Breaking: ACADIAN GAS PIPE LEAK <<<< NEW! Not the "other" thing!

From the Parish Blog

Acadian Gas has reported that a check valve on their pipeline has opened and is currently releasing gas into the atmosphere.  The loud noise [!!!] emitting from this check valve can be heard throughout the Bayou Corne community. Pipeline workers are on site and currently working to isolate the pipeline to reset the valve. . . .

Where was this 24/7 manned site Acadian guy who is manning the place 24/7???

Where was this 4-times-a-day Acadian guy who is checking the place 4 times daily????

Parish blog update says they have it all stopped.

Sunday News & Green Army Update

At 12:22 a.m. LA12 had a guitar strum and a little befor then LA11 went all nuts.


Fed chemical accident investigators from palsy-walsy Chemical Safety Board haven’t even gone to no-water area of Virginia yet. Pathetic.

The Advocate – GONZALES — A Gonzales-area couple alleges in a new lawsuit that toxic wastes migrated onto their property in Ascension Parish from a former landfill next door that is the focus of a cleanup effort years in the making.

Before It’s News – Underwater Waves Hundreds Of Feet High Reveal Their Power



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Late evening:

LA12 gets jumpy after 11 p.m. and doesn’t stop for about an hour and a half.


UPDATE Deborah Dupré points out this big jump was because of the earthquake in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico quake jolts Louisiana sinkhole

Mon. News

Before It’s News – RADCON 5 Alert: Louisiana

A RADCON 5 Alert has been issued in Shreveport Louisiana as shared in the screenshots from the NETC below. Is this continual spike of radiation levels across the USA due to Fukushima? (more)

A Huge Sinkhole Keeps Expanding, Swallowing a Bayou

From the Parish blog – for residents –
REMINDER:  In observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday, Evacuation Assistance checks will be distributed on Wednesday, Nov 27 this week at the Command Trailer.  We will return to the normal Thursday schedule next week.

WWLTV – How safe are Louisiana’s underground pipelines? < has video

On retired Lt. General Russel Honoré – MAGINNIS: Coming Clash of the Green Armies

Three decades later, Iberia Parish residents fear disaster by Nara Crowley & Warren Perrin

NOTE: We added some news following the DNR salt dome hearings. Scroll down to see the items.



New FLY OVER + Wed. News


It shows the evaporation tanks are almost full –


Louisiana Sinkhole Still a Danger

“. . . The sinkhole sent shockwaves through the mining industry as the collapse of this type was considered impossible, but scientist had previously warned regulators and those involved in salt mining that the geology of salt caverns made such an event a possibility. Neither Texas Brine Co. nor Occidental Petroleum admit any wrong doing in the collapse, they have however taken some of the responsibility for damage. Some of the residents who haven’t been allowed to return to their homes have received $875 per week from Texas Brine Co. Other residents have opted to remain in the area despite warnings to leave.

A policy analyst for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources went on record with reporters this month saying that the while the direct cause was a manmade action it is “natural forces” that are now at work in making the sinkhole larger. . . “

NY Daily NewsBayou Corne sinkhole could require decades of monitoring once brought under control: officials
The insatiable Louisiana sinkhole captured national attention after the YouTube video ‘8/21/13 Slough in’ showed it swallowing a set of trees. Officials also fear that gas within area may spark massive inferno.

Op-Ed – Jindal has more snakes than he can kill with coastal lawsuits against oil companies; whatcha gonna do now, Bobby? Those parishes (Jefferson and Plaquemines) got their own lawyers

“. . . .The one matter that he [Jindal] did tackle head-on, however, was that ridiculous lawsuit by the greedy SLFPA-E against those poor defenseless oil companies for the destruction of that useless Louisiana coastline that’s good for nothing but as a wildlife refuge…and oh yes, hurricane surge protection.
Jindal believes that the litigation is a crime against nature and just to prove his point, he resorted to his favorite tactic—firing those who dare disagree. . . . “

3.5 magnitude earthquake reported in SE Ohio

Meeting Scheduled

TUESDAY at 5:30 p.m.

Assumption Parish Police Jury

A meeting has been scheduled for residents to discuss the start of the installation of the observation relief wells in the community.

When:  Tuesday, November 12, 2013 @ 5:30 p.m.

Where:  Command Trailer, Sportsman’s Landing, Bayou Corne

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Class-action lawsuit update

The Advocate Lawyers push forward with lawsuits against Texas Brine
Trial date is set for April 14 in N.O.

By David J. Mitchell
Plaintiffs’ attorneys in the class-action lawsuit over the Assumption Parish sinkhole said Wednesday they aren’t too worried about new litigation between Texas Brine Co. and one of its insurers.

The attorneys said they have an April 14 trial date in U.S. District Court in New Orleans and have no plans of deviating from having their clients’ day in court.

“The lawyers for the class action are not concerned about Texas Brine’s dispute or lack thereof with their insurer in Texas,” New Orleans attorney Lawrence Centola III said.

“It doesn’t change the fact that we have an April 14 trial date. It doesn’t change fact that we are moving forward with our April 14 trial date.”

Backup insurer Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc. has asked a federal judge in Houston to declare the insurer does not have to pay under its policy with Texas Brine. . . .