Parish Blog: Slough-In Occurance

What a surprise! How unexpected!

Also – to see what friends-of-Texas-Brine think see comments at ENE-News item on it.

The AdvocateWork continues as sinkhole takes more trees

DING-DONG! “Conservation officials reported that experts working for the agency believe the slough-in and cracked well pad are linked to the prior seismic events so work could continue.”

Assumption Parish Police Jury

The Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that a slough-in occurred last night along the southeastern side of the sinkhole – approximately 25 trees fell into the sinkhole along the southeastern side and a new crack, running parallel to the sinkhole edge, was observed on the Oxy 3 well pad access ramp to the sinkhole. Experts with Conservation and CB&I believe the slough-in event is linked to the period of elevated subsurface fluid and gas movement detected late last week in the area around the sinkhole and Oxy 3, as has been observed in previous similar events. At this time, the Oxy3/sinkhole monitoring alert status remains at Code 1, allowing work around the sinkhole to continue, as the slough-in appears to be related to the earlier subsurface activity – however, monitoring is constantly ongoing in the area and Conservation will advise the…

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Wednesday – Anything Can Happen Day! Plus: Where the New Work Roads Are

Nightmare Sinkhole Out of Control, Cave-ins Continue at Bayou Corne

Newest Situation Summary (Feb. 13)

The State of Louisiana is really making a tidy sum on mineral leases.  They made $1.1 million in January and $1.5 in November alone. So they should have LOTS of funds to throw at Bayou Corne!

Loud booms and strange sounds heard around the Louisiana sinkhole

Walter has pointed out some what’s where details about the sinkhole. Click on image for full size –

That brown looking road is the new road in the picture that is where Seismic TBC LA 14 or vent well ORW 14 is at and down the road from that is the old LA03 recorder.
The other place there working on the new road is the old LA09 recorder right next to I-70 road.


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You can see in this picture the two new roads they’re building Top left right next to I-70 road and Bottom left where Seismic TBC LA 14 or vent well ORW 14 is at.


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All about thumper trucksDocument with PHOTOS (50 pages)

We updated our post about the episode of DALLAS on TNT tv showing all about Texas Brine’s  travesty at Bayou Corne thinly disguised as company sabotage. But just for the heck of it – here it is


MORE here later . . . .

Giant Louisiana sinkhole swallows more land

BAYOU CORNE, LA (WAFB) – Texas-Brine, the company that owns the cavern that is suspected of being the cause of the sinkhole in Assumption Parish, reports that a small slough-in happened Tuesday night on the Southwest side of the sinkhole. . .


The DNR Checklist  (12-12) says the part had a slough in and then barfed