“Sorry to interrupt this thread, but the ground is smoking, gas is pluming, and the New Madrid area is booming! The fire department is leaning toward seismic explanation!!

Trenton Fire Department
February 29 at 3:11pm · Trenton, MO, United States ·
There have been reports of loud, unexplained booming noises at night in the Trenton area, and a lot of people have questions.

To put it bluntly, we do not know what is causing them – and neither does anybody else.

This also does not appear to be a local phenomena- these sounds have been reported in different areas of the US for a while now.

There are a lot of theories; people often compare the sound to that of fireworks, there is a weather phenomena called a “cold boom” which can produce this type of noise, and the behavior of groundwater (or fracking fluid) in general can cause such noises, the shifting of tectonic plates can cause similar phenomena, and then of course there are many possible man-made causes, such as the “sonic boom” of aircraft traveling at speeds in excess of Mach 1.

These noises have not been localized enough for us in this area to pin point them, and the lack of seismographic monitoring equipment this far north in Missouri is a factor in buttoning down a geological origin. The distribution of reports in the US seems to roughly coincide with areas of known seismic activity, so a geological explanation seems likely.”

Cause of recurring booms remains a mystery

Here Comes the SunOnce Again The New Madrid Acting Up Again In Trenton Missouri As Loud Booms Reported By Over 100 People




Earthquake Exhibit at the New Madrid Historical Museum


Wed. News

Waiting for the lull to be over at Lake FUBAR  . . .

The Seattle TimesSinkhole is 25 acres and growing, swallows forest and swamp

We missed this news about a home explosion in West Kentucky earlier – 2nd person dies from injuries suffered in western Ky. house explosion and WPSD tv report – One dead, four injured in local home explosion  [ Note new readers – we put up explosion news in case H2S or methane are related to them ]

Darrell Goad vid is especially good –


Storage dome collapses at Nucor plant in St. James

New York – Salt mine issues resurface

” . . .  The rush of water into the mine also impacted ground water resources and surface stability over a wide corridor in the Genesee Valley. Building foundation damage and well water loss and contamination were reported in Leicester, York, Geneseo, Mount Morris, Avon, and Groveland. In a Memorandum of Understanding agreed upon between Akzo-Nobel, its insurer Zurich International, and the New York Attorney General, the company and insurer made a promise to compensate property owners for damaged buildings, and to pipe, truck or otherwise supply potable water to properties which suffered well water loss or contamination.”

Crosstex caught up with the “updates” to Sept. 22.

Crosstex_9_22catch upCLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE

Seismic activity picked up on the helicorders is from a giant 7.0 quake off Peru.

Very strong earthquake M 7.0 struck off the coast of Acari, southern Peru


  • 2.3 quake in Damascus, Arkansas < MAP < about 50 miles from Arkansas rad_Y_tiny nuke plant
  • 2.1 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP
  • 2.2 quake in Philadelphia, Tennessee < MAP < near Watts Bar rad_Y_tiny nuke plant and a little further from Sequoia rad_Y_tiny nuke plant


Did the LA14 Helicorder get knocked over to LA 15 site??

All of the helicorders look normal today except  LA14 and 15.        heli_button

LA14 was normal last night but LA15 went missing entirely. Then, this morning, LA15 shows exactly what LA14 shows, . . . after a BIG OUTAGE. It looks like this:


Quite large Alaska quake(s) Saturday may show up on the helicorders. We wonder if the Alaska quake showed up at Yellowstone like the one in Jan. did. – – –  oh. It looks like it did.


  • 1.9 quake in Quitman, Arkansas < MAP
  • 2.5 quake in Greenbrier, Arkansas < MAP
  • 2.3 quake in Centerville, South Carolina < MAP
  • 1.7 quake in Newbern, Tennessee < MAP
  • 1.7 quake in Greenback, Tennessee < MAP – near Watts Bar nuke plant rad_Y_tiny


Fluid is on the move at LA12. Noon to 1 p.m. CST

Sunday afternoon LA15 was working again but now it’s not.

6.6 Quake – Pacific side of Mexico – – Wild Weekend Ahead!

6.6 QUAKE near Chiapas, Mexico – on the Pacific coast. Near, sort of the other quakes on that side this week.  LIST.


Keep an eye out for announcements from the Parish Blog (in RSS feed on the sidebar ) . . . unless they all take off for the weekend!

Exciting (18 second) video of today’s tree brunch –



Let’s compare the (aprox.) location of the Highway 70 “abnormality”, a half mile east of the B.C. bridge and today’s tree brunch.

bridge_abnorm   |    Sept7_sloughinMap   |  giant map with legend showing feet

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE       1/2 mile = 2640 feet

We often get notes from readers who are interested in Edgar Cayce and similar ideas of predicting earthquakes through time cycles etc. that are a little unorthodox but seem to show a track record of reliability. In that light, we are steering that segment of our readers to this (sent in):   The GOD-CODE MATRIX of 188 …. LEY LINES on Earth from the 188 DAY CYCLE of MEGA-Quakes

New Madrid Fault Zone Watch –

  • 2.6 quake at Damascus, Arkansas < MAP  < near the nuke plant rad_Y_tiny
  • 2.0 quake at Blytheville, Arkansas < MAP
  • 1.8 quake at Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP

. . . first one Dutchsince says was from fracking


All sorts of grumbling down below at Lake FUBAR. Keep an eye on it!     heli_button