Fluid Movement and Banging at Lake FUBAR started Wed.

Starting on Wednesday there’s been lots going on under the murky waters of Lake FUBAR, the ever-expanding sinkhole at Bayou Corne.





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2.8 quake in Tenn. – near Ridgely, TN

Request for Information:
Anyone in South Louisiana with a Geiger counter please comment here if you see anything ticking up.
OR – send e-mail (contact info is on the ‘About Us’ page, top tabs).

Flood Watch Continued + Mon. News

The flood watch for Assumption Parish is extended through Tuesday afternoon. Updates will go here if we get them. LIVE Radar is in Sunday News — scroll down . . .
Are the berms holding up?

[Baton Rouge] Area temperatures stay above seasonal averages

The AdvocateTriche denies role in family hauling business with Texas Brine

New DNR Inspection report reveals new cracks at the work site:

“Minimal activity around sink hole. Cracks are visible.”

Unexplained underground explosion in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3 quakes near MO-Ky-Ark-Tenn border:

  1. Feb. 9 –  1.8 quake near  Gosnell, Arkansas   |   MAP
  2. Feb. 9 –  1.4 quake near Marston, Missouri     MAP
  3. Feb. 11 – 2.2 quake near Ridgely, Tennessee   |   MAP

Explosion Report –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/o2Ep29jAqII

above You Tube channel will get added to the sidebar . . . . PLUS they have a great explosions map (added to the explosions page too).

Chevron has an update about their pipeline.

It looks like we missed this –

Jan. 14 add on to the DNR Directive given to Texas Brine . . . all about the 3-D seismic map project.


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