Hurricane Harvey Targets South Texas Nuclear Power Station With High Dam Failure Vulnerability < UPDATED

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Hurricane Harvey Updates here:

Hurricane Harvey’s forecast track targets a two reactor nuclear power station called the South Texas Project (STP). An internal US NRC memo leaked to the public (see below) classified it as being High on Dam Hazard Vulnerability due to the cooling pond, though they probably mean the Main Cooling Reservoir. There is-was a proposal for two more reactors at the site (STP 3 and 4). Information on the proposed reactors includes some relevant information on the site: “The STP 3 & 4 site is located 10.5 miles inland from Matagorda Bay and 16.9 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. It is approximately 75 miles from the Continental Shelf. The shoreline of Matagorda Peninsula along the Gulf of Mexico changes constantly, retreating landward or advancing seaward as the result of a combination of hydrologic and meteorological processes, climatic factors as well as engineering…

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