Will CA utilities make out in court the way BP did after causing a disaster?

Some clues are here in this L.A. Times article –
California fires bring upheaval to utilities as they face massive liabilities By Matt Stiles

” . . . [Next year] regulators would be granted the power to determine whether a utility acted reasonably when its operations were linked to a fire — a major change that could reduce damages.”

BP “got lucky” with their settlement after a few deaths of obstructionist legislators and pesky journos.

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BP laughing on the way to the bank

Scary: Matt Simmons, BP Oil Spill Whistleblower, Found Dead 8/8/10

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Quakes going from Skaky California to the Gulf of Mexico


FC blog – BREAKING: California Hit By 39 Quakes In 24 Hours – Movement Along The San Andreas Fault

California quakes jumping away (map)

Earlier we had a post on our Yellowstone blog about a possible “crack across America” to the Gulf of Mexico.



Watching Power Supply to Grand Gulf Nuke Plant in Bad Weather

Because nuke energy plants use conventional power only to power their control rooms it is vital the area around a nuke plant have operating power. So-called back up generators only work for an hour or so.

Alcorn State student dies when tree falls on car. . . . the historically black college which is almost literally next door to Grand Gulf

Louisiana power outage live data MAP


Slow-Mo oil spill in the Gulf going on for 14 YEARS

Oil spill in Gulf has been quietly spewing for 14 years, could be one of worst ever in US

” . . . During Hurricane Ivan, an oil-production platform owned by Taylor Energy sank roughly 12 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Since then, the [Washington] Post reports, between 300 and 700 barrels of oil have been leaking from the surrounding underwater wells each day, and could rival one of the worse environmental disaster in U.S. history — the 168 million-gallon BP Deepwater Horizon spill.

On Flaming Holes Opening in the Ground

The Watchers
Fire erupting from cracks in the ground, Andhra Pradesh, India

Recently we had NEWS on this – Mysterious burning hole with flames shooting out of it in Midway, Arkansas

Followers of this blog know how many active and abandoned wells dot the countryside in Louisiana. Many abandoned wells serve a second life as storage pits for all sorts of oil waste, toxic materials waste and sometimes radioactive waste. Plus salt domes hold massive amounts of combustible gasses.

What if a “flaming hole” opens up too close to a butane cavern? Or next to a natural gas pipeline? Many facilities are out in swampland without people around to see if the ground is shooting flames.



Hurricane Michael Maximum Sustained Winds Near 120 MPH (195 KM/H); Strengthening Expected; Michael Is Forecast To Be Major Hurricane At Landfall


Mining Awareness +

For the most up to date information on Hurricane Michael and other tropical weather go to https://www.nhc.noaa.gov and https://www.weather.gov Stay alert for any forecast changes, as hurricane forecasting doesn’t appear to have improved over the last half century, even though they claim otherwise.

Potential winds for Hurricane Michael and Nuclear Power Stations/Facilities (Orange skulls)

Examining the wind graphic, locations colored in purple have the potential to experience winds greater than 110 mph when accounting for both the forecast and forecast error. It is not a mere depiction of forecast conditions to be expected. Rather, it indicates that these locations should be ready for winds in excess of 110 mph, when taking into account the latest forecast and knowing that (although skilled) the forecast isn’t perfect. Simply put, locations in purple are being threatened by major hurricane force winds greater than 110 mph (at least Category 3 force), locations…

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