Work at Lake FUBAR Continues in spite of Code 3 & A NEW FLY OVER + Tues. News

This isn’t 17 year locusts –



(not fact-checked) – Giant Louisiana sinkhole burps again, work ceased


1.7 quake in Damascus, Arkansas < MAP
1.9 quake in Philadelphia, Tennessee < MAP

NEW FLY OVER from On Wings of Care


DNR Inspection Report out, May 6th

CROSSTEX is ADDING LPG mix to Well #2!!! 

Update for May 2 posted. Well#2: 100,491 barrels of the explosive stuff.  (Who knows what’s  there NOW!)

Other companies’ “updates” up to May 2ndTexas Brine’s says nothing. Their hidden daily update (May 6) hasn’t much new either. Another nothing report indicates H2S amounts as under 1.0% but doesn’t say what the amount is. DNR not asking either.

Louisiana WeeklyLSU study: Damaged minnow shows BP oil seeping into coastal food chain  And att’y. Stuart Smith writes why this isn’t trivia – 3 years later, “the canary in the coal mine” is dying in the Gulf

Texas Brine put out a new update & more

Dated April 1 – It has some info on the process of home buy-outs.

 Hill Geophysical Consulting is helping with the 3-D map.

Thanks to Freedomrox for sending the link – 😉

Reader, question everything, sent in this health info document and it is added to the section on health in the Methane page

Chronic Toxic Potential of Selected Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil

The parish blog put out some ‘news’ about that stupid blue ribbon panel. Woop-dee-doo.

Sun. News – Texas Brine Update & More

Mar. 2 UPDATE from Texas Brine:

“There have been no significant events at the sinkhole. Early in the week, increased seismic activity was recorded by our newly installed, highly sensitive Passive Seismic Activity Monitoring System.”
Drilling of the pentalite shot holes in the uninhabited areas north and south of Hwy. 70 is targeted for completion by Thursday of next week. “

David J. Mitchell of The Advocate asks “O, Governor, where art thou?”

For months now, a vocal group of activists and residents has found fault with Gov. Bobby Jindal over his absence from the scene of the Bayou Corne sinkhole.

Why, they ask, has he not made the commonly seen leadership visit to a disaster area that, while brief, boosts morale and provides hope? . . .

‘What does this mean?’ dept. – Boil water order issued for east bank of N.O. after water pressure drops  NEW ORLEANS – A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for all of the east bank of Orleans Parish, after a loss of water pressure Sunday morning, city officials said. . . 

ENE-NewsErin Brockovich headed to giant Louisiana sinkhole

“Erin Brockovich and Tom Girardi will attend a community meeting on Saturday March 9.”

NBC33 report (with video) – Seven months later, Bayou Corne residents plea for help

2.6 quake near Steele, Missouri (very bottom SE corner of the state)
Sat. – 2.7 quake – near Jasper, Alabama


New Info from Texas Brine + Friday News

Seismic Activity Closes Well Pad 3 – Inspection Report (DNR)

WAFB – 3 schools closed in BR due to strong chemical smell < with video

Texas Brine has a technical UPDATE!

The big 7.1 Earthquake in the Solomon Is. hasn’t made a blip (yet) on the helicorders at the sinkhole.

Feb 7 – Assumption Police Jury meeting gets heated

Hmmmm –  WWLTV – Transocean, government explain guilty plea  DING-DONG! –  “Moreover, the government praised Transocean for its cooperation and “hard-earned understanding” with federal investigators…”

Strange Sounds – Outrageous! Insurers won’t renew homeowner’s policies of residents evacuated due to Louisiana sinkhole

The New Madrid Seismic Zone is at Significant Risk for Damaging Earthquakes

Is this small quake related to earlier booms report on Strange Sounds about booms & quakes making diagonal line from Texas to N.E. US?


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