 3 cavern and compaction of the disturbed rock zone surrounding the sinkhole have created an area of surface subsidence outside the sinkhole boundary.

The AdvocateAssumption sinkhole’s containment wall gets extendedGamblers who had 17, 20, 23 & 25 in our roulette game are counting their winnings!

WAFB – Crews plan to move berm near sinkhole

“The next briefing for community members is scheduled for Wednesday at the Assumption Parish Community Center at 6 p.m.”

SEE ALSO – Comments for Thursday News for alarming analysis of this event.

Sinkhole bills clear Louisiana Natural Resources committee

The AdvocateJindal warns against premature sinkhole conclusions . . . he would!

New PHOTOS posted to parish page. Taken April 23.

Great Minds Think Alike Dept. – TEPCO big brains using a liner too!

A bunch of these headlines  we got from att’y. Stuart Smith’s website – – –

Fracking Debris Ten Times Too Radioactive for Hazardous Waste Landfill

Scientists Discover the Agent Used in Gulf Spill Cleanup Is Destroying Marine Life

Exxon Earns $9.5 Billion Q1 Profit One Month After Arkansas Oil Spill That It Pays No Taxes To Help Clean Up

Earthquakes –

Friday News – What’s That Sucking Sound?

DNR has a new Inspection Report – dated Mar. 28.

“Remarks regarding the #3 Well Pad on the eastern edge of the sinkhole according to Bret Barras: “the Slough Off looks to be 60′ in depth and 90′ in length along the Northwest to Northeast side of the Oxy #3 Well Pad. The work pad extension where the excavator worked from to remove sink hole debris is completely gone. The green 8″ pipe marker at the
beginning of the work pad is gone. Approximately 15′ of the #3 Well Pad has sloughed off. This is referencing where the green 8″ pipe was located.”

Jindal’s name synonymous with “sinkhole” now – Bayou Buzz – A new Louisiana sinkhole: Jindal’s medicaid contract with CNSI

Pipeline Ruptures in Arkansas < Thanks to tip from veracity4truth – 😉


MORE video on Strange Sounds blog.

Residents – when you take a break from packing and have that FAX machine handy, send a Tremor Report to the parish!


It will be worthwhile to watch the helicorders today –  heli_button

12, 14 & 15 going off again . . .