Did BP Maximize Damage to the Gulf on Purpose?

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The rest of the series (many vids) is at shane mc channel.

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On 28 Stones channel there is this good, short video about Corexit

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Weekend News – Sinkhole Trickles Up the Media Vine – Breaking: Driveway re-appears at sinkhole!


Thanks, readers! You topped 300,000! Who says the sinkhole isn’t ‘news’?

Conn. Post La. lawmakers to discuss sinkhole in Feb.

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) Louisiana lawmakers are planning to hold a joint meeting of the committees in mid-February about the large sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish.

State Sen. Rick Ward III, vice chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, tells The Advocate (http://bit.ly/10T0CK8 ) the joint hearing, which he said has been discussed for months, would likely be held at the State Capitol.


Health Dept. Gives NEW Update

– but leaves OUT all the information!

The Louisiana DHH’s new Bayou Corne situation update has what they tested for but NO info on the results. Notice NO testing for radioactive elements. Don’t worry. They say nothing in Bayou Corne poses a health hazard.

On Wings of Care has done a NEW FLY OVER!

Great! ENE-News – New Extended Flyover of Giant Sinkhole: “We are finding that things actually look a bit worse”

LINK – http://youtu.be/6WyETiVoKIg

And . . . LOOK!


Rainbeaudais has a bit to add about the ‘driveway’ < comment on ENE-News.

Freedomrox points out that cheap driveway material shows what a half effort this response is.

On the Wings of Care – Bayou Corne OWOC Flyover

Crosstex has a Jan. 20 update listing the status of their butane cavern about to be leaned on by next-door-neighbor-cavern.

-Well #1 – 2,897 barrels of propane
-Well #2 – 146,231 barrels of normal butane

By now they may be nearly done with their product migration from Well #1 to (too close by our estimate!) Well #2.

2.0 quake in Greenbrier, Arkansas  |   MAP

Did you know they moved over 200,000 lbs. of explosives (so far) at Camp Minden?  And they’re STILL not done!

“Workers moved more than 400-thousand pounds of powder, bringing the total to just less than four million pounds.”

Dec. 3 story: Camp Minden explosive situation far worse than expected


The info on where the road dept., DOTD, has Bayou Corne survey points to measure ground movement is on this page.


The Advocate – Assumption may be site of sinkhole hearing

^ planned for mid-Feb.

Salon: The Shameful Bobby Jindal

1.5 quake  at Tellico Plains, Tennessee   |   MAP < a lot of the Tenn. quakes are near Knoxville, like this one.

NO Inspection Reports from DNR since Jan. 24 . . .   hmmmm

The helicorders are acting crazy … but that’s not news these days!

1.3 quake in Marston, Missouri   |   MAP

LINK – http://youtu.be/GPgaw-sLvpo



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Sunday News

The ExaminerEntire salt dome collapse under La. sinkhole possible

Fears mount this weekend about not just one cavern, but the entire Napoleonville Salt Dome collapsing, with explosive gas still in some of the over 50 caverns inside, as a Louisiana State University geologist explained the worst-case Friday in Baton Rouge, followed by testy state and company statements and an oil and gas insider interviewed by the Examiner on this catastrophe-in-the-making.

Saying that this Louisiana-declared state of emergency is about a “sinkhole” and not “salt dome collapse” emergency is part of the cover up, according to Examiner’s source on this event, required to remain anonymous. . . .



The AdvocateSinkhole prompts study for possible alternative road

And the Parish blog says Texas Brine has placed amber strobe lights around the sinkhole to ward off water fowl as ordered by Wildlife & Fisheries. – what??? huh?? waterfowl?? Does anyone see ANY wildlife in the videos at the sinkhole? Maybe the waterfowl should come to the sinkhole from Baton Rouge since the air is so much better . . . .

Dec. 14 – Bayou Corne Sinkhole ignored by media while residents suffer

. . . .  scroll down to sub-headline “Inept Government or Cover-up?


MORE here later . . .


This is a bigger mess than ever . . . no accurate information on the size of the busted cavern. . .





 As most know, I normally do not concern myself with anything other than the larger picture. As a researcher, it is far more likely that I tie together what others do not and in ways that seem a little extreme…that is, until proven correct. “Always let Occam’s Razor be your guide”, was one of the first lessons I ever learned…after “Always eat your vegetables, whether you like it or not!”

But sometimes, you come across something so reprehensible that you must bring yourself down to earth and just report the little things, and allow the chips to fall where they may. Such is my task at this time.

Regarding the Louisiana Sinkhole in Bayou Corne, Assumption Parish, La., there has come to my attention a most corrupt and sickening amount of data that leads me to an inevitable conclusion.

The Louisiana Department of…

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Bad “Event” at the sinkhole

ENE-News has the VIDEO of it-

Assumption Parish Police Jury

An event occurred at the sinkhole around 11:30 pm today which is being considered as a “burp”.  Vegetative debris and hydrocarbons came up from below the sinkhole.  A few trees in the southwest corner did fall in however most of the debris came from below the sinkhole.  Texas Brine removed all crews from the sinkhole and is checking the boom surrounding the area to make sure everything is in tact.

A video from the sinkhole, post-event is posted at:


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Gas and/or ‘fluid’ moving below sinkhole suspected of causing new tremors

From- ENE-NewsGas and/or ‘fluid’ moving below giant Louisiana sinkhole suspected of causing new tremors

Dr. Will Pettitt, Principal Geophysicist at Itasca Consulting Group, has reviewed the seismic data recorded overnight on November 20/21. Long-period seismic tremors and micro-earthquakes have been observed, similar to those defined previously by Dr. Steve Horton of CERI/USGS, and recorded mainly on station LA08 closest to the sinkhole. The long-period seismic tremors are postulated to be caused by gas and/or fluid movements through the rock collapse zone below the sinkhole on the edge of the salt dome. . . .

Parish blog entry