Some More About Old Undergound Nuke Tests in Miss.

This comment on ENE-News has some link of interest.

They concern the Tatum Salt Dome detonations in the arly 60’s.


On Mississippi Nuke Tests at the Tatum Salt Dome

Scary. Several atom bombs blown up underground at the Tatum Salt Dome and then they just filled it in with gravel.

SEE: Nuclear Blasts in Mississippi

These are the nuke tests:

  1. Project Dribble  < it wasn’t part of the nuke tests. (Correction)
  2. Project Salmon
  3. Project Sterling

“Nuclear scientists investigated several potential test sites in Mississippi, but finally selected a site just north of Baxterville in Lamar County, about 28 miles southwest of Hattiesburg.  Geologically, the area was called the Tatum Salt Dome, a vast supply of dense salt located about 1,000 feet below ground level. Salt domes deep beneath the surface of south central Mississippi are the dried remains of a sea that covered much of the state in the Mesozoic Era.  The plan was to detonate one nuclear bomb about 2,700 feet down, in solid salt. ”

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