Mystery Explosions


2012 saw a great amount of very mysterious explosions that may or may not be related to methane seeping all around the bayous of Louisiana. We began posting explosion news here at the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle after the big explosion in NW Louisiana at Minden.

In 2013 we will just put up the explosion news as regular posts and you may find them by using the search bar with search word “explosion”.

Here is our archives:

Stories about the fireball and explosions in NW Louisiana

Indiana explosion news

More Explosions Along the New Madrid Fault (not La. or Ind.)

ALSO – This important blog essay “Too Big to Fool – BP Macondo Planned Mega-Disaster” shows a connection between these New Madrid Fault area explosions and Bayou Corne’s disaster. Scroll 3/4 down to the paragraph beginning:  “While it may appear mysterious and baffling to USCG (and BP’s experts ???? no excuse being experienced exploration giant) this massive gas discharge associated phenomena is observed in many natural and man-induced sub-seabed conditions.”.

The New Mexico salt cavern full of nuke waste disaster info is here:

12 thoughts on “Mystery Explosions

  1. Have you seen the website yet? He has a pretty extensive daily list of explosions, drop dead deaths, unusual vehicular accidents, mass animal kills and more that may be related to the hydrogen sulphide, or possibly methane hydrate in some cases. This gas expulsion event has been going on extensively since before 2008 in the Siberian Arctic where Russian scientists found a massive field of approx 100 huge methane fountains reaching an ave of 1000m into the atmosphere. IMO the methane hydrate glacier in the Gulf was activated when BP broke into the Mississippi fault line, an event which is having a domino effect in too many ares to adequately cover here. Suffice it say, the damage is irreversible…
    Once the rivers of frozen gases begin to melt, it causes a global chain reaction. Much of it also appears to be connected with magma moving up toward the surface all around the world, as it gets closer to the top ice glaciers are melting and so are the gases…
    The Hopi warned the white man to leave the Earth below the surface alone, referring to drilling, mining etc. They knew that there are more lifeforms below the surface than above in the “biosphere”, that it’s another world in and of itself…kind of like the deep oceans.Some scientists have known about the shadow biosphere for a long time, they’re even aware that many of the so-called ufo’s are actually plasma or plasmoid entities that emerge from below the surface and have been see throughout history. Especially at times of earth changes and around areas prone to earthquakes, which is just about everywhere right now. has a lot to say about the shadow biosphere, just search her archives.
    The energy’s on earth are changing in ways most people, even many scientist’s can’t even fathom. Some predict earth is shifting in a time similar to the time the J.R. Tolkien wrote about. For myself, living on the sacred lands of Hawaii’s big island I’ve felt a serious shift in the “energies” here over the last year, and moving into 2013 it’s beginning to feel like a quantum leap sits right around the bend…so I stay positive and believe Divine Intervention will unfold a perfect outcome for planet earth and her inhabitants. Just believe…much love!

    • JumpingJackFlash is on the blog roll (sidebar) mainly because it has a LOT of explosion news.
      Take what you like from the rest.
      GeronimoApache, I am sure JumpiungJackFlash will like to hear what you have to say!

    • The parish is installing some gas detection meters in homes. That may be to bolster the idea these uninhabitable spaces will not have to be compensated for.
      The use of the Geiger counters in Louisiana is to tell if stored radioactive waste underground has begun to leak. The local officials are completely unreliable for that sort of effort.

  2. Under agenda 21 we are all expendable, I have a lot of people telling me to get out of Florida ….. I am too old, I will just die here.

      • I always like the idea of Boulder because they are too high in alt. for mosquitoes! After 1 bout of Denge fever I am all for that! Now they are a floody mess!

  3. That is quite a piece by Freedomrox. I had not heard before there were bombs and mustard gas in the Gulf although it doesn’t surprise me now that I think about it.

    Birds falling from the sky we have been hearing about can certainly be explained by methane release. Also the large sky booms and they were happening as far north as Wisconsin while back.

    The great 1812 quake on the New Madrid that changed the direction of the Mississippi was predicted by Tecumseh, the Cherokee prophet. In fact he traveled around visiting the various tribes giving them a certain amount of cedar sticks., telling them to remove one a day and when they are all gone that will be the day of the great shakiing and that is the time to start the war against the colonizers. This is from the book, A sorrow in our heart by Allan Eckert. The information comes from indian tribes and people who knew Tecumseh.

    This quote from the article jumped right out.

    “We are talking about an earthquake such as the world has never known. If this does happen, computer models close to a 12 magnitude are postulated.”

    Many people won’t get near it but that is exactly how the Mayans describe the beginning of what they call the fifth world, an earthquake larger than any ever known on the planet before.

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