Danger at Lake FUBAR due to FUBAR ‘minders’ . . . Who’s Minding the Store?

A respected contributor here writes:

No one is minding the store and things are falling apart!

There is a serious breakdown in management, safety, and proper maintenance at the sinkhole, and it would not surprise me at all if just one thing breaks down…that the whole shebang will grind to a halt.

The ‘Officals’ are not doing their jobs and safety is not a concern.

When workers have to find out about a ‘Code 3′ slough in on the internet, and that it did not all occur this morning but started last night, then serious problems exist when it comes to worker safety.


Vent Wells are shut in and flares are turned off. This just as Thunderstorms roll through, and a 7.2 earthquake again sets the earth and the sinkhole ringing like a bell.

Someone needs to take control of maintenance, and safety down there now!

Where the devil is OEP? Who is enforcing the Code 3 shutdowns? Shouldn’t that be John B? Think you could do a little bit more than just film the trees falling in, and do your job? Just because the level is now down to a Code 2 does not excuse your actions yesterday morning. Shame on you!
There is no over-sight, and safety is being sacrificed because the whole shebang is being run by the very criminal that perpetrated the crime. Texas Brine, LDNR, and Occidental Chemical Corporation!

Alarm by Freedmrox, Revised


Information in the Feb 18 Incident Action Plan indicated fast deterioration at the collapsing salt cavern in Napoleonville. Additionally, The Feb. 19 Plan shows big problems.

Pressure changes and fluctuation, seismic activity and more prompt Freedomrox to say

Helicorders have reported two medium events this morning, and casing pressures are dropping and jumping…

Another Event is imminent. The signs are there, and the Cavern operators know it is coming and have for days.

There is no butane in Crosstex 2, as they switced to Propane, a less affected material by pressure.


A Feb. 20 video –

LINK – http://youtu.be/7yOvRdGYIm8

UPDATE – 1:15 p.m. EST

At Lake Peigneur:

ENE-News – Agents inspect mystery bubbling by another Louisiana salt dome: We found foaming residue… something’s happening — Witness: Lines of bubbles stretched for thousands of feet (VIDEOS)

DNR agents see foam, not bubbles, at Lake Peigneur

UPDATE by Freedomrox:Well, folks you can forget about the Casing pressures on Oxy 3A, as they are pressuring down for a ‘workover’, so that info will be unavailable for a while. This warning is only put out because I am very concerned over the worker’s safety, especially over the weekend. The 0.9 feet (1 and 1/8th inches)  further deterioration of Oxy 3 Wellpad between the 10-11th, supposedly a result of the slough-in, yet an edge-on slough-in should not have caused such drastic subsidence at Well Pad 3. I see it as a precursor….

http://tinyurl.com/ad9q24rAdditionally, reports are also shown that Occidental Brine Well #1 during it’s workover detected an anomaly at 670 ft. Not a cracking but an anomaly, usely a term for a deformation or a dent. Being that it is at 670 ft. just below the caprock and into the top of the salt is disturbing to say the least, for it seems the salt has shifted. Take note this is not Oxy Brine Well# 1, but Occidental Brine Well #1 across from Chevron and Crosstex on the east side of Grand Bayou)
This after the discovery of a ‘bubbling spot’ on Crosstex property, as shown here:
“2-1-13 – A sample of a small bubble location was taken with Shaw to determine if the site is swamp gas or not.”This, after information that Chevron has emptied it’s cavern and has been refilled with brine, and Crosstex is powering up with propane in place of butane.
These were ominous signs and enough for me to issue an alert, along with at least two residents feeling tremors within the last two days.. This is not done to alarm anyone or induce panic. The people, all people, have the right to know when there is any news gleaned from publicly available reports. I do hope not one single thing happens, and would love to be wrong. I have no fear of not reading all of the signs correctly. Yet again, if even one worker is injured and I didn’t say a word, then sorry, my conscience, just will not allow that.

To everyone working so hard out there, please keep your eyes and ears open, and please be safe.