Feds Spy on Anti-Frack Groups + NEWS

The InterceptFederal Agents Went Undercover To Spy on Anti-Fracking Movement, Emails Reveal

” . . . The emails further show that police monitored Keep it in the Ground participating groups such as 350.org, Break Free Movement, Rainforest Action Network, and WildEarth Guardians, while relying upon intelligence gathered by Anadarko, one of the largest oil and gas producers in the region.

” . . . In 2011, an executive with Anadarko boasted that his company was deploying military-like psychological warfare techniques to deal with the “controversy that we as an industry are dealing with,” calling the opposition to the industry “an insurgency.”

Earlier we had reports here of giant cracks and craters in the earth, not in Louisiana. Here’s another one –
Strange Sounds Ground collapses in wheat field in Russia creating enormous crater in the Earth

6.3 Quake and Aftershocks in New Zealand Probably Not So Good for Lake FUBAR

Since the helicorders are mostly offline at Bayou Corne with no good prospect for getting repaired we can only guess how the wrecked cavern is holding up.
We are counting on Arkansas helicorders.

They are both pretty shallow at less than 10 miles deep.

Here’s the X502 Temporary heli in Arkansas at that time. UTC time is on the right side of the chart –

It shows a big slosh for about an hour over there. Imagine what it’s doing to poor Bayou Corne!

This Arkansas helicorder page doesn’t show the temp. stations on the map. Anyone who finds a map of them please comment here.

Thanks, Walter for the news tip about the seismic activity –😉

Continental Crack Story < UPDATED

Anyone who finds a link to this study comment here ….


Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone

We cannot verify this study mentioned – FC

Bended Reality – Scientists Found a 1,700 Mile Crack Across the USA. Here’s What You Need to Know

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – In Nov 1981, a study was published that rocked the scientific world, and sparked concern in FEMA circles, in which a 1,700 mile “Crack Across America” was discovered. Worse yet, this crack cuts through the New Madrid Seismic Zone, where in 1811 and 1812 three giant earthquakes devastatingly struck the center of America. Scientists have been struggling, since then, to answer the question of what risk this mega feature may pose to our heartland today. Recently, and less known, is a study from an independent geologic research set of work [2], that has identified a possible second “Crack Through America” that crosses into and through the same volatile New Madrid Seismic Zone. . .  (more)

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More Safety Related Defects Potentially Impact at Least 6 US Nuclear Power Stations

Waterford nuke plant included here ….

Mining Awareness +

Eaton Freedom Defects Nuclear Reported by AZZ
Nuclear Power Stations which are listed as potentially impacted by defective Eaton Freedom Series Size 3, 4 and size 5 contacts/starters are Oconee in South Carolina, Shearon Harris near Raleigh North Carolina, Columbia in Washington State, Turkey Point near Miami Florida, North Anna in Virginia, near Washington DC, and Waterford near New Orleans, Louisiana. This was reported by AZZ, which recently purchased NLI (Nuclear Logistics Inc), and seems to want to come clean on these and other defects which they recently reported. However, these (and other) potentially defective parts may have been provided to other nuclear power stations by other companies, such as AREVA. Why isn’t Eaton issuing a direct recall?

About the defect:
The safety function of the contactor is to reliably supply uninterrupted power (no contact chatter) to a load on demand. For special degraded voltage applications, the NLI supplied contactor is equipped with an NLI…

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