Scant News Now

There have been fewer posts here of late because

  • The officials will not issue any
  • The cavern looks to be collapsing and no one wants to report about it
  • The helicorders and other info we use are on the sidebar
  • There is so much international mega-quake activity this spring it is affecting the monitors at Lake FUBAR almost daily(!)

So chat away in comments as this is the more important source for new info lately!

We found this –

Strange SoundsLarge Earth cracks terrify residents as 60 families are left homeless in Peru

Piyush Jindal isn’t a very easy name to remember.
Let’s help out the oily gov.!



63 thoughts on “Scant News Now

  1. Well, if it keeps going to Baton Rouge and starts sucking it in maybe they will notice? But, maybe not. Rollins in N. Baton Rouge burned unfiltered hazardous and reportedly radioactive waste under the protection of Edwin Edwards and he was living in the governor’s mansion. So, they might not mind waterfront property?

      • Probably some of your other readers know re the methane. I just tickle myself by wondering if the politicians will notice if it starts to suck their houses in. Graveyard humor. You know that this is WIPP’s future too. DOE has a glossy pic saying that storing rad waste in salt is NOT in question! And, they waited months to tell people that more plutonium than they thought came out. Didn’t they wait days or even weeks to admit that radiation had come out? It’s so criminal that most governments don’t tell until too late. Then it’s like – did I got out 3 days ago? Which way was the wind blowing 3 days ago? Or, you find out 30 years later? What good is that.

      • And New Mexicans so desperate for jobs they want to believe nuke waste is a good option for jobs.
        It is a desperately poor state.

      • I grow up in a town name Oak Ridge TN
        There was two Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge TN way after war-2 there was one more Manhattan Project going on in Oak Ridge TN.
        Secret Cities of the Atomic Bomb-Documentary-Part.1

  2. after 2 a.m. Monday – several big bangs at LA12 and fluid movement for over 15 min. — I don’t see any big far away quakes to cause it.

    — any ideas???

  3. This was good on WIPP. They say it was also because they had the reputation for not complaining. There is opposition or was but it seems impossible to stop the Feds. I think it’s not always so much that they want the jobs – though that’s there too – but because it’s easier to pick on poor people. Anti-fracking picked up when they starting drilling under upper middle class homes.

  4. WIPP video Link says that they were picked on because they were known to be docile and not complain. Anti-fracking only picked up steam when they started drilling under the homes of the educated upper middle classes. A lot of this is picking on the poor but the fallout from WIPP can go far and wide. Ditto for any of these things. Chernobyl highly contaminated the one to two thousand miles away.

    • I thought the anti fracking movement got seriously underway when Josh Fox was approached to sell his mineral rights. We all heard a bit about it but once Gasland was released, that’s when things got a whole lot more serious. The folks he interviewed voice’s didn’t carry far. His documentary voice did. As did Erin Brockovich’s when she connected with the lawyer with a voice. Darkness coming to light…

      • Wow, sounds interesting. Maybe the all bad things are “God’s will” variety who need to read Leslie Weatherhead’s “The will of God.”
        This is from Calvinism but I suspect an abuse of Calvin. Calvin was an earlier supporter of women’s ordination.

  5. Things look out for when out in the yard this year.

    Species Acharia stimulea – Saddleback Caterpillar Moth
    stings of this Saddleback Caterpillar can be severe pain for some time.


    Tree Asp caterpillar
    best way to remove the Asp caterpillar’s sting is by placing clean adhesive tape over the wound and peeling off. Repeat several times. An application of an ice pack may reduce the pain but a number of sting victims claim that a gauze compress of raw, chopped potato and grated ginger is more beneficial. The young, the elderly and anyone who suffers a severe reaction to any sting should seek immediate medical attention.
    Megalopyge opercularis flannel moths or Asp caterpillar’s

    How to Treat a Caterpillar Sting

    I call this cow killer ants
    Velvet Ant aka Cow Ant .. Bites and Stings series
    The sting of the velvet ant or cow killer can be severe enough to make someone think that it could kill a cow! Hence, the name “Cow Killer Ant” came to be. (They do not, however, kill cows.)

    • ya know what critter I hate? Lion Fish! Idiots let them go all over because they had them in an aquarium. Now they are a menace!

  6. I don’t know if this event is fact or fiction?
    I’ve been watching many videos on youtube about “september 2015 asteroid.”  Some videos are religious and some are not. Maybe others can give more input on this event.
    I’ve heard about this September asteroid on many videos by different people.  I’ve heard it’s going to hit the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil or Venezuela and creat a tsunami.  Larger countries are prepared to shoot the asteroid with missiles.  If true, if a tsunami occurs, if impact is near or in the Gulf of Mexico, might Southern Louisiana be in jeopardy with much of the land not far above sea level?  That is, if the asteroid is not intercepted first! The asteroid will hit as Jade Helm is ending; supposedly 15 September.  The asteroid will hit after the Jewish Shemitah, between the middle and end of September. 
    If true, if a tsunami occurs, if impact is near or in the Gulf of Mexico, might Southern Louisiana be in jeopardy with much of the land not far above sea level?  That is, if the asteroid is not intercepted first!  We’ll see what happens. 

    Watch “Confirmed-2.5 Mile Wide Comet expected September …” on YouTube
    Confirmed-2.5 Mile Wide Comet expected September …:

    I’ve noticed RT to be pretty reliable.
    Is There a September 2015 Asteroid Tsunami Event?:

    • I saw some headlines too … but I understand it isn’t expected to hit.
      I have some space science links in the sidebar.

    • It is a hoax, that asteroid already passed earth on Oct 21, 2014. That’s why it’s called 2014UR116.
      Near Earth Asteroids
      Lunar Distance.” 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon..

      • I was in Oak Ridge shopping yesterday day what they turn those air raid sirens on they were on for about 10 min.
        I think they were testing them to see if they all were working or not, all over that town.
        Oak Ridge DOE siren

      • or maybe they had an inadvertent release …. not that they tell anyone what to do (stay indoors or in a car turn off outside air).

      • I am kind of poo pooing this one.

        When I look up news on Yellowstone I see too many sky-is-falling headlines. I can smell fraudsters by now.

      • Near-Earth asteroid 2015 JF1
        close encounter with the Earth on 15 May 2015

        Can you make head or tails of this that in the bible.

        The Long Day in the Bible.
        So the sun stood still and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar.

        The Day the Sun Stood Still–Joshua’s Long Day
        How about ancient Chinese writings about the long day.

        For Hezekiah
        God used this event as a special sign to show Hezekiah that he would regain his health. The sun’s shadow moved backwards by ten steps, probably five to six hours on the sundial. That is, the sun appeared to move eastward instead of westward.

  7. Read that Oak Ridge runs their Emergency Siren tests the first Wednesday of every month at noon. Reading Kristen Iversen’s book, “Full Body Burden” about Rocky Flats. It’s difficult to put down…

    • Good way to keep those birds from building a nest in those air raid siren by testing then out ever month.
      In that video did you see all those bird leaving that thing.
      When I was growing up in Oak Ridge they turn them on ever day at 5:00 pm in Oak Ridge.

      Hot Frogs on the Loose by Fred Small
      Hot Frogs2 For Eileen

    • Do your research look up this one and see what you can find.

      Look up Oak Ridge TN Fog Bank on the internet.

      • Walter, it appears that you must know quite a bit about FOGBANK or you would not be mentioning it. I, for one, would be extremely interested in learning what you know. My very limited research mentions “flammable styrofoam” and polystyrene, both produced by Dow Chemical. While at Oak Ridge, I’m suspecting you may have been or perhaps even still are, quite involved with the nuclear industry as your knowledge is vast…

  8. My e-mail went somewhere about that asteroid 2015 JF1
    That happen on 15 May 2015.

    And as far as working for the Nuclear Industry no I have never work for them.

  9. About burning Nuclear waste in Oak Ridge TN.

    Tennessee been burning Nuclear waste for years now.
    They got a very good group of chemist that work for them when they burn that toxic substances so that Nuclear waste does not go up the flue you could say exhaust pipe but stays in the ash that left over from burning
    And they got high efficiency filters in the exhaust pipe.
    One-of-a-Kind Facility Now in Safe Shutdown
    Incineration of Radioactive and Mixed Waste

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