Blue Ribbon in NRC Document – Bonus: NRC doc for Ohio residents

Looking around at the NRC documents search page  we decided to see if we could find anything on that NORM (rad waste) stored at those caverns in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. We didn’t find that but we got this interesting item on one of the Blue Ribbon Panel members and his energy ties.

ML13199A455 –     Notice of Disclosure (NRC)

Document on disclosure by Blue Ribbon Panel guy, Judge Randall J. Charbeneau, to the NRC about NUCLEAR INNOVATION NORTH AMERICA LLC.

p. 2-3

 “Applicant Nuclear Innovation North America (NINA) has applied to the NRC for two combined operating licenses (COL) under 10 C.F.R. Part 52 that would authorize NINA to construct and operate two new reactors at the South Texas Project located in Matagorda County, Texas.
Section 1.2 of Part 1 of NINA’s COL application acknowledges that NINA has entered into certain agreements with Stone & Webster, Inc. (S&W) whereby S&W has the right to acquire an ownership interest in NINA from NRG Energy.4 S&W is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Shaw Group, Inc., which has recently been acquired by CB&I.5 Thus CB&I now owns the right to acquire an ownership interest in NINA from NRG Energy.”

ML003754826  –  Utah DEP document


p. 238

“The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board left no doubt in Louisiana Energy Services, L.P. (Claiborne Enrichment Center), LBP-97-9, 45 NRC 367
(1997) (hereafter “Claiborne”) that the NRC is obligated to carry out,in good faith, the President’s Executive Order on Environmental Justice in its activities that substantially affect human health and the environment. The Board found the President’s Executive Order applicable to NRC licensing actions because those actions substantially affect human health and the environment.
As in the Claiborne case, where progression of the site selection process and narrowing of the search raised, dramatically, the level of minority representation in the population, the Applicant’s search had been focused disproportionately on areas of high minority populations. As discussed above, the Applicant started its site selection with 38 sites, over 20 of which were located on Indian  reservations and ended up with two closely located sites on the Skull Valley reservation.”

In section 2.2 of the Executive Order, the President orders that [e]ach Federal agency shall conduct its programs, policies, and activities that substantially affect human health or the environment, in a manner that ensures such programs, policies, and activities do not have the effect of excluding persons (including populations) from participation in, denying persons (including populations) the benefits of, or subjecting persons (including populations) to discrimination under, such programs, policies, and activities, because of their race, color, or national  origin.

p. 281– Has lots about Louisiana Energy Services (Claiborne Enrichment Center).


ML051650044 –   USEC doc   featuring advanced uranium enrichment and Louisiana Energy Services.
Mostly of interest to Ohio residents.
PORTS is Depleted Uranium Hexafluride Conversion Facility at the Portsmouth, Ohio site (???)


” . . . it should also be noted that most recently the site selection process for Louisiana Energy Services*proposed National Enrichment Facility included PORTS as one of six sites that passed their screening process and was considered in detail in choosing their preferred site. (NEF 2004)”



Mid-Week Chex Mix – Sinkhole Boundary is Now Way Outside the Berm Road

EEK!   Largest methane seep in the world found off the eastern coast of U.S.

WBRZ – Bayou Corne residents accepting buyouts

“A federal judge gave Texas Brine until June 24 to make offers to all affected residents.”

Fight! Fight!
BATON ROUGE- The Shaw Group, now part of CB&I since a buyout recently, is suing founder Jim Bernhard and others, accusing them of using the company’s name . . .

DNR sleeps while Texas Brine and Occidental poison community but “WATCH OUT!” oystermen!

WBRZ – HOUMA – Authorities say six Terrebonne Parish oystermen were arrested for taking oysters during a closed season.
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents arrested Hunter Daisy, of Theriot, Darren Billiot, of Theriot, and Rocky Rel, of Houma, on Friday on a charge of unlawfully taking oysters during a closed season from the Sister Lake seed ground. . .

WWLTV – Three industrial accidents in past week cause safety concerns  < has VIDEO

The parish put out a new DEPTH SURVEY of Lake FUBAR

Thanks to David H. for this tip – 😉    HERE is our earlier post with the famous red line outside west boundary.  And look at the new Depth Survey map fixed up by David H. with a READABLE boundary line:



The subsidence is all-l-l over the place. They had better get some big sets of Lego ! Freedomrox says it is way worse than this. The photo, we all know, is out of date, and he says the subsidence is really way further out than their claim.  That puts Highway 70 in great danger of failing near the north berm.

Also – he says, “Two months ago, a brine pipeline sunk and burst a six wide rip on the EAST Side of Grand Bayou, and was replaced. Sonny Cranch refused to answer the question, altho’ he was ordered to do so under Directive Number 6. Everything you see now is OLD Information. The subsidence area now extends to 50 square acres, not the 42 depicted in the graphic. Read the updates in “Plans” and “Texas Brine” reports for the last two months…..I never lie. It’s all there.”


To see what 1,000 feet from Highway 70 looks like – this picture  distance_to70

measures the distance from the north edge of the 2 big tanks to Hwy 70 as being about 1,381 feet.   No way is the edge of Lake FUBAR 1,000 feet from Hwy 70.

Texas Brine has a ‘new’ fact sheet they held onto for 6 days before posting.

Rivers near Baton Rouge are  near flood stage. Flood Warning: “THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER AT RED RIVER LANDING AFFECTING EAST BATON ROUGE…POINTE COUPEE AND WEST FELICIANA PARISHES”  Some flooding on the map is just north of Bayou Corne. Guess which way it will go!

Leaky nuke waste stored in a German salt mine – with PHOTOS (from a comment by CodeShutdown at ENE-News)

Assumption Parish blog (now water carrier for Texas Brine) says:

Texas Brine will hold a demonstration of the cone pentrometer test (CPT) unit in Bayou Corne at Sportsman’s Landing this Saturday, June 22 at 9:00 a.m.   The CPT unit is expected to be working next week on all streets in the Bayou Corne community. Additional details will be made available to the public by Texas Brine Representatives on Saturday. <  Some more info on this test by Walter Coin.


Tropical Depression 2 becoming better organized

trop2UPDATE, June 20

– It looks like TD2 turned into Tropical Storm Barry– but it is headed inland to Veracruz. MAP

Check for more updates on the sidebar (NOAA) →  as things can change quickly this time of year.

Shaw Enviro. KNOWS the Aquifer is Being Polluted by Lake FUBAR!

Chloride is migrating into the water.

Bayou Corne
Evaluation of Chloride Migration from Bayou Corne Sinkhole in Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer (MRAA)
November 14, 2012
Prepared by Gary R. Hecox, Ph.D., Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.


Did ANYONE tell residents this stuff?

The document has interesting NEW maps. They a based on simulations so don’t get too alarmed.   LINK

Sinkhole Answers are Forthcoming – by Freedomrox

lots of info!



(Photo courtesy of LDNR)

A meeting was held on February 6, 2013 and was pre-empted by an impromptu disruption by one Cathy Simoneaux. I have no opinon of her allegations.

Unfortuately, this sensationalised story took the center stage and prevented a much greater understanding of the actual issues at hand. Many speakers gave presentations, and for once the residents of Bayou Corne got far more answers than they were prepared to handle.

Residents were literally diluged with information that took most off-guard, and having to view the videos to get even half the information that was imparted to them. This is truly understandable, considering the months of stone-walling, and jibber-jabber with no real answers. This is not the case now.

Finally an understanding of the Bayou Corne ‘Sinkhole’ may be at hand. Instead of boring you with a run down of each and every presentation right off the bat…

View original post 1,777 more words

Weekend News

The SHAW GROUP has put up its charts and info used at the Feb. 6th Community Meeting up on the DNR website.


The new DNR Inspection Report is out. Does this make sense?? They abandon work at well pad 3 because of ‘seismic activity’ but go ahead full blast with dilling at ORW #4…

Oxy-Geismar Water Well #3 (grey pump station on right just before the sinkhole):
. . . .  Well Pad 3 is closed to personnel due to recent seismic activity.
but at the bottom of the report –
ORW #4 (Observation Relief Well #4) (off HWY 70 b/w cabins & TX BRINE facility):
Remarks:  Shut In due to nearby rig/drilling work on G-03 geophone well.

NOTE: Due to sudden and large global seismic activity you may find  earthquake bulletins at our parent blog, The Flying Cuttle Picayune. There are live seismic activity world maps at Radioactive Chat. Some foreign huge quakes may show on the Bayou Corne helicorders. There was a 7.0 quake just now in Columbia.


MORE here later  . . .

Meeting & Thursday News

vid from Raineaudais 


The Advocate‘s David J. Mitchell was there –

Meeting gets contentious

NAPOLEONVILLE — Assumption Parish Police Jury President Martin “Marty” Triche exchanged sharp words Wednesday night during a community meeting on the parish’s 8.6-acre sinkhole with a resident who asked whether Triche had any personal financial interests in dirt-hauling related to the response effort.

The episode, which led to the resident’s removal by a sheriff’s deputy at Triche’s direction but Triche’s later apology for the outburst, occurred about 11 minutes into the meeting before about 150 people. The session also revealed several new details on the sinkhole and the multi-level response to its effects. . . .

“State Sen. Rick Ward III, D-Maringouin, told residents a joint legislative hearing on the sinkhole will be held at 10 a.m. Feb. 19 at the State Capitol, and he and other legislators urged residents to attend.

“And any of you that can come, we sure hope that you can be there, and we’ll listen as long as you want to speak,” Ward told the group.”

Freedomrox says “OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CORPORATION OWNS THE ‘STINKHOLE’”. . . . not Texas Brine.The comment includes this document from the Office of Coastal Management (with maps). < attention: lawyers.

Also he has info on explosive Pentolite here and here.

Residents: You can appeal an insurance company’s decision.


MORE here later . . .