Some Salt Dome Facts

Including Related  Info etc

Salt Domes in Louisiana


OFFSHORE:  New Shelf Frontier In Ultradeep Geology Below Salt

Lake Peigneur

Information on the salt dome collapse at Lake Peigneur and the current fight to keep it from be exploited by gas companies once again can be found by entering “Lake Peigneur” in the search bar.





Gone with the WaterNational Geographic on the ecology of Louisiana’s wetlands

Lots on faults, subsidence, effects of levees etc. – WHAT IS CAUSING COASTAL EROSION IN LOUISIANA?

Effects of Earthquakes, Fault Movements, and Subsidence on the S. Louisiana Landscape

see METHANE page for more science links and Natural Gas info

How to find info in PDF documents

14 thoughts on “SALT DOME INFO

    • look at the blogroll on the right sidebar – Freedomrox’s blog will have all the nitty gritty on the cavern operations and history of activity.
      More organized than the Bugle 😉

      • Thanks. I think I finally understood that they claim to be mining for caustic soda and things like that, but that it is suspected that they may have illegally put NORM and come to think of it you have a document that says there is NORM. I will check out the Freedomrox too. I was just trying to add something on it quickly to a post on an illegal injection well. I found some important things on injection of rad wastes on your blog too.

      • as I recall, anytime I had a post featuring ‘NORM’ I put it in the search tags, so try the search box on the upper right side of the blog.
        And try the Methane page too….

  1. Freedom Rox is even more complicated actually. Both are imperative if I need to know everything, but I don’t have time right now. However, it reminds me of the document I found on your site and there again is Sandia and it was a Sandia worker who is behind the 100 mSv and Sandia is Lockheed and Lockheed also wanted the high rad levels. But, it gets worse and I haven’t seen anyone else complain about this. The current FBI head used to be VP and lawyer for Lockheed for 5 years. And, one can hope his loyalties don’t lie there and that maybe he left because he doesn’t like Lockheed but it sure looks bad. And, btw, human rights watch accuses the FBI of going overboard on entrapment-like behavior (and worse) on mentally disabled or psychologically desperate or people who just want to know about religion. This predates the Lockheed guy. It makes me wonder if they were really after Eddie Edwards because he was trying to protect Rollins who were believed burning tox and rad waste unfiltered in N. Baton Rouge or if they just went after him because he made fun of them in trial. I guess there has to be some good and bad in the FBI. It just doesn’t seem right to let a former Lockheed VP be FBI top, unless he is known to have had a fall-out. I think people have been blind to think that a country who killed the American Indians and is yet killing them wouldn’t go after them too.

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