St. James Parish Louisiana Residents Sue Parish Council for Racist Land Use Practices that Centralize Petrochemical Facilities in Black Neighborhoods; Demand Moratorium

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This is very serious and a longstanding issue going back many decades. This isn’t some sort of new faux outrage. Tulane University Environmental Law Clinic has been working on related topics for at least thirty or forty years.

In Landmark Case, St. James Parish Residents Sue Parish Council to Protect Black Neighborhoods With a Moratorium on Hazardous Petrochemical Plants
Plaintiffs sue parish council for pattern of racist land use practices that centralize petrochemical plants in Black neighborhoods, declare that new suit is only just the beginning
 March 21, 2023, New Orleans — After years of seeking redress from the parish council, St. James Parish residents have now taken their case to federal court. Since September of 2019, the plaintiffs, Inclusive Louisiana, Rise St. James, and Mt. Triumph Baptist Church, have requested a moratorium on the construction of new petrochemical plants and related infrastructure after the council approved a large…

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Mystery war going on with secret weapons? 💣 Part 2 – Weirdie Edition

Secret weapon … like a barge disconnector??


This repost is because K.M. sent this video in about the Nordstrom pipeline bombing ….




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