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The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle is a sub-blog from the Flying Cuttlefish Picayune.

We are posting what we can find about the Louisiana sinkhole of 2012. Most news on the web comes from ENE-News so check our ‘NEWS’ links on the sidebar to find them.

On individual topics we will try to add updates as needed to the original topic post. If we add another post, for easy navigation, the same search tags will get put in. For non-sinkhole news about Louisiana or hurricane Isaac try the NEWS section on the sidebar.

Some off the beaten path stories have the category “Oddity” on them. They may not be worth your while if you want mainstream sinkhole news. But some is interesting and worth a look.

We re-post news items usually with just a portion quoted. Dots [ . . . . ] indicate ‘more’ to the story. But you knew that already!

We are NOT covering :

  • earth magnetic pole shift theories
  • Nibiru
  • Mayan Calander/End Times pipe dreams

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138 thoughts on “About Us

      • I can not believe you are STILL posting regular quakes as fluid movement—–fluid movement has a totally different wave form—-If you have ever seen the perfect ocean wave that is rounded on both the tops and bottoms—-that is what fluid movement looks like at Bayou Corne—-You did NOT read or remember my post that I told people what to look for—–on BC web site—–another thing you are failing to do is check the controls that are in AR —–for if you did you would clearly see that the vast majority of the so called tremors DO NOT come from Bayou Corne—-as they do not have the energy to set off the controls in the state of AR—-what you are posting is quakes that have happened elsewhere on the Earth—–bottom line the vast majority you have it completely wrong as usual—-that is one of the main reasons LADNR NEVER contacted you or replied to ANY of your questions—-LADNR has contacted me and we have spent hours on the phone

        PS I still keep a watch on you Jimmy Griffith along with your buddy for ANY and ALL false videos

  1. The company is “Freedom Industries.” (Doncha just love these names – people can’t drink, bathe, shower, cook & are told to monitor effects of breathing this stuff.) The chemical is used in the coal prep process.

  2. 8 counties, 100,000+ people. FEMA now involved. The whole Elk River has been poisoned. Who’s helping the other affected life forms?

  3. The earliest known record of the direct conversion of solar radiation into mechanical power belongs to Auguste Mouchout, a mathematics instructor at the Lyce de Tours. Mouchout began his solar work in 1860 after expressing grave concerns about his country’s dependence on coal. “It would be prudent and wise not to fall asleep regarding this quasi-security,” he wrote. “Eventually industry will no longer find in Europe the resources to satisfy its prodigious expansion. Coal will undoubtedly be used up. What will industry do then?” By the following year he was granted the first patent for a motor running on solar power and continued to improve his design until about 1880.

    • Poor Ohio!
      It was Younston Ohio people who successfully sued big oil and gas brutes and proved they were causing frack-quakes there.

  4. The message about the volcanic alert is from an unreliable source. The website, http://www.whatdoesitmean.com, is operated by a man named David Booth, a CIA computer programmer/disinformation operative. He pretends to be female and a nun named Sorcha Faal, but he is none of these things. He does claim relation to John Wilkes Booth, fwiw. Please verify the information by validating sources, and if you come to a similar conclusion, please take the article down.

    Thinking about y’all. Stay safe, and stay informed with reliable sources. Just sayin.

    • If this is Sorcha Faal hijinx I will be extra pissed off.
      I know who he/she/it is. Got fooled before.

  5. Thank you so much for staying with this story! There seem to be more stories about us poisoning ourselves & I’ve been trying like heck to deal with this huge Almighty Greed issue but am, quite frankly, overwhelmed. I use & pay for products that are killing our planet. I use electricity, copper, gas & oil, & recentl learned that my energy company uses coal & nuclear as adjuncts to hydro & I’ve been fighting coal & nuclear for decades! Among many other disasters it killed my Grandpa. So what to do?! Again, I thank you for

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