31 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Roulette!

  1. About 8:30 tonight lake Fubar probably grew abit. Now I am no expert but, looks like a tsunami started sloshing about THIER bathtub.

  2. Jeff, you are correct to a point. There was some sloughing in, but the China Quake made some waves there as well. I do understand now that every fault on earth is inter-related in some way, and all react in some fashion, especially directly opposite the Earth Deep Quakes. They all seem to feed from each other. Very fascinating.

    If anyone paid attention to the Worker’s Photo I posted last night, the you will see Pad 3 is just about completely gone once again.

    My money is on the east side falling in now, and exposing the casings of major wells, such as 2, 4, and 9/3A wells. Oxy 1 is on the fast track to failure since it was discovered that gas is infiltrating it at an alarming rate.

    • I am sure you are right as GOHSEP took down their “live” advisory on OXY 1 and Hwy 70 road status.
      They are now hiding that info officially.

    • I’d say 12…

      12-20-23 are now nearly half a mile away with the new berm ( the old one doesn’t count any more 😉 )

      12’s had a lot more traffic what with the breach and all which will have caused more pressure and vibration at that point, all of which will put more stress on the berm.

      Plus, wasn’t there a capped well-head at that point, with I believe a cavern below, or am I mistaken on that particular point ?? what ever it was, it’s now INSIDE the berm 😦

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